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194 – An Unwanted House Guest

About a month ago, my friend Richard called me and asked if he could come stay with me for a couple of weeks. I usually don’t like having house guests, but Richard was a good friend. He’s an artist and he was thinking about moving to L.A. He wanted to see if he could get a job in the area. I told him, yes, of course, and he came down right away. As I said, that was a month ago. He’s been living in my guestroom ever since.

I like Richard and we get along, but I just don’t like having a roommate. Sometimes, he gets in the way when I want to invite someone over, and he’s always hogging the couch. One of my pet peeves is a dirty bathroom and Richard is a slob. I finally decided to let him know that he had overstayed his welcome. But, how do you throw out one of your best friends?

On the day I was going to talk to Richard, he came home with some big news. He had met some guy at the employment agency and he planned to move in with him. I was bowled over! He had just met him. I tried to talk him out of it, but he’d made up his mind. Richard has always been a free spirit so who am I to tell him what to do? I just hope he’ll be happy.

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