5 Fun Facts About Halloween

Halloween is celebrated in many countries these days, despite taking its root in the USA. Today we will reveal some interesting facts about this holiday and explain why some odd traditions still take place during the spooky night.

  • Fact #1
  • The name “Halloween” is an abbreviation of “All Hallow's Eve” or “Holy evening”. In fact, the main holiday falls on 1 November, which has always been celebrated as All Hallow's Day among Christians. The next day is called All Soul’s Day which is devoted to expressing honor to ancestors.

  • Fact #2
  • A jack-o-lantern hasn’t always been made of a pumpkin. The very first curved spooky lantern was a turnip. The choice is clear because Ireland is famous for turnips, and it’s the homeland of Jack’s story. According to the Irish legend Jack managed to deny entering both heaven and hell and therefore remained a spirit on the Earth to lead people from their paths with his lantern.

  • Fact #3
  • You celebrate Halloween but claim you are not superstitious? It can’t be possible. If you happen to face a real spider on Halloween day it means you’ll be rewarded with good luck.

  • Fact #4
  • There is a TV show called “The Halloween”. It was first shown in 1978 and since the very first episode, it became popular. The latest season was released in 2021. Along with the show there was a computer game created based on the same plot.

  • Fact #5
  • Some States took it seriously to manage Halloween activities. For instance, in Bellville, Missouri it is forbidden to t walk from one house to another to collect candies after 9 p.m. Moreover, children over age 13 can’t join the “trick-o-treat” activity. This law enforces the idea that this activity is done by children only.

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