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Why men love blonde women?

Fatih Hersek
Cause they are more foxy.
Alexey Kondakov
There is a scientific explaination for this phenomenon. It is proved by many researches, that naturally blond women have higher level of a main women's hormone, estrogen, in their bodies.
Blond hair is only one of the outer effects of this hormone. It is the prime women's beauty hormone. So, the cynical Mother Nature tells men:
Blond hair+femininity = high level of estrogen = potentially good genes to pass = DO WANT!
I know, it is cynical, but true as well...
And yep, they are more foxy :D
Natalya Makarova
Don't men love red-haired or brunette?
Alexey Kondakov
Of course we do.) There are many things that men appreciate in women except the color of hair. If girl is nice in general, it does not matter if her hair is fair or dark, or red.
Anastasia Pukhova
Because they're freakies...I mean, men)
Alexey Kovalevsky
Beacause blonds are soooooo sensitive and really HOT!!!
Roman Strukov
Well.. I ,for instance, don't like exactly blonde women so much..
Yury Tatarintsev
I like women that have dark hair more, so...
Guy Min
I like blonde hair gilrs, but i don't know why, maybe coz I am black hair,and i am a Chinese . Actually, i like red hair,too.Premise is they are natural!!!
Marishka Zolotareva
In psychology class teachers told us that men prefer blond women for ages now because when a woman has blond hair it is very easy to understand if she is sick or not by her face. So they would have healthy kids, etc.
Fatih Hersek
In my country Turkey, it is difficult to find a natural blonde so we worship blonde women:)
Elena Kameneva
I'm blonde and I love it!)))))))
Yury Karabutov
I thoght it dont matter that hair are girl have.
Elena Kameneva
Yes, but this topic is always discussed .. Blondes or brunettes .. This is so sick ..
Sashka Abramkin
Потому что это МУЖИК!!!!
Anna Kovaleva
to Алексей Кондаков and Юрий Карабутов.
And does it matter if a girl has not hair at all?;-)))))) Suppose she is very kind, smart and pretty, but she is bald... What would you say?-)))))))
Islam Sardalov
i like bkackS, обожаю чернобуреньких кошечек))))
Alexander N
The main thing is what girl? bonny, clever, attractive and so on...by the way in ancient Greece the prostitutes specially coloured in fair hair. So it prove blondes are more sexer than brunettes. it is difficult to argue with science:):)
Fatih Hersek
It doesn't matter whether she is blonde or brunette. We love foxy women.
Daniil Tarasov
I don't see blondies as women at all +) i like only brunettes
Azatey Khusnullin
I like big butts and i can not lie...
Воля Волчанов
Don't you find the inability to lie very, to say, distressing trait?
Especially taking into consideration the human world with its conditions, it's very, you see, brave and it's worth to pity you.
Egor Nikiforov
I think,blondes only for sex...brunetts for family...)))
Воля Волчанов
can you argue your classification?
Egor Nikiforov
:) sorry,but it's only my experience...))))
Elena Kameneva
blondes for sex ,brunetts for family?))Oh my Got))...so stupid)))))))))
Azatey Khusnullin
I like them big... I like them chunky )
Egor Nikiforov
It's not so stupid Helen...it's really ONLY FOR ME AND IN MY LIFE!!!!)))) Don't keep it so deep in your heart and your head.....pls)))))))
Anton Mescheryakov
My first wife was blonde. Second one is blonde as well. And I had a lot of blonde girls in my life. So I think that other not-blonde women can have gorgeous face, perfect body and can be called an ideal woman but they never can be a goddess of beauty as blondes can be for sure. You can love a girl with a dark hairs and think that nothing can change you feelings about that girl until you meet perfectly looking blonde girl and fall in love with her. Blonde girls are the best. They inspire our imagination and serve as standard of true beauty.
Elena Kameneva
Of course not Yegor))) I just expressed my opinion about your comments)))))
And you also don't keep it so deep in your heart and your head...))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Elena Kameneva
Anton, bravo!))))))))
Oleg Babin
I prefer brunet girls (sorry, blondes :) )
Elena Kameneva
We also prefer another guys (sorry Oleg:)))))
Mekha Ragazza
first time I hear that men love blondes))) big news, I say!
Elena Kameneva
first time see a person who has not heard that "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes")))))))
Galina Alexeevna
blonde - the most beautiful creatures in the world!
Nataly Selverova
There is an anecdote about it:

- Why men love blonde women?
- Because they can understand them!
Sophia Wildflower
Men like blondes, but love and then get married with brunets))) The solution of this problem is good hair dye))))
Elena Kameneva
I married a blonde)) 11 years of marriage .. but never thought to change the hair color))))
Oleg Babin
nothing personal, just a jokes :)

Why do blondes always smile during lightning storms?
They think their picture is being taken.
What do smart blondes and UFOs have in common?
You always hear about them but you never see them.
What do you call a smart blonde?
A golden retriever.
Elena Kameneva
Of course, just kidding))
Thank you for so much attention to blondes)) Even the jokes)))))
Andryukha Orlov
why blonde? brunette only!)
Elena Kameneva
Андрюха Орлов open the topic about brunettes))))))
Maria Mironova
always love blonds...
Vitalik Stepanenko
I'm not tryin 2 b mean but ppl in America say tht blondies r kinda stupid:( I think they r HOT but not as HOT as brunetes:) sorry blondies, u still hotties:)
Egor Nikiforov
+1 :)
Vitalik Stepanenko
+1? y +1? is it good or bad?
Egor Nikiforov
"I think they r HOT but not as HOT as brunetes:) sorry blondies,"....+1 :)
Vitalik Stepanenko
Wait, wats wron w tht sentence?
Ekaterina Levchenko
I do not know
Ekaterina Andreeva
They're attractive.
Vitalik Stepanenko
Yea, some of em;)))
Olga Chibisova
Redheads are rad!!;)
Kristina Golubenko
Hmmm, too much attention to blondies) Why not brunettes?
Egor Nikiforov
)))) only brunettes)))
Regina Tazieva
Vitalik Stepanenko
Ekaterina Plyushevnikova
Vitalik Stepanenko
U r very welcome;)
Ri Mma
love them or just attracted to ?
Vitalik Stepanenko
Love em
Totentanz Yousceff
because of Estrogen,this hormone and it's concentration determine the skin and hair color,more Estogen means more white -or blonde if you want- and the Estrogen atracte men,that's why wemen are more attractive during the ovulation periodes(more Estrogen is in her body)...that's why MOST men prefere blonde women
Mikhail Chapaev
I'm blonde ^^
Elena Musienko
I am really blonde,and i proud of it*
It is rare)
Anna Petrova
to my mind, men like them, because they are funny and never keeps nagging
Roman Safuanov
It is big delusion, actually.
Selim Aydin
Who says that men like blondes?The questionnaires?
I think people like the other kind of people who is not common in the territory.
For example the brunette girls are more attractive in the countries such as Germany,Sweden,Norway and so on cuz of the lack of the brunettes around:)
Robert Asaturov
Who says that! I like brunette girls )
Elena Kameneva
Relax boys)))we also don't like you))))
Aydin Altunsoy
All womans who make up are beautiful ;)
Elena Kameneva
u don't right)))I have many photos without make up))))))and guys like it more then other)))
Aydin Altunsoy
im checking your photos quickly :) wait :) if it is true, you will disprove my thesis :)
Aydin Altunsoy
yes you are without make up in most of photos :) but there is another point that guys like your photos both with make up and without make up. Here is a dilemma :)
Agneta Korolevskaya
Elena Kameneva
but it's you said about beauty without make up)))I just answer you))
Aydin Altunsoy
Yelena, yes some womans do not need make up you are one of them. The thing that i wanted to say was about even ugly womans can look so beautiful after a good make up :) so all womans can be beautiful.
Elena Kameneva
ok)I undestand you))
Maria Mayer
I don't think men prefer blondes) They like brunets too as well)
Elena Kameneva
if be seriously...this is very stupid conversation...different men prefer different women...some of them like blondes...some of them like brunettes...)))and it's fine!)))
Svetlana Volk
#37 Nataly, I love it!!! It's so hard to understand men sometimes....
Svetlana Volk
Aydin, there is no such a word as "womans"!!! The word "woman" in plural will be "womEn,"
(just in case, man - men).
Aydin Altunsoy
Thanks for your correction of my wrong word Svetlana !! :) as you know we are not native english speakers of course there will be some mistakes :) But to correct it is a good behavior.
Svetlana Volk
you are very welcome, Aydin:)
Tatyana Klimova
Tastes differ. If one supposes a woman to be beautiful, another doesn't. I think their choice depends on a character.
Abdulla Khuzin
Me do not care)))
Aydin Altunsoy
yes tatyana you are very right ! i agree with you :)) Svetlana i see your english is better than mine so i need more practise with you :)) if you Accept !
Dimka Nikolaev
I do not love blond. My favorite girl with red-haired
Elena Matytsina
don't agree. i think, it doesn't matter. )
Aydin Altunsoy
:D this is a reality for men Yelena ... Women also like brunettes amd this is also a reality for women :)
Anna Frolova
So many men, so many minds.I think that people's relations don't depend from a color of their hair.
Alexey Klyukin
i dont know

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