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What is the most important problem in the world?

Selim Aydin
I see that the topics here which are 'bullshit' are draw more attention than the topics which give you something in return.(i.e: *write down a letter which doesnt end by 'E' OR *where are you from OR *how old are you)
On the other hand,there are some members of this website who also want to talk about current news, politics,economy and so on.
Today,in my opinion,the most important problem is the rapidly increasing on the income gap between people.Some of people earn a lot of money by their money whereas the others work as slaves and get nothing in return. If you were borned rich,you would be richer on contrary if you were borned as a baby of a poor family,you would be poorer probably.
We called this situation as an unfair competition and what is more is that this situation is going to be more serious day by day.

What is your opinion? Do you think which one is the most important problem that must be solved in order to have a better,peaceful life in today's world?
Losing the roots,traditions?
The war between the religions?
Global warming?
Nationalist trends?
Vladimir Belikov
There have been many attempts to ignite normal conversations on some more or less serious topics. But, after a few people, who are more or less advanced in English were getting tired, dialogs were sliding back to exchange of short phrases with little meaning.

If you have some time, you could scroll this thread, starting from the very first page:
http://vkontakte.ru/topic-12648877_23086446, you'll see exactly this - multiple attempts made by different people to put some sense into conversations, short exchange by more or less extended posts, and then sliding back to short statements with little meaning. And there were other threads for conversations, with the same history.

Some of the topics, which were discussed in the above and other threads (I do not remember all of them): global warming, nuclear power and alternative sources of energy, water shortage in some countries, the end of the Space Shuttle program, the 50th anniversary of the first flight of a man into cosmic space, the celebration of the end of the World War II, the influence of the USA (or, probably, not exactly the USA, but a bunch of very rich people) in the world, the meaning of life, religion and others. Many times there were discussions about why so often discussions and conversations are so meaningless.

Some of those threads were forgotten, and eventually deleted.

I expect similar development of this thread, unfortunately. Anyway, thank you for trying. I will delete my two previous posts, maybe this one as well, by the evening of today.
Ivan Bilous
Global Warming, problems pease and poverty
Aydin Altunsoy
I think the most important problem is prejustice about people. As it is known, most of American or European people tend to see Muslim people as being Terrorist. Also Muslim world tries to avoid from a Christian person in meaning of relationship. We are all 1 world and all of us are human, we have the same goal and that is to survive in this world. When we look at the history, World war 1, World war 2, also the cold war , all of these wars ended with big amount of human losses except cold war. We should break this prejustice and hating from each other.
Nurzhas Nurpeissov
The questions, which are to be answered FIRST, are (most important top-down):
1. The purpose of Mankind and planet Earth. Should we expand through the whole Universe? Are we alone in the universe? If not - what is the purpose of existence of 2 or more civilizations in this Universe?
2. The actual state of the evolution of the whole planet Earth. Is it on "childhood" state, "adult" state or is it dying?
3. Mechanisms of planet's control on mental and physical level.
4. The purpose of your existence. The sense of Life. How to live a "perfect" life.

If you know THESE answers, you'll never ask, why there is a war or a hunger. And your "important problems" are not actually problems any more. Open your mind!
Marina Kulik
Before this thread turns into an exchange of short phrases with little meaning, I'd like to express my view... I believe the main problem of the world is people. Wars, terrorism, pollution, etc. - all this is a result of people's activity. If there were no people, there wouldn't be any problems. The Earth would by clean, safe, and peaceful...
Evgenia Palmina
Vera Kulgavyuk
Marina is right, of course. the roots of all problems are people!but if more and more people begin to realize it , may be, it is a chance to improve the situation at least in people' brains? and as for the gap between the rich and the poor- the history knows only the one way out- Revolutions. but did they change anything?- I doubt
Viktoria Voloshina
I consider that it's just impossible to determine which problem is the most important. All problems are very significant and very dangerous for the humanity. For example I cannot say that terrorism is more dangerous than the war between the religions . Each problem is important, for any problem determine the destiny of the people in this world. And I think that our task is to solve all these problems . I know it's almost impossible, but if all people from the whole world united for the sake of peace - these problems will be solved.
Yanchik Kosova
I think that the most important problem in the world is people.
Vera Kulgavyuk
there should be someone who will be able to unite people. who?
Yanchik Kosova
i dont know..:(
Vladimir Belikov
"Where is a man, there is a problem. No a man - no problem." Does anyone remember this? These are words of Stalin the Great.

For our foreign participants - Stalin was the ruler of the Soviet Union in the period from 1924 to 1953. And the Soviet Union (the USSR) was the largest country in its territory. In 1990-1991 it broke up into 15 independent countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova.

The obvious conclusion from Stalin's statement is to exterminate men, women, children, who cause problems. Which he did in massive scale. So please be careful stating that the problems of the humanity are people themselves. Because it suggests the obvious solution - exterminate some people, and there will be fewer problems.
Govind Bankani
The problem lies within and one need to change self inorder to solve a greater problem. No matter what problem the world hold we as individuals continue on our daily path forgetting the unforseen circumstances that yet are to follow. Be it poverty, pollution or global warming it will just accummulate and the problem will grow larger and larger. Man will consume all the resources because he requires it and will only stop when there is nothing. The greed continues to grow and the richer continue to get richer leaving the poor to pick up the scrubs from the floor.

There was a saying which i read on a t-shirt back in 1996 it read: "To change the world we must change ourselves first"

I do no think we need to exterminate any individual group of people...each country has its own locust that destroys it own home prior to destroying others.
Govind Bankani
What ever is to happen will happen despite all efforts to hault it
Vladimir Belikov
Do you know when the first environmental disaster happened on the Earth? Approximately 3 billion years ago (that is, 3 000 000 000 years ago). Before that disaster the level of oxygen in the atmosphere was about 1%, much lower than it is now (approx. 20%). The Earth was populated by single-cell microorganisms, like bacteria, archaea and other protozoa. These living creatures lived off the energy produced from chemical reactions (such as oxidizing and reduction) with elements of the Earth. Then some of them developed the ability to catch solar energy and to use it for making organic molecules out of the atmospheric carbon oxide. The byproduct of this invention was pure oxygen. Soon (in several million years) the level of oxygen in the atmosphere increased dramatically, which killed nearly all single-cell organisms inhabiting the Earth at that time. But some of them became accommodated to the much higher level of oxygen, and survived.

More oxygen in the atmosphere prompted faster chemical reactions in the simple organisms, and they began to develop faster. This resulted in conglomerates of cells, colonies of cells, and, finally, in multi-cellular organisms.

This is only one story of how a catastrophe caused new development. And there are many such stories. I do not promise to tell them all. I do not know them all. I only know that there are many.
Marina Kulik
Vladimir, I meant this very expression, but didn't remember whose expression it was. I agree with Stalin. Partially. Only with the general sense of the thought and not with the way he "solved" the problem. There's no use exterminating people who allegedly cause problems. Because every single human being causes problems this or that way. Thus the obvious solution seems to be eradication of ALL people... However sad and savage it sounds...
(Sorry for my excessive pessimism)
Nurzhas Nurpeissov
Kinda nobody understood my message.
You should think on a planetary scale of a physco-social (spiritual) and physical (technical) level of the WHOLE mankind and planet Earth. This means, that we have no idea, whether e.g. the Second World War was good or bad, maybe the Death of millions human beings was GOOD for the whole planet at that time. We just DON'T know.
1. Physical level: Example: Food. Everybody gets equal amount of food OR some get a lot, some - starve to death. Which option is better for the planet Earth - we DON'T know.
2. Spiritual level: All present religions and beliefs are based on FAITH. Which religion is right and which theory describes the best way of how to live our lives - NOBODY knows.
Marina Kulik
Nurzhas, sure your questions about the purpose of mankind and our planet, the state of evolution, etc. are really important in global sense.. For scientists... And maybe for a rather little part of the earth population. But most people tend to think "locally", not globally. They care about themselves, their relatives, their close and dear ones... Finding themselves in a dangerous situation, e.g. war, they are far from elevated reasoning that their death can do good for someone or something... Or let's take people dying of hunger in poverty.. Would they feel easier in their misery knowing that their death may benefit to the planet? I strongly doubt it. So I guess most people would rather worry why there are wars, hunger, terrorism then about the issues you listed above.
Andrey Papanov
Nurzhas Nurpeissov. It's the first time i meet a man with exactly the same ideas, I agree with every your word completely. Also I believe that laws of physics govern in the world, and there always will be rich and indigent, clever and foolish. It's inevitable, but I'm sure that there have always been and are worthy people anytime in any country, who know what are they living for, they are well off, honest and kind to the word. And they not only take but also give something good to this world. I believe that our world keeps on these people and becomes better because of them.

In my opinion, environment problems are the most important. human's meanness reduces environment to nothing, sparing nothing, forgetting that if we destroy the world it'd be better for us not to live at all and most importantly not to look into our children's and grandchildren's eyes ...
I've seen a wonderful movie that I recommend to everyone to watch. it's "Home"-rendezvous with the planet.
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: Documentary
Director: Luc Besson, Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Valya Barilko
problems in the world are: global warming, animals, people, polution, all the people in government dont work their buds to fix stuff.....there is lots to talk about =@
Selim Aydin
What about the problems which minorities have been facing all around the world?

The Kurds living in Turkey,Turks living in Iran,Uyghurs living in China,Basks living in Spain have all the same problems.They cant speak their mother language freely and dont have the right to go to their schools.

What will be happened is the power and validity of these languages and traditions are declining day by day.

Respect differences...
Elena Nikolaeva
i think that the most important problem in the world is violence.People should love each over and make no crime ahd hurm
Selim Aydin
we called it 'Utopia'
Dima Dubakov
coke, smaсk, booze and other self-destructive bullshit. Just give it all up
Aygul Bakirova
bad bad very bad PEOPLE!
Aygul Bakirova
or vodka
Diana Chegrenets
Yury Abdukarimov
First, it seems odd to call a problem "important". That seems to give a problem a positive status. I believe it is more common to say the most "significant" problem.

That said, there are tons of problems for sure, but the global economic situation is certainly going to be the driver of things to come. It is economics that is driving many issues mentioned above. For example, pollution. We can definitely solve the pollution problem. I believe that human-kind has the ability to solve such things. But it is economics that will drive when we are willing to do so. We will not let go of a dependence on oil until it is too expensive to continue to use it. Did you know that the car was a solution to the pollution problem -- the problem of horse S$#@T all over the place. Drinking and drugs -- well, people often resort to this when they are destitute and feel there is nothing to live for. Economics drives our ability to create a quality of life that would certainly reduce addition.

But other issues are clearly driven by economic disparity. Minorities, tension between countries of different wealth and power... these things are also driven by economic pressures.

So, if the global economy fails will it be positive or negative? Will it be negative because so many people will lose so much? Or will it be positive because the world will be equalized? Then again, when there is such an economic crisis usually some evil person or group comes in and takes over and it is not a good day for the rest of us. Then physical power matters more. So if you cannot control with money, can you control with military might? This is a day I do not wish to see.
Anton Shamrin
No problems in the world.
Yulia Kozlova
The most important problem many juveniles and young people are worried about is relationship between the Rusiians and the Caucases. This problem can't be solved by simple people, we are helpless, our actions are limited by the power of our government.

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