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Where do you prefer to live?

Arnur Yernazarov
If you have got the possibility to live in another country which you choose?
For example I want to live in Bournemouth it is little town in the south of Great Britain.
Luiza Ionova
i'd prefer Canada
Konstantin Ilchenko
Natalya Sarantseva
Yulia Petrova
Viktory Benevolent
The USA indeed.
Den Pismenny
Lena Lunyova
Los Angeles, California, USA
Ksenia Volodina
Slava Yatsenko
l want to live in LA)
Viktoria Mandzhieva
Marina Frolova
Germany!Dusseldorf exactly
Igor Mirkin
Germany or Austria)
Dasha Petrova
Georgy Sanakoev
Space! :)
Tanya ----
Germany or France !!!!!!
Valliiii Op
Russia, Russia have the beautiful please in the world, but many people don't see it.
Konstantin Ilchenko
[#19]Валлииии <свет внутри> Оп,
наверное все-таки places, и наверное все-таки most beautiful
Viktory Benevolent
>beautiful please
Oh wow.

Чего уж мелочиться - celestial gratitudes.

Seems like Valiii have traveled round the whole world and seen all the places existed.
Oksana Pavelko
I prefer to live in chokolate.
Natalia Belyakova
I prefer to live in little countryside
Sergey Semilovsky
Denmark or New Zeland
Andy Zaporozhets
in such a place where i will feel free myself))))
Lidia Rugaeva
Los Angeles, California, USA
Roman Strukov
In Russia)) It's one of reasons why I'm living here
Vsevolod Rylov
Germany, Austria, France, the USA (may be), Canada...
Herluis Alvarado
Germanny (Frankurt or Berlin), Spain, Italy, Argentina, USA (California or Florida), Australia, Ukraine or Russia ..¡¡¡
Viktoria Yorsh
I prefer to live in Russia...)))
Anton Manoylov
France, Austria, Switzerland, North Italy (South Tirol)
Any place close to the Alps.
Currently I live in Cardiff, Wales, it's a nice place, but what i really miss here is snow and mountains.
Rina Zigalo
maybe Big Apple.or Kipr)
Ilyukha Tonkikh
on shore of Atlantic Ocean in Brasil))))))
Mariam Gasanova
in NY)
Alexandra Vurasko
In lots of different places, the world is too big to settle just yet..)
Lena Lunyova
Maria Ankudinova
Finland,amazing country
Vladimir Lushnikov
#36 - Finnish people HATE us! They worship USA and the West. They maybe hate us MORE than Estonians. Anyway, I prefer to live in Russia. I like to travel to USA for make much money quickly then leave but honestly I hate the West. Most Western people's character irritate or disgust me. I can never understand why anyone would WANT to live in places like USA or UK. Those people are sad.
Natalia Krinitskaya
Australia, definately!
Lena Kostenko
Владимир Лушников, do you like Uzbek people in your City? So, do you think Western people have no reason to be irritated by any stranger?
Maria Ankudinova
To Vladimir,well maybe you met wrong people or maybe they just didnt like you,it depent on you and you behavior.but i visited this country several times and still communicate with finnish people,they are very friendly and nice.
Lena Kostenko
hm, Мария Анкудинова, try to live there for some years.
Maria Ankudinova
To Lena,when i will have a chance i will.But everything is individual,dont you think so?some people like this country,some another.Maybe for me will be comfortable there,for you somewhere else
Lena Kostenko
Let's do it!
Maria Ankudinova
Ali Zekoğlu
Valentina Reznik
I prefer to live in France
Lena Kostenko
Али, че орешь?
Helen Kuznetsova
Sergey Izmaylov
I prefer to live in Switzerland. Very quiet and safe place to live.
Yana Allieva
Eliza Andreeva
i want to live in LA)if it was possible i would go there immediately ;D
Khadzhimurad Akhmedov
Yulia Silnyagina
Arik Petlakh
Natalia Ponomarenko
Chicago or New York!
Sandra Kiriyu
I'd like to live in USA or in California, may be in other regions of Russia.
Marina Ivanova
I'd prefer to find my secret, mysterious spot of the world somewhere in Italy.
Mikhaylo Ship
England, Birmingham - better place in the world. Sweat people, nice architectural...
Asel Sayasat
I want live in the England
Yulia Mochalova
i'd prefer Canada or Australia!!!
Воля Волчанов
Ilyina Anna
Igor Kuzmich
I prefer Rassia, because I am a patrion ^_^
But I want to visit Englang, France, Japen and Italin :) And maybe I some will live in them ^_^
Lena Brovkina
I prefer to live in London or in Los Angelos
Daria Krasulina
I will certainly live in London or in a suburban area near it :)
Renesme Black
i'd live in London
Tanya Ponomareva
I'd LOVE to live in my oun house by the sea...It's no matter what country...)
Anna Baturtseva
I'd like to live in England or Germany!!
Tanya Ponomareva
Yes, England is beautiful...
Vyacheslav Palkin
I wanna live in Italia near Roma or Venetia, but it is impossible, becourse, I don't speak Italian. I understand English very bad. That's why, I live in our country.
Я, реально, плохо знаю английский и буду благодарен за указания мне на мои ошибки: как грамматические, так и орфографические.
Vitaly Matveev
May be, in China.
Vyacheslav Palkin
No! It's impossible! I'd like to live only in Europe's zone!
Tanya Ponomareva
I'd like to travel to China to learn what kind of place it is...Some people who have visited the country say it's fantastic, although they used to say different things before travelling there...
Ekaterina Kushnerevich
San Francisco)
Misha Reyfman
Japan, Europe or USA
Vyacheslav Palkin
to Katrin...
Aliona Kutsenko
I will live in Ukraine. But I want visit China and England.
Andrey Fedosov
I want to live in Germany or Switzerland
Nina Kvitka
In a countryside in the Scotland or Germany or Switzerland.
Alexander Pashkov
дарю подарки
Pavel Pankin
Only Russia!!!
Maxim Alexeev
I prefer to live in London,because it is the greatest place in the world!
Valentina Podyapolskaya
Japan,Japan and only Japan!Also I would like live in German
Shtefan Unguryanu
I want to live in America or England. I'm fond of English. I want to go for a run in the morning on the English parks. ))
Evgeny Emelyanov
well... Greece)
Kostya Dubrov
Definitely, San Francisco, CA!
Наталья Колосова
I live in London, but I'm originally from St.Petersburg. I love both cities!
Mariia Iankova
dream to visit London, and maybe stay for some time there..now i am living in Kharkiv, Ua
Nelli Schitova
I live in Sevastopol,but dream to visit Paris))))
Valentina Serbava
The USA!!!!!!!
Anastasia Voronkova
London or New Zeland
Valentina Timchenko
I very want to live in USA))
Andrey Spiridonov
Russia. Bashkotrtostan
Alexandra Panfilova
Great Britain как ни странно
Anna Rek
Canada, UK, South France
Roxana Makarova
Great britain,england and usa))
Totentanz Yousceff
Victoria Pukishka
Ukraine or Canada!
Olga Polinenko
Alexey Mikhaylov
Help me to move to London and you will implement my dream :)
Vladimir Belikov
Search for the Dreams Implementation Unlimited, Inc. Whatch out for possible fraud.
Alexey Mikhaylov
Ok, Thanks to you I found the site of this company and they promised to help me.
I don't know how I can thank you. :)
Elena Matytsina
LA, I think.
Aylara Aylarova
Aydin Altunsoy
Of course İStanbul !
Lev Alpatov
I would like to travel
Lesha Petrov
Canada(Vancouver) or Israel)
Alexey Lazarev
Nadezhda Lebedeva
Only Russia))
Dmitry Korol
I would like to liv in Amerika, but I always will love home!**
Yulia Dzhandzhieva
only Russia
Nastyonka Mikitenko
USA New York
Elena Ocharovatelnaya
Serega Boyko
in Italy
Ksenia Ladyka
depend how & with hom :)4 me it"s not so easy 2 find really my place under the sun, that 100% satisfy all my wishes:)
Evgeny Postoyan
I"d like to live on the Mars
Artem Savin
Where it's comfortable and safe to live, i.e. pretty much everywhere except the poles of the Earth.
Sergey Yurkevich
I want to live in Brasil.
Viktory Benevolent
I want to live just like back in the days - in mom's womb. This place's way too cruel.
Artem Savin
unfortunately this place is out of question unless you are God. But if you were God, you'd likely not care about anything.
Viktory Benevolent
>unless you are God
I am.
Artem Savin
you are a lunatic.
Viktory Benevolent
Hey, mortal mob, how dare you tarnish the Lord, celestial creation out of ken, beholding your disturbing sins?
Yury Khramov
Only russia, only country house!
Ksenia Avramenko
in USA! I love it!
Самира Гайад
Native city - Odessa, it has everything both for work and fun. Dont understand those who want to move. Damn, that's must be rare to be happy with what you have already)
Natasha Zabolotko
Mehmet Matt
turkey ;)
Evgenia Podkaminer
in Siberia
Darya Grishutina
Dream to visit France
Egor Zhomov
Dunno why, but I wish I knew German fluently so I could move to Germany
Ilya Sinigaev
Santa Monica
Anton Danilov
The USA, LA))))
Katya Buyalskaya
I prefer to live in USA or Greece
Darya Ionaytite
I only prefer to live in the USA, in the city of Angels
Dasha Effi
Want to live in UK > London. Totally in love with it. But I don't like the fact that in London live approx. 58% of British people.
Semen Myshkin
I live in Sochi, but going to live in Istanbul in a couple of months because of my work. I like to live in Sochi very much though, really nice place. I prefer to live in a warm and comfortable place.
Artem Ivanyuk
Jamaica, L.A., Tenerife
Svetlana Solovyeva
Uzbekistan or Moscow
Tatyana Korobtsova
I'd like to live in The UK
Tatyana Verkhozina
in london)))))
Viktoria Nevrotova
I wish to live in the NY. But not long time, about two or three years. Because Russia it is my home)))
Alexandra Petrushina
I want to live in a small town, in my own house. Near my house will be forest and river, and in my garden will grow different flowers.. And nobody will build there scyscrapers, factories and highway. And it may be any country.
Katerina Chuchko
i'd like to live in London.
Katerina Chuchko
Александра, where do you live now?
Aygul Moonflower
it's not important for me...main with *him*
Karina Valli
ofcouse USA!NY.THE best City in the world!
Alexandra Petrushina
Now I live in a flat, and I don't like it. Our neighbours are really awful people. And I think that it is very strange live in the air like birds.. (sorry for my English)))
Ahmet Harputlugil
in russia
Yulia Puzinovskaya
Italy , Spain , Germany
Ahmet Harputlugil
canada or australia
Yana Startseva
Vancouver, Canada.
Leah Gershzon
Olya Vazhaeva
I want to live in Russia, but I'd like to travel to Japan or South Korea)))
Valentina Kiosya
I was born in Moldova ;) and when i was small always wanted to live in germany ...but now i live in venice and want living in Sardinia(italy)
Elena Kalinyuk
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Vasily Akhmatov
Paris or Nantes
Ksyusha Sidorenko
Of course, London. The best town in the world :)
Greg Payton
Vancouver is a beautiful city about 3 hours away from me. I would highly recommend it.
Umut Sogut
Alanya again and again ))
Dominika Safyanova
England or Germany,also Italy.
Galina Novitskaya
Высшее в Лондоне! Из первых уст! :)
Кому интересно, пишите в личку.
Egor Zhomov
City of Angels.
Liana Ashirova
I would like to live in St.Petersburg, because it is city very beautiful and cultural capital of Russia
Elena Ermolaeva
Inna Alexandrovna
Spain or Cuba
Sergey Kostov
Sergey Povarich
Somewhere in GB, for example in Birminham or near from London
Artem Ivanyuk
Anton Manoylov
Guys! before even dreaming of life in the UK please learn how to speak and write in English.
Do not ever try to translate from Russian literally.
Personally, I really like London and UK, but prefer to live somwhere on the continent.
France, Switzerland, Austria.
Paul Perfect
Pro Life
I prefer to life in Russia))
Musa Tagiev
I want to live in Moscow
Inna Vlasenko
Viktoria Yurkevich
USA, California
Darya Bateneva
Paul Perfect
Aygerim Raimbekova
I love my native country Kazakhstan :D but, sure, I'd love to study abroad
Viktor Dudka
England, Wellingboro, Northampton.
Alexandra Grekova
Bulgaria, I feel myself there as at home every time when I come
Erbol Nurshakhanov
Canada and UK
Olya Khojali-Yevtyunina
Its complicated but i'd like to live in 3 countries and didn't choose yet where exactly it is ether Canada, Australia or Malaysia
Anna Kuzhelivskaya
The USA or Australia
Lyudmila Matviets
I would like to live in Thailand and 1-2 months later I will go to live there...)))
Elizaveta Pirogova
Karomat Karimov
Oksana Mikhaylova
Germany or Sweden
Ruslan Smoilov
Today my prefer place - in country near Vegas, Nevada
Ekaterina Polnaya
Poland or UK
Nazym Manarbek
in New York!)
Praskovya Ivanova
In Russia
Nikolay Biryukov
Russia, Austria in case Russian government will irritate me completely.
Anna Zhukova
next to ocean
Irina Mesezhnik
Spain or Russia
Serge Cheikine
Gustavo Al-Martino
Spain or USA
Polina Kostousova
Anna Dyachuk
i like my motherland a lot. But, of course, we can travel around the world=)))))
Justin Frim
I am presently in Canada, and I presently have no desire to permanently relocate elsewhere, even if I had the opportunity. But if things changed, or I was forced to move out, I would probably consider Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. Following those, perhaps Belize, UK, or Ghana. The primary criteria for me is language (specifically English), and federal technical standards and measurement units. Much as there are many other great countries in the world, few have Engish as an official language, and learning a foreign language is a daunting task for me. And some (particularly USA, but also Myanmar and Liberia) do not use metric units; they use the worst measurement systems still in use among the world.
Elena Gromova
I prefer to live in the UK...England, of course.
Angelina Elistarkhova
I prefer to live in Canada
Nastena Ilina
USA, Canada
Olya Mironets
only in Ukraine,because I'm happy to live here...)))
Elya Zaripova
Republic of Singapore or Sydney
Anzhela Danilova
I live in USA
Satish Kumar
Canada :)))
Asaf Asaf
turkey :=)))
Руслан Гиниятуллин
usa .colorado
Andrei Fediy
USA, GB and maybe Norway
Ае 86
I live in USA
Anna Dyachuk
in australia - lots of new wonders and old as well
Maria Medvedeva
Veronika Sinitsina
Katya Tsvetkova
St. Petersburg , Russia
Evgenia Kazakova
Id definitely choose Moscow. I really hope to move back there some day:)
Anna Dyachuk
well, i like city life, but for rest - countryside is perfect

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