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261 – Describing People’s Personalities

Joann: Oh, are those pictures of your kids?

Artem: Yes. These are my three daughters and these are my two sons.

Joann: Your sons look so alike. Are they similar in personality, too?

Artem: It’s funny you ask that. My wife and I are always saying how different they are from one another, even though they’re the closest in age. Sergey, the younger one, is moody and a little timid, while his older brother, Dennis, is talkative and cheerful all the time.

Joann: That’s really interesting. You know, I have an older sister and we’re only a year apart, but we have very different personalities, too. When I was little, I was bad-tempered and I always fought with my brothers and sisters, while my sister was a little angel. She was always patient and generous. I really looked up to her.

Artem: It’s hard for me to believe that you were ever bad-tempered. You’re so even-keeled now. Me, on the other hand, I was a selfish and stubborn kid. I’m surprised that my parents put up with me.

Joann: I’m sure you’re exaggerating. All kids are a little selfish and stubborn, I think. Good thing most of us grow out of it as we get older.

Artem: Well, that may be true, but according to my wife and kids, I’m still the most stubborn person in the world. They may be right.

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