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Which countries you have been?

Selim Aydin
I have been to over 10 countries and IRAN was the most amazing country for me with it'S unlike culture and people and also it's very cheap to travel around Iran.
Zhenka Kalyabina
Every summer I travel around Europe. For me the most interesting is Italy. I liked it a lot at first time. And I'm going there soon)))
Semyon Klimenok
Andora is amazing!
Irina Chistyakova
Russia is the most amazing!!! =) I ve been to 6 countries)
Semyon Klimenok
I`ve been in 21.
Selim Aydin
andora sounds interesting_?Some of my friend told me that the prices are so cheap due to low taxes,arent they?
Semyon Klimenok
They are.It`s full off shore.
All evropean brands like MANGO or CK are so cheap)
Irina Sharapanova
Irina Chistyakova
so why Andorra is the most interesting place?
Viktoria Klimenko
Australia is the most interesning contenent i have ever been!
Selim Aydin
We should also give more specific examples,reasons to explain why the countries we mentioned are most interesting for us.
For example, the fact why iran is the most interesting country for me has a lot of specific reasons.
First of all,the regime called mollas in iran is totally different one compare the all countries in the world.
Second,iran is the one country which is governed by sia muslims(as you know there are two different sects as sunni and sia,where as the sunni muslims claim that the sia muslims are on the wrong way and get so much sin on it)
Third,male can not wear even a short nor a zero t-shirt on the streets,what is more is if u r a female you should have a hair scarf outside.
Fourth,there are over 30 million turkish people living there,so it is so easy for me to communicate with them as a turkish.
The bus tickets ,food,accommodation are so cheap and there are a lot of choices.
Do i need to talk about the history of persians,turks and the other empires that had been established there?
All in all,iran is the most interesting country for me and maybe that's why i still want to go there Even i have already visited twice:)
P.s: if one of you intested in visiting iran i could give more information.
Aknur Gabdullina
to over 6 countries..and think that the most amazing is Austria. I don't now why..I'm studying in Czech Republic and know that for many people Prague the best place in the world with culture, architecture, prices..but when we arrived in Vienna, first that I thought: O ya, I see realy Europe! No dogs, intellegent people, no garbage, clean english(despite of state's german language austrians speak english very well opposite czechs). I was in Italy too..but for me in Italy is very pronounced social inequality.
Irina Chistyakova
cool) thx Aknur =)

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