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263 – Getting Older

Angelica: Oh sorry, what was I saying? I lost my train of thought.

Yann: You were telling me about the book you’re reading.

Angelica: Oh, yeah. I must have had one of those senior moments.

Yann: Welcome to the club. That’s what happens when you’re over-the-hill like we are.

Angelica: We’re not over the hill! You may be an old geezer, but I still like to think of myself as middle-aged. Isn’t 70 the new 60?

Yann: That’s what they say, but I don’t mind aging. I may be a little absent-minded now and then, but I’m not senile. What I can’t stand is being treated like I am. The other day, I sat at a table at a restaurant for 20 minutes while the waitress ignored me. She waited on all of the tables around me first, and when she finally came to take my order, she didn’t even apologize.

Angelica: Ageism is everywhere. What I hate is to be talked to like I’m a child. Some people think that if you’ve got gray hair, you’re not all there. I’m as sharp as ever.

Yann: I know, but do you know what we’re doing?

Angelica: What?

Yann: We’re griping. That’s what old people are supposed to do all the time, right?

Angelica: You’ve got a point there. Let’s go do something more productive before anyone notices!

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