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Why do you want to Learn English? Which city are you from?

Govind Bankani
I was born and brought up in England so its native language to me. What is your reason?
If you need some help then message me!
Maxim Abramov
I was born in Almetyevsk, Tatarstan Republic. English is my hobby now/
Aygul Abubakirova
I am from kygarchinsky district,bashkortostan\\\It is the language of the world,,,,and it is my job//I am a teacher by English..
Anastasia Mizgunova
hi. i am teacher too, i am from Barnaul))))
Alexandra Vurasko
Hi, im originally from Istra, Moscow region, Russia. English, both spoken and written, is the language of 60% of all my professional communication alongside with German and Russian. Moreover, i can never wait for translation / subs to my fav books and TV shows to be released... =)
Gannibal Lektor
Pathetic mortals :З
Evgeny Domrachev
Hi, I'm from a small town - Birsk)))) I know English to assess 4)
Irina Pytkina
I'm from Moscow. I can't imagine my life here without English. Unfortunately, English is not enough nowadays. So, I study German too ;-)))
Andrey Selitsky
Hello! I was born in Belarus,in Bobruysk. It's a pleasure to study English, but it is voiced so simple)
Igor Gorobets
а я с Донецка,а че? -_-
Govind Bankani
Ppl from all over..brilliant! Hope your english is improving.
Daulet Kurmanbaev
I'm from Almaty Kazajhstan. english helps me to open my eyes on whole world. Bussinnes,Education,Entertaiment etc/ everything is more accessible now ! First time I study english to earn more money in future, but now I understand that english is also my hobby and possibility to connect with everybody from everywhere, like russian in CIS countries!
Alexandra Efremova
Hi! I'm from Pokrovsk. It's little town was situated in Republic Sakha Yakutia. I learn english for me.
Dyus Gudkov
I`m from Seltso. I like this language and want to become a translator so I learn English.
Govind Bankani
Has anyone been to London?
Katerina Petrovskaya
I from Chelyabinsk. I'm going to USA so I learn english.
Alexander Volkhovsky
hello! I live in Ukraine, Crimea! I learn English at the school, so I have many mistakes! I want to go in UK and to speak with English people!
Karolina Sunshine
English is my everything)) I adore this language, because it's the most beautiful one!
I'm from the HEART of the Siberia :))
Govind Bankani
How is english taught in your town?
Vladimir Belikov
In my city one hardly can pass through the city cener without receiving one or more flyers advertizing different English schools or courses: "Learn English easily", "Learn English with fun", "... in steps, from zero to advanced level", "... with native speakers", "... with American teachers" and so on and on, plus advertizement on billboards all around the city, in local newspapers, on local TV.

I do not know much about those courses, but I know that those American teachers (at least, some of them) are Mormons, because I received invitations from Mormons to attend a course of English with American teachers.

Plus private tutors. Plus, of course, foreign languages (mainly English) are taught in schools (and there are some schools with extended English courses) and in universities, where learning a foreign language is compulsory.

I expect this is the same in any big Ukrainian city. I've heard enough to believe that I am right.

I would say, this is an excessive supply. However the outcome is not very impressive. My estimation is that there is only a small percentage of people (between 1 and 3 percent), who are in a sufficiently good command of a foreign language for being able to read, write and communicate verbally.
Govind Bankani
Brilliant comment Vladimir! Which city are you from?
Natasha Prokopenko
I'm from Moscow, Russia. I really like american tv-shows and I love USA. English is very promising and I think this is beautiful language. Plus, if I know English, then I will have more opportunities. So I really want to know english.
Lena Ryzhova
As for me,I'm from Pavlovsk , Voronezh region. I want to learn English because it's my future profession, I will be a teacher. Also it will help me to be a good journalist)))
Diana Sidelnikova
I am from Kolomna.Russia)
I love English.
I will be English teacher))
Lena Ryzhova
People can learn English at privat school ( i forget its name) and at pedagogical college in my town.
Lesha Gavrishenko
Hello. My names is Oleksii.I want speak in English well.You are help me?
Zhanna Gogoleva
Hi all :D Im from Yakutsk:))
Govind Bankani
In England we have many international school which yeah English to foreign students, I.e many European students who come to learn English in summer. It's shocking to reveal that some of these colleges have such a poor standard of teaching. A friends son from Ukraine came and was taught absolute rubbish and he even picked up mistakes. So please do your research before spending so much money.
Diana Sidelnikova
You know, I think for me not such poor standard of teaching and if I will be able to arrive to England, I will prove it
Elena Kondratyeva
Hi) I'm from Saint-Petersburg, Russia) I learn this language on my own. It's difficult for me to learn it, it takes me much time) But I'm patient with the English language!
Anna Borzenkova
I'm from Orel, Russia. I learn English to study in the USA and to live there
Lena Ryzhova
To #29
Unfortunatelly, it's true... But not usually. Traditionally, if you want to learn foreign language, preferable you should visit this country, listen to really speech, have a chat with really people... Can i mistake?
Aygul Abubakirova
you are right,Lena!!!
Govind Bankani
@Lena- your absolutely right. The best and quickest way to learn a language is to interact with the local people of that country. It's far better than learning from a small centre run in a building block in your home towns. I was talking about schools which attract kids from Europe but don't teach that much. If any of you would like to improve your talking skills then I am happy to speak to people for 30mins on Skype. Let me know. It will be London timing tho!!
Alexey Khoroshikhin
2 b perfectly honest, I wanna get the hell out from Russia... str8 to L.A.)))
but at this moment I don't really know how will I do that, cuz I've read in some articles that it's almost impossible now 2 arrive in America with the purpose of living there for the long time... so, I'll try 2 graduate my Unversity first, and then I'll start thinking how 2 reach the American Dream if u r from another part of the World.
Herluis Alvarado
Hey every1, im from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, i learn English since 10 years ago, i wasn't fluent at first (And Sometimes i made some mistakes on my wirte) but i improved a lot since 3 years ago to had an verry good command of Engl, but know i want learn Russian for can able to know more ppl of interest, really i love the languages and i can undertand at least 4 )))
James Trehan
What most people do not realise, that there is a large diference between British english and american english, not just in the way they are taught but also in there every day use. Speaking to native speakers is good for practice. However all areas have accents and often local dialects
Aygul Abubakirova
Is there other ways to learn language???Who can answer???_))))
Ekaterina Kovetskaya
to Айгуль Абубакирова (and everybody)))
There is a very interesting sourse for studying English http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/flatmates/
It's light, easy and amusing. Try it)
Olexiy Kasyanchuk
Hi!I am Oleksij.I am from Ukraine.I just began to study English at school.It is my favourite subject! I want to know English perfectly.
Govind Bankani
41 posts..nice!
Alexandra Medvedeva
hey, I'm from Gelendzhik.It's on the coast of the black sea) my name is Alisa, but i prefer,that you call me Alice. I just began studying English when I was 5 or 6) and nowadays I love english language. And I'm going to studying in university in faculty of foreign languages)
Roman Strukov
Hello all:) My hometown is Voronezh. I've started to learn english recently, but have alreaedy realised it's cool. English is international language, why that I want to learn it.=-)
Ekaterina Lemaeva
I want and I like learn English because I want to life in America :D
And this is a very сommon language.)
I live in Ulyanovsk
Leyla Mikailova
I study English bcause it is very suitable language, knowing it I could talk on it in other contries, it is very necessary!!!!! I live in Orel.
Tatyana Ermolaeva
I need English to study others.I am a teacher of English
Govind Bankani
Its good read people views on their learning habits and the desire for english. Well keep it up people and if anyone wants help with it add me on skype- govkb80

currently teaching 13 students via skype to speak english.
Vladimir Belikov
Govind, there are also special topics in this group about talking on Skype, where you could post your Skype login:


In these topics people are craving for talking in English on Skype, especially, with a native speaker. But, paradoxically, when they have a real chance, many of them get scared. However, sometimes foreighers get overwhelmed with requests for adding new friends to their contact list after posting their logins there. So, it's up to you. By posting your login there you are taking your chances.

I would suggest you (and anyone) to have a separate login for such activities, or you may get deprived from your private communications (though the chance is rather small).
Govind Bankani
Thanks Vlad, excellent idea. I think i will do the same.
Vanilla Tale
Invite me to friend.
Как инвайп пишется правильно?:)
Anna Pivovarova
I'm from Bratsk town. It's Siberiya. I like english language very much, but speak to it not often. I want go to in London & see Big Ben.
Govind Bankani
hey people!
Aygul Abubakirova
Marina Chernova-Topyakova
I like foreign languages, thats the main reason for learning English. And it's very important for work nowadays. I'm from Bratsk too)but now I live in Novosibirsk.
Ekaterina Doroshenko
I've studied English since November and this's great opportunity for me because I'm always happy to learn something new and interesting!
Nikolay Gribov
I thought that English is most important language, also world-wide) i think, all of us should know it. What about my reason........i thought........i just wanna go abroad, yeah, its my main reason! oh.....i'm from Blagoveschensk) good luck everyone)
Govind Bankani
English is a internationally spoken language and allows effective communication. I have no choice of not learning it as im in London. Why do soo many people want to get out of Russia and go to america or london?
Vladimir Belikov
Тут многие хотят пообщаться. Многие мечтают пообщаться с носителем языка. Так вот, уже несколько раз здесь размещает свой логин Скайпа британец, живущий в Лондоне, Говинд Бакани. Я его спрашивал, много ли людей добавили его - он ответил, что практически никто.

Аналогично, раньше здесь размещали свои логины другие иностранцы - американцы, британцы, индиец с очень хорошим английским, и др. Некоторых из них я тоже спрашивал, и они мне жаловались, что их никто не добавляет.

А тем временем, многие мечтают найти носителя языка, с которым можно было бы пообщаться бесплатно, спрашивают, где бы найти живого иностранца, а когда натыкаются на такого иностранца - в упор его не видят. Очень-очень странно.
Govind Bankani
Vlad: Since our last post about 6 members have added me and 3 out of the 6 are very keen learners. I am speaking to one very regularly..well i try to give an hour per week. Most are very shy to speak and they prefer to type on skype using translator. However, slowly they too are becoming open. I have just seen a group which is offering $15 per hour tutorial on skype...lol. Its free to talk to us aliens!!
Anastasia Melnikova
Hey everyone!I live in Yekaterinburg and study at the university of Economics there and we have rather good English classes which are more frequent in a week than others.That is very very good 'cause I want to improve my skills and dig deeper in this language.Apart from this,most of my leisure time I devote to English and I realized a quite long ago that it would be impossible for me to live without it,as English is everywhere in outside world and now more importantly inside and I lke this feeling
Andrey Spiridonov
i'm from Sterlitamak. I like to learn any language: Spanish, Japanies, Ivrit.
and i wanna go to USA by Green Card
Anastasia Levchenko
I am from Odessa, I want to travel) I will go to Paris, London, New York, thats why,I am studing English and it is very interesting!)
Anyuta Doroshko
I'm from Zhlobin, Belarus....I wanna visit English speaking countries....I will be an English teacher
Anna Rek
I'm originally from Pskov, Russia. But now I live in Toronto, so that's why I want to improve my english. :)
Govind Bankani
Hi everyone. Sorry been busy hence no replies to the remarks left in this discussion. The more you practice the better you will get. My russians friends on Vk are teaching me Russian but its difficulty and i prefer teaching them english instead.
Alexander Deyanov
I Live in Nizhny Novgorod In Russia! I want to learn English just for myself
Olya Chmyreva
I live in Ivanovo now. I like English. It is so interesting.
Devine` Zape
I flew to London for 2 weeks a year ago. it is beautiful
Govind Bankani
Devine....what did you find most interesting in London?
Devine` Zape
Wembley, oxford street, hyde park, Piccadilly, London i, and very well people
Anatoly Gorbushkin
I'm from Samara. Because English is language of Future .
Devine` Zape
im from Samara too .________________________________.
Evgenia Stroeva
I'm from Orel!!! I learn English because I want to communicate with American teens and I want to make new friends from other countries! I like to communicate with American teens in Skype!! Add ( Evgenia180795 )
Maria Sorokina
I am from Smolensk (Russia). I am studing in the Orthodox Gimnazium. There I have been learning English language during ten years. (Are there any mistakes?:))
Maria Sorokina
I Love English, because it is an international language. I can chat with quite everybody all over the world. It is cool!)
Govind Bankani
The weather in London is not brilliant at present...it rained the whole weekend. Hope you all enjoying great sunny weather in your country!
Eliza Eynshteyn
I am from Ukraine))) I love English very-very much!!!!!
Леночка Ковтун
I'm from Krasnodarskiy region.I love English,it's amazing!And it's my job!!!
Veronika Eliseeva
I`m from Saint- Petersburg.. i`m plan to live in an english speaking country in the future. and it`s just pleasure to speak an english:)
Emilie Barn
Hi ! I'm from Latvia , now i'm living in Cyprus and without english here is nothing to do . And from another side i like english the way it is , but still having some grammar problems , hope maybe somebody will help me with it))
Tatyana Reshetnikova
I'm from Izhevsk. This is a try to prove what I can more.
Viktoria Voloshina
I'm from Ukraine, little town of Berdichev.
I want to study English, because I have a dream to connect my life with this language.
Jim Beam
Hey dear users,I'm from wonderful city which called Togliatt. I have to know English for my work, because I have partnership with foreign suppliers.
Joanna Murrey
I want to leatn English cause I want to move to Kanada)))
Svetlana Sverchkova
It's a wonderful city on the Black Sea, сapital of a humor and a good mood.
So I'm from ODESSA!
And I...love love love it!!!))))))))
Yanchik Kosova
I am from Belarus, I want to learn English because I want to be a teacher.
Evgeny Prigoda
I'm from Lugansk , I want to learn English because it is very interesting for me and I'm going to Denmark , so I should know English well .
Alexander Kalinogorsky
I'm from Nigny Novgorod )) and I want to speak with somebody, who can help me whith CV and interview
Evgenia Pestrikova
I'm from Kirov. It's to east from Moscow :) Well, I want to be an interpreter and as well I'd like to communicate with people from other countries.
Vadim Mandrugin
Hi,everybody =) I am from Nizhnevartovsk and I began to learnt English because this language is one of the importent languages in our world. And,of course,this language is very nice. I like speak toEnglish =)) Wh agree with me ?
Aygul Safina
I would like to be a translator/
Azim-khan Malik-zoda
I am from Moscow, English nessury for my, who can help in learning??
Anastasia Drobyshevskaya
I'm from Tyumen. My own city is Surgut. I want to practise English with somebody who knows it.
Govind Bankani
Hi all, im in London and weather is brilliant!
Alexander Egorov
Greetings, Govind Bankani why you joined to us?) I heard myth, what the London is raincity, but I see that not so)
Yes... I'm from Newsibersk(Novosibirsk-I hate that name). I want to work in foreign country
Govind Bankani
Well Britain's weather is totally unpredictable. Yesterday was very hot and today it rained.
Anastasia Karpinchik
I'm from Minsk!) I want to learn English because my dream is to become a guide and visit as many countries as only possible!)
Alsu Sibgatullina
Oh)))) i was born in Kaxan)))
it's so stupid but long story about why do i start to learn this language)))
Who interested in it could write me private))) or in icq 614668545)))
Sofya Smirnova
I'm from Nizhniy Novgorod. I started to learn English, because I like travelling. When I was in Europe in the first time, I just said 'yes, no, hello, sorry, bye'. After that I started to study English. I want to practise my knowledge.
Vitaly Samartsev
I'm from Pyatigorsk, I want to learn English because maybe I'll travel in England, USA, Australia or Canada in the future.
Natalya Testina
I'm from Volgograd. I am learning English, because I am going to travel
Ленара Смолянова
I live in Moscow. Everybody knows how good to know English especialy in our capital. First of all i want to learn it for job, secondly i think it is so interesting occupation. Write me please if you share my opinion and we can speak english.
Vasily Akhmatov
I lern English because i want understand from other countries & i want to be a translater,travel a lot at my future.I live in Krasnodar.
Rostislav Oleynik
I am learning English because I want to understand the language of ours political and military rivals such as NATO and USa
Elena Pesternikova
I live in S-Peterburg!I stady English very long time ago, I have many more my friends which speak at English and they very to want...
Julia Sallam
I'm from Rostov-on-Don.As for me,I'm learning English to understand people from England and USA and talk with them.Besides,Enlish is an important language.
Elena Rudneva
Hi. I am from Volhov. I learn English, because I want. I think it is not bad motivation=) And, of course, I want understand american people - what are they speake, read, sing и т.д.)olso, for my job.
Jerome Perro
I'm from a city called Mâcon (France). I've been learning for quite a long now, but I'm stilll willing to improve it.I always had a special bond with English, coz my mother is an English teacher and she always tried to brought me up in an English atmosphere. I've almost spent one year in England. Going abroad is the best way to overcome every single imperfections for a language, or to improve it by speaking with native and being surrounded by English in newspapers, tv shows or talks between people in the street. I hope my Russian language skilsl would get better as soon as I land in Russia.
I wish you all good luck in your English studies, whatever the way you decide to follow in achieving your goal!

Alia Tuktarova
I live in kazan .So i like to learn english,it's my hobby
Dima Tsivenko
i live in china. so...)) Tripped up by the Tongue
The sources of language disorders, especially in Chinese and bilingual speakers, are being
investigated by our researchers.

Imagine the nightmare of a stroke victim who can understand speech but can’t produce intelligible sentences, or produces sentences but can’t understand speech. Or a child of normal intelligence who struggles to read and write.
These scenarios are driving research at HKU that seeks to understand language development and disorders in Chinese and bilingual speakers, as well as the workings of the brain.
Professor Tan Lihai, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Science, was recently awarded RMB39 million (HK$47 million) from China’s 973 Program to study the neurophysiology of Chinese language users, the first Hong Kong-led project to be funded by the national research programme. And Professor Brendan Weekes, Chair of Communication Science and a world expert on the language disorder aphasia in bilingual speakers, is investigating treatment and rehabilitation.

More language disorders in Chinese
Professor Tan’s research is driven by the fact that Chinese speakers with brain damage suffer far more from language disorders than people with similar damage in the US.
Some 70 per cent of Chinese with brain palsy, such as children born with cerebral palsy, experience language disorders against 20 per cent of Americans. Similarly, 70 per cent of Chinese speakers suffering brain damage due to stroke, tumours, epilepsy or other diseases experience language disorders against 50 per cent of Americans.
“Why do so many Chinese have language disorders? Possibly it’s because there are more regions in the brain involved in Chinese language processing,” Professor Tan says.
Previous research has shown that native Chinese speakers use more areas of the brain for speaking and listening than English speakers in order to handle the tones. Professor Tan’s lab has also shown they use different areas for reading. However, unlike alphabetical languages, the genetic basis of the Chinese language is not well understood.
Professor Tan is therefore leading 25 experts from Hong Kong, China and the US to investigate the neurodevelopment of normal Chinese language users and those with language disorders such as stuttering and dyslexia. They will also look at how the different brain regions interact in language activities, and the candidate genes behind Chinese language disorders such as dyslexia.
“The genetic study will help us to have early identification of patients with language disorders so we can have early intervention,” he says.
Translating the findings into clinical approaches is also a goal and could be significant for other researchers such as Professor Weekes and his colleagues, who are among the world leaders in treating bilingual speakers who suffer from aphasia.
The special case of bilingual speakers
Aphasia is the loss of the ability to produce or understand language and it results from strokes, dementia and other diseases. There are obvious differences in how aphasia manifests itself in Chinese versus English speakers and more insights into language processing could help their treatment.
For instance, when the Broca’s area of the brain is damaged, it affects the ability to produce language, including different verb tenses which is problematic for speakers of European languages but not Chinese. If the damage is in the Wernicke’s area of the brain, the ability to understand language is affected, including tones, which makes it much more difficult for Chinese speakers.
But what’s even more important, says Professor Weekes, are the commonalities seen. “The features of different languages do embellish the kinds of problems we see, but the general point is that problems of fluency and dysfluency occur across languages.”
His research has helped to demonstrate this by studying people who speak more than one language. It turns out that rehabilitative training focused on one language can bring
Zhanna Karpenko
I live in the US. So, I have no choice, I have to learn it.
Guy Min
I like English . I am from Luoyang,CHN.
Nizam Ismailovich
Why do I want to learn English?... Hmmm, I was born and raised in the USA and always considered myself as an English native speaker. I like English very much. I live in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia by the way (I almost forgot to mention that! Whoops! LOL I'm a Malaysian and learning Russian by myself via books, materials on the internet and of course, from my Russian friends here on VK)
Alevtinka Boo
I'm from Tula. I am learning English because I want to talk with the special person !It's my goal what I must to achive
Irina Bashinska
I want to be translater in future from English and Deutsch.So,i must to study these languages.I live in Zhovkva,Lviv region,Ukraine.
Andrey Mankunia
Dominika Safyanova
I'm from Latvia,Liepaja. I learn english because it is world language and if i don't know this language I can't communicate with interest people.
Alexandra Efremova
Yakutsk. Because I need to know this language
Dasha Zakusilo
Anastasia Ivashina
It's sounds cool, when somebody speaks english freely. So am I want)
Govind Bankani
Anna Stukanova
I'm from Tervolovo . I learn English because I like it.
Andrey Petrov
I want learn english to travel in New York and that live! Always !!!
Karina Bliznyuk
Oh,I am from Ukraine,Donetsk.I learn english,because I need it for my future profession and I hope I'll be able to go abroad ,to see NY,to meet some friends and really to talk fluently with native speakers,and that's all with help of english.People,let's start to learn english,who didn't start before,because it is really not so difficult how it seems at first,good luck!
Vafa Ibragimova
l'm from Azerbayjan,Ter-ter.l learn english because l like this language.and i'd like to be able to talk with native speakers without any problem.
Alex Serene
I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine. At the beggining I started to learn English for my future job, but now it becomes my hoobie. It's pleasure don't feel fences when you talking whith people from overseas.
Valentin Pechorin
Hello! I am from Russia. I learn english
Zaur Nabiev
I'm from Moscow city, now i stay in Dubai UAE, it's nessesary to anyone now to know English, because no any successful career or business development whithout English. So do your best!!!
Inna Ometova
I live in Rostov-on-Don. I'm learning English because I'm going to trevel, and maybe useing English for a work.
Marta Sadlova
It is very interesting and beautifull language)))It is my hobby)))Besides,english is very important))))English the best))))
Irina Andrievskaya
Hi! I speak English as a beginner. Now there was a need to negotiate with business partners in English. I really need intensive practice. It will be very embarrassing when an important meeting with foreign guests, I can only silly smile ...
Yulia Issakova
Of course, I am from Russiam, from small city Penza.
Frencly speaking, i'm crazy about English. I think that it's very interesting and usfull language
Evert León-Jiménez
hey !!
I am from Perú, but living in Chile, I like to learn english very good, cause I like to learn languages..
then I wanna learn russian =))
Ahmed Ferjani
I am from Tunisia,my mother is an english teacher and i am pilot :-)
Larisa Petrova
The knowing of English is a challenge of our time. I have to adjust it.
I'm from sunny city Odessa, Ukraine.
Nikol Shop
The knowledge of English (знание)
adjust to (только с таким предлогом)
I have to adjust to it
a sunny city odessa
Evert León-Jiménez
you are right ;)
Evert León-Jiménez
teacher )))
Yulia Burylina
I am from Ivanovo. I want learn english,because I want to be an animator abroad.
Oksana Kolokolnikova
I am from Smolensk. I learn English because i'm going to be a teacher in English.
Govind Bankani
From London - native language
Anna Dyachuk
I'm from Ukraine, Chernivtsi. I learn English for my job and as a hobby/ I like watching various movies in English and listening to English music. That's why i cannot imagine my life without this language))))
Alina Gavrina
I'm from Lipetsk. I learn English for migration to Canada with my family))
Валентина Солдатенко
I've loved it since I was 10.
Zhanayym Қozybay
I`m from Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Now I`m living in Astana. I want to arrive at a very good university and study there in english. That`s why I`ve been learning english.
Polina Til
I am from Russia, Tambov. I need to learn English to be a translator. Also I would like to travel. I am ready to help you to learn russian language, if you can help me.
Alexander Listopadov
I'm from Krasnodar. I just love English, that's why I'm studying it.
Руслан Гиниятуллин
I can't
imagine my life here without
Darya Kozlova
I am from Vytskie Polynu
Margarita Lykova
I'm from Arkhangelsk. I need to know English perfectly because my speciality is international relations.
Marcus Rodrigues
I'm from Londrina , Brazil. I want to improve my English to make an exchange, talk with people from other countries... If someone wants to chat, can add me
Alena Mark
I am from Russia( Samara) and I very want to improve my English)
English is my favorite language
Outof Mind
hey i can help you maybe u can hep for russian:)
Outof Mind
Hello everyone; i am Msc student and love photography, make music and maths. Now i wanna learn some basic russian, maybe someone can help.

I can help for english practise.

Take care
Fort-Hays-State-University Fhsu
For those who would like to study abroad or know someone, then please follow and share the link: http://vk.com/public75334889 .
Konstantin Agafonov
#speakingclub #StPetersburg


Hi, friends! We are pleased to introduce to you our speaking club in St. Petersburg. If you want to practice your speaking, gain fluency and expand your vocabulary our meetings are definitely a great opportunity for you. You are always welcome. Let's talk!
Tatyana Ivanova
Hello everyone! I am from Surgut. I just love English. It's the best language after Russian. I want to watch english films, to speak English, to listen to english music.
Anna Stukanova
Hello! I live in Tervolovo)) I study English for 5 years! I like it)) nice to meet new friends)))
Tatyana Ivanova
is Tervolovo in Russia?
Anna Stukanova
yes it is.
Tatyana Ivanova
What is the weather like in your town now? We have snow in Surgut already.
Anna Stukanova
its sunny and coldy. It was very foggy yesterday. What about you?
Tatyana Ivanova
We have sun too, but it's 5 degrees below zero. Have you been learning english for a long time?
Wlad Krumkacz
i speek english very gud, i em from New Yok
Tatyana Ivanova
We are very glad to hear from you. What's the news in New Yok?
Anna Stukanova
I study English for 5 years.
Tatyana Ivanova
Do you study english at the universary or by yourself? I like to watch english films. It helps very much.
Anna Stukanova
I study english by extra lessons.
Tatyana Ivanova
I studied those lessons too. They are great, I liked them very much.
Margarita Khvan
Hello!My name is Margarita.I live in Saint-Petersburg.I studing English for 9 years .English is very useful for me because my future job depends of English and I like travelling a lot!
Ilya Felidov-Proskurov
Hi I am from Ulyanovsk
Olga Mkrtchyan
Hi! I'm from Donetsk. I have been studying English for 8 years. I'm glad to meet here so much people interested English)))))
Mohammad Yakup
Hi, I am Turkmen working and living in dubai, anyone can write for English conversation we can improve our English skill.
Anton Abrazheev
I'm from Sklov, Belarus
Zhandos Sәlemetkhanov
Hi! I am from in Kazakhstan. I have been studied English for 3 years. And just I like learning English when I have free time.
Olya Shendrik
i'm lerning english cuz i live in Canada :)
Thames Brooks
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Artem Abrashov
Hi all, who wants to communicate with me , write to me
Tatyana Dokina
Hi! I m from Togliatti, i study english from time to time, but for a long time. )))
Ivan Ivanov
cause everybody speak ))
Olenka Mironova
because English will need for my future work
Alexandra Izoleeva
I want be your pen- friend. I need in practice. I want to teach English in Kyrgyzstan. I am from Kyrgyzstan.
Alexandra Izoleeva
hi! Maybe in this summer I will be in barnaul. I will study in AGU. Did you heard about this universe?
Надежда Неделяева
wanna talk to people from around the world
Надежда Неделяева
I'm from Moscow
Yury Filimonov
I want to listen BBC and CNN and to speak with people in other countries.
Nurzhigit Orazaliev
i am from almaty
Natalya Usanova
I am from Vinnitsa, Ukraine. I want to know English good to speak free abroad. I know I have mistakes in this sentense, but I tryed
Lyubov Dorofeeva
I'm from Russia. I want to learn English because it's interesting for me. :)))
Bill Costigan
I am looking for a girl to practice english with (14-16 y.o.). In TAMBOV! (write me в личку) p.s. I am a girl too and i am in 10th form
Azamat Zhunusov
for hang out with american girls
Igor Dosyak
Anzor Tarutin
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Olesya Kiosse
Hello) I'm from Tajikistan from Dushanbe. I want to learn English because its so interesting and very important for me. I want to speak with people who lives in other countries. I like this language !! Please, help me with my English!)
Maxim Gostilin
Is there anyone from Yelets in here?
Roya Guseynova
Me name is Roya.I am from land of fire))Azerbaijan,Baku.I wont know English because it's one of international languages in the world
Lucas Ehamassadospfc
because I want to live outside my country, Brazil. This is a bad place to live !! I love to meet Russia, Australia and Canada.
And I also love the English language.
Lucas Ehamassadospfc
Anna Galkina
Hello :))
Saulet Erboluly
I fond of English! I like movies and USA. I wanna go outside the world from Almaty))

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