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What is your life slogan?

Fatih Hersek
Enjoy the moment:)
Yana Ryzhaya
"Keep smiling!" or "You look very nice, when you smile" =)
Olexandr Ivanov
"You ain't dying,you're living"^_^
Tatyana Stepashkina
Don' t worry!!!Be happy!!!!
Anait Gabrielyan
you should never give yourself a chance to fall apart!
Natasha Кашкай
Never say "never"!
Nobody's perfect!
Zemfira Isaeva
don't ever look back))
Zhenya Tikhonov
never give up
Olya Fedotova
Rise and shine)))
Sundaranathan Sampath
Succeed or die trying.
Ira Muravska
Just do it!
Ksenia Neukisova
Be yourself!!!)
Master Borkovski
Making it possible.
Morgan Tsukamoto
Fatih Hersek
What does it mean?
Hedi Djelassi
"Never say never"
Nikolay Gribov
Respect Yourself........and you'll see the light)
Maria Frolova
Listen as your day unfolds
Challenge what the future holds
Try to keep your head up to the sky...
Evgenia Tesla
1. om mani padme hum
2. Never give up!
Devang Sheth
What's for dinner?
Alyona Anokhina
The only person standing in your way is you
Izabella Manusajyan
THE END...is just a new beginning
Elena Sadovnichaya
Don't worry! Be happy! Life is good!
Izabella Manusajyan
Artem Danilov
Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer (Dan Brown)
Sundaranathan Sampath
All is well!
Dmitry Volkhin
Man's mind is his basic tool of survival
Alexey Lazarev
There's no such thing as a bad idea. Just poorly executed awesome ones
Misha Demidov
What's for dinner?ha.ha..
Masha Usova
pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
Alexander Mikhaylov
Learning is very important for us.
Devang Sheth
Eating is mandatory, burping is optional
Larisa Nikitina
The sailor does not pray for wind, he learns to sail
Dasha Cherushnikova
Love it or leave it
Elena Malkova
never give up!
Sveta Kukushkina
get up, dress up and show up
Lena Nikolaeva
It's time to come to your senses...
Sveta Kukushkina
Zoryana Kitun
That is done, can not be undone.
Vladimir Tushnolobov
Never Back Down!
Kostya Dubrov
Impossibale is nothing!
Misha Demidov
Enjoy the moment)
Marina Chernykh
everybody lies.
Kostya Dubrov
I do not tell lie! I always tell the truth! Trust me, Marina!
Marina Chernykh
I don't talk that people always lie but every person even though once tells untruth
Nina Kvitka
As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.
Lyubov Pobezhimova
When you believe, you can.
Hedi Djelassi
no music.. no Life
Maxim Alexeev
Enjoy yourself=)
Xacan Xacan
Just do it :)))) (nike)
Andrey Spiridonov
same shit and different day (it for russia)
all will be all rigtht (for USA)
Olga Matys
Everybody lies(I like House M.D.)
or Heal The World(I like music of Michael Jackson)
Rimma Mikhaylenko
Who will do it, if not me?
Yulia Zaikina
Never give up
Anastasia Levchenko
don`t stop!
Fedor Kuzmin
All I want to do is to trade this life for smth new
Elena Zakharova
Nothing else can stop me if I just believe.
Darya Kompaniets
Forget your troubles and just get happy
Ekaterina Svatenko
Don't cry, say FUCK and smile!
Devang Sheth
Which way to the men's room?
Kristina Shulzhenko
are you ready?
Xacan Xacan
@ Екатерина Сватенко: Don't shy, do FUCK and smile!
Denis Krymsky
Misha Demidov
Maria Potanina
early to bed and early to rise makes man healthy? wealthy and wise)))
Vladimir Afanasyev
Never ever give up!!
Totentanz Yousceff
what does not kill me makes me stonger...Nietzsche
Anastasia Gorshenina
stop trying to be perfect. nobody's perfect.
Tatyana Klimova
Don't worry, be happy.
Ismail Donochev
I first men in this world.
Polina Redyuk
Don't cry, smile forever!
Nikita Fedyakov
Don't worry - be happy!!!
Dmitry Alexandrov
;) don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you
Roman Strukov
All is gonna be alright
Vladimir Kornienko
That the fuck?!
Yulichka Makeeva
"be yourself"
Irina Chertova
now or never
Zemfira Isaeva
don't give up,no matter what
Yury Segal
If you seek you will find!
Elena Burtasova
It is better to regret that has made, than about what hasn't made
Yury Segal
yeah nice slogan above? I can also say it is partly mine)
Fatih Hersek
Enjoy the moment:)
Irina Pinchuk
Don't worry, be stupid:-) joke!
Yulia Fedorova
kiss my ass )))
Artem Danilov
Eat my shorts! ))
Gary Gardner
A good person does the right thing when no-one is watching.
Gary Gardner
The only way to change someone else, is to change yourself.
Gary Gardner
Patience will have Her perfect work.
Oksana Bezgacheva
Life is Fine & Surprising! If to Drink Preliminary...
No one gives it to you, you have to teke it.
Never a failure, always a lesson.
Elena Bazanova
"You may do unto me whatever you wish, but you shall not be able to touch my Truth"
Onur Çolak
I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.
Natasha Pak
better late than never
Alena de Sa Francisco
what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!
Nevskaya Vera
Lets Live-Hack!
Lyudmila Kornel
Our life is so short to spend it for diets, greedy men and bad mood!
Ahmet Harputlugil
rest in peace!
Roman Strukov
In order to reach the goal, first of all u've got to go ahead.
Mikhail Arabadzhi
Never back down!
Alexander Danielsen
Do for others more than for yourself...
Nurtay Uteshov
Rest in Peace)
Nazar Krotov
Take what you can. Give nothin' back!
Alya Belova
- Nothing is impossible to a willing heart
Anna Semenova
Everything will be good!
Inna Fedutik
I'd rather be anything but ordinary =)
Maxim Zhemukhov
my way
Igor Stafeev
if you want it,do it!
Igor Stafeev
my life,my way!
Natasha Pak
better late than never
Margarita Sirotkina
Alex Serene
Keep calm and carry on
Nurtay Uteshov
Never say never!
Adelina Volina
without nonsense.
Erdinc Yaman
take the finger !!!
Viktoria Patrasenko
Never give up
Svetlana Orlova
Do what you can, with what you have, where you are
Adelina Volina
The fellow that agrees with everything you say is either a fool or he is getting ready to skin you.
Валентина Солдатенко
Chin up!
Evgeny Bychkov
KISS (Keep it simple stupid)
Viktoria Peycheva
Everything will be good in the end! If it is not good - it is not the end!
Ilya Bulychev
If u are in bed, u are dead
Tatyana Starikova
Life's hard. It's harder when you're stupid.
Валентина Солдатенко
Do ut des-(лат.)-даю,чтобы и ты мне дал.До ут дэс.
Alexander Tsoy
"you'll never walk alone"- the antham of liverpool fc))))))))))
Farhod Jalilov
While looking upon somebody and being proud know that before the live came to you, you was nothing but a drop
Tcmehmet Dogru
life is to draw a picture without using eraser thats why people should try to make good pictures as much as possible )
Валентина Солдатенко
SUUM CUIQUE-Каждому своё./сУум куИквэ/
Larisa Petrova
I emerged from any difficult experience a stronger person.
Валентина Солдатенко
Hello,Larisa!We haven't seen you for a month.Did you go anywhere?
Alyonka Patsatsia
Do not compare yourself with other people. Compare yourself with YOU in the past.
Alesya Frolova
Never give up, inspite of everything...
Larisa Petrova
We just have emerged from construction slavery. ))) We are almost ended our pretty small house.
Asar Aygul
It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring..
Nikol Shop
We have almost ended our small pretty house
Jelena Rudnitskaja
an apple a day keeps a doctor away
Devang Sheth
especially if you aim right.
Dmitry Volkhin
A is A
Max Zloy
The World is yours.
Nurettin Yakit
Life itself is fun ;)
Diana Farkhat
no one will die as a virgin,because life with fuck us all)
Vyacheslav Butakov
"be here now" - A. Whitfield
Валентина Солдатенко
Here & now!
Alisa Kulipanova
Never give up!!!
Katerina Scherbak
I have a children , a six pack and no excuses)))
Dzhasur Rakhmedov
honor and dignity that only thing we must have
Vladimir Trunov
1. Everything has room for improvement
2. Someday is now
3. Don't stop on the top, touch the sky befor you drop
Elena Bentsler
Do it!
Валентина Солдатенко
Less anger-more laughter!
Валентина Солдатенко
Stand up & go for a walk!
Zhanayym Қozybay
never give up, regardless of situation
Ivan Vagin
deeply true ))
Ivan Vagin
OR - just do it ! Everything will be OK ))
Валентина Солдатенко
Don't let your past dominate in your life.
Anna Smirnovas
Better late then never
Ulyana Kondrashova
Don't let go, never give up it's such a wonderful life
Валентина Солдатенко
Do u want smth tasty? Don't forget to look at your belly in the mirror.
Валентина Солдатенко
Today my slogan is-Don't pay attention!
Dmitry Krasilnikov
The only easy day was yesterday)
Валентина Солдатенко
You should lose one more kilo!(It's my doctor's advice)
Валентина Солдатенко
My slogan today-Be patient!(My slogans differ)
Dzhamilya Shokirova
Dont sleep alone
Валентина Солдатенко
God, give me more patience!
Dunka Fortochkina
Life is a road...Keep walking and never look back!
Angelina Elistarkhova
Never give up.
Zhanayym Қozybay
Don't worry. Be happy. Thoughts have a capability to come true. I can and I will. I'm going to.
Evgeny Tereshenko
Life isn't qualified by d brand of clothes you wear,
it's measured by d number of faces which smile when they hear your name.
Валентина Солдатенко
Clowns make us smile & laugh.
Evgeny Tereshenko
sure clowns and some people. and moments in life as well. do you have any funny moments in your life? May you share with me))
Валентина Солдатенко
I have always been an animator. 3 years ago there was a meeting of school-leavers(my former pupils), & the beginning of the party was not fun.Then I made all participants dance & sing. We sang the song-Put your left hand in,LA-VA-TA,The goat went 2 the forest. We played fools,& there was a lot of laugh! This year I didn't go to our school party-the party was boring.And my pupils were looking 4 me.They expected me 2 entertain tnem.
Zhanar Armanova
There’s no half-singing in the shower, you’re either a rock star or an opera diva.
Anastasia Ivanova
Keep it real.
Mikhail Zabolotny
My life my rules!
Tcmehmet Dogru
life is to draw a picture without using eraser
Marina Kemova
the greatest power of attraction has a pillow at in the morning !
Валентина Солдатенко
Today my slogan is Stand up & go jogging!(I'm standing up)
Ivan Petrov
Kill people, Burn shit, Fuck school.
Elvira Nigmatullina
Yesterday is History. Tomorrow is a Mistery. But Today is a gift, thats why it's called the Present
Ozgur Toprak
nice one
Валентина Солдатенко
Now my slogan-Jogging is my salvation!
Almat Saylaukhan
Just do it. Tomorrow.
Maxim Ampleev
Nothing personal! Just a business! ))
Roman Gorb
For sad or not, but I haven't life slogan...
Anybody same?
Anna Gnevasheva
nobody`s perfect exept me
Alexey Shabatko
Live every seconds!
Gennady Scheglov
Just do it
Валентина Солдатенко
Each person has his own slogan-& it changes very often.If something is bad in my life,my slogan is BE PATIENT. Now my slogan is Don't imagine the things which don'n exist.-Не придумывай того,чего нет.Дочки не было в сети 3 дня,и я напридумывала черт знает что.Если у вас все ОК,Ваш лозунг-Let my life not change!
Roman Gorb
Yes, now I understand what that question was about :) Of course you right, anyone have something like that, and according to your words, since the last month my "slogan" is "I CAN, ALL IS POSSIBLE" :)
Валентина Солдатенко
And join PRAVIY SECTOR.They are waiting 4 u.(Это имя собственное,поэтому не перевожу)
Oxana Ribeiro
My... "I know there's something more, than what we are living for"
Anna Guselnikova
"Everything is possible"
Olga Rogochova
Припев этой песни "I refuse to sink I'd rather swim.. "
Andrey Schukin
Do what you must come what may
Павел Припаньковский
God created the thief, devil created the attorney.
Алёнка Павлюченко
Keep calm and do homework :)
Viktoria Konyukhova
''I am beautiful, no matter what you say''
Айгуль Муллаянова
''I'm holding on for dear life...''
Samal Samatova
that is not my slogan, but i like it so much .. 'Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future'...
and second is main at this time .. I prefer it most of all 'I`ll be better"
Lyosha Botvich
Take a chance. You nevet know, what might Happen^_^
Just do it:)
Vladislav Solovyov
Life is good :D
Евгения Леушканова
Spending every dime for a wonderful time
Zhupar Batkulova
Don't worry, be happy!!!
Anastasia Newsted
don't let 'em say you ain't beautiful. ✌
Павел Миланов
I loose nothing when I loose my life.
Vladimir Khaprenko
I'm not going to live forever!
Maxim Ampleev
We are burned to be princes of the Universe!
Olya Shendrik
Never give up!
Olimpia Kemova
Never day never!
Tastes differ!
Elvira Nezametdinova
Dreams come true!
Евгения Леушканова
I believe in love
Mr Ace
How About a Nice Cup Of Shut The **** Up?!! :)
Zhupar Batkulova
I am brave
Alisa Guevskaya
Never say never and believe in yourself
Elizaveta Voronyuk
If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never com up with something original.
Katyusha Mescheryakova
Per aspera ad astra -Through hardships to the stars
Ruslan Mukhamedyarov
Life's too short...
Anastasia Newsted
don't let 'em say you ain't beautiful
Tatyana Efimenkova
All will be good. And even yesterday mistakes will do us better!
Anna Dyachuk
follor ur dreams, they know the way
James Brendle
Happiness is an inside job.

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