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What is on your mind now

Selim Aydin
Finding a better job Which would offer me more advantages
Anna Egorova
earn much money
Viktoria Voloshina
to pass my exam and to get high points
Alexey Venkov
find girl to go out
Joanna Murrey
to give the textbook with exam work of korean)))
Viktor Astakhov
I've passed the final exam)
Selim Aydin
Congratulations mate!
Vitalik Kazarov
Well, I have to replace a radiator in my car tomorrow) It had totally leaked today)
Viktor Astakhov
Thank you)
Andrey Korchun
Going into bed))
Marina Lopatina
i know that i should go reading "War and peace" by Tolstoy right now but i dont really want to,so i'm here.
Katya Razumova
It's pretty interesting book. (I have read it in one month, actually)

I am going to pass 3 exams next week. It's fun! ....Oh....
Viktor Astakhov
Try the summary)
Maria Medvedeva
the divorce
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
summer fun in the city
Selim Aydin
Fuck...Tomorrow is Monday !!!
Elena Prekrasnaya
Tomorrow is presentation of degree work.
Yury Zagumennov
Everything's OK... Meditation and silence in my mind...
Vitalik Kazarov
Good luck, Elena)
Yuri, yeah, way of Zen?)
Yury Zagumennov
Indeed :)
Olga Nikolaeva
to learn more and more english words!
Yury Zagumennov
To Ольга Николаева:

That's the right spirit! Keep on!
Ann Ivanova
Um sleep sleep and again sleep.. hm tomorrow i have big day guys )
Yury Abdukarimov
The Russian woman I love who has cast me aside for a stupid reason.
Dima Dubakov
I wanna be batman. Can you change my mind)))
Privet Mphet
my supper...
Simon Mackey
Dima Dubakov Do you really want to wear womens tights and your underwear over the top of them?)))
Did I change your mind ?)))
Dima Dubakov
hah))) Im not sure he does wear womens tights. But yep, you did. Now i wanna be ironman)
Galia Dzhabbarova
I dont know why you are always on my mind.I think about you all the time..
Aygul Bakirova
I want to win an olympiad. unfortunately is impossible/for now/(
Alena Panferova
How not to oversleep tomorrow..
Natalia Tikhonovich
i'm in England now! hurey! )) it's the big gift from God! )))
Ekaterina Fedina
About the south of France! An early morning, a cup of coffe. Silence and calm...
Nastya Nettle
How to spend time today effectively.
Elena Shakhova
how to celebrate my birthday. actually i have no idea(
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
I do not want to be friends with people who annoy me.
Dasha Kosheleva
to take a driving test
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
I think about how tired cold. I want summer.
Anastasia Moiseeva
Elena Shakhova
where to find a dress for school-leaving party
Alina Ivanova
i miss my lover...
Ulyana Gertsen
i am going to washing up
Dariya Semenyuk
I want to go out right now.But most of all i wish to pass my tests in May))
Adelina Volina
many different things: Im ready been locked up in the office too long, but walls're tumbling down ( I quit damn job), It s time to get it - to learn many languages, english, espanola, to become ace in web design, and want to go abrode for half a year
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
I think, I need to go to the bookstore.
Alexandra Proxionova
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
Kristina Muzykantova
Alina Ivanova
Marion Leto
bed xD
Yulia Malyarevich
I work, and I dream about summer...
Sergey Delinni
So many times I've seen the dream - the best of dreams I've ever seen. And there was thing I've lost one day. It was a key from door of fain that I've closed one day. And I've found this key and opened this door. There was a sun I've never seen before and there was love I've never feeling more.
Katya Aranan
I love chocolate chip cookies, especially Famous Amos! *o*
Bcoz of you I'm thingking about them now...ugh... :(
Katya Aranan
Arrrrgh, noooooooo!!! I'm on a diet! Stop that! :))) I have to wait untill all my lessons finish, then I'll be eating all the sweetes I want to!))) haha!!!
But now I'm suffering... :C
If I'll not be able to survive untill tmrw morning, that'll be your fault! :D
Katya Aranan
No. For a ballerina, work is always on the 1st place. Then goes food/family/friends/ rest )
Katya Aranan
hah))) men don't wear a tutu :DDD well, usually not)))
An ballet dancer should be strong enough to hold a ballerina in one hand high above his head while doing smthg with his feet O.O
That's why they always have a good body... :3 hehehe...)))
I am strong willed.... I haven't eaten a piece of chocolate for 2 weeks!!! Even if I'm a sweeteater)))
Katya Aranan
she should weigh her hight- 117. That's the ideal weight :/
For example, I'm 162 cm. I should weigh 45 :/
I have heavy bones, thanks to mom, and I broke my diet about a month ago(p.s and soon are my exams..that's why I have to keep it now))) so now I weigh 50...
But I don't want to be skinny or smth like that. I'm glad with the body I have... I don't understand some girls who are mad over getting slim...a lot of them are just sick with anorexia... That's sad(
Katya Aranan
I answered, a bit higher)))
Katya Aranan
hm...well...from 159- 170...maybe...so the average is.. 165)
Sorry, you'll never be able to become a ballerina xDDDD
You're handsome the way you are now)))
Katya Aranan
well, there are tall ones...but most of them are miniature and light)
Katya Aranan
hm... Well... A horror movie is a movie, right? ;DDD
I think you are strong enough...)))
Now you understand that ''Art needs sacrifices...'') The work of a dancer isn't always as beautiful and easy as it seems...
Katya Aranan
ok ok ok)
I think I have it :DDD
Katya Aranan
!!!! O.O !!!!
Give me ur address, I'm comin' after the cookies!!! :DDD
Btw, we can't chew a bubble gum... We can choke... )))
Yes...we dance, jump, spin on tiptoes)
Katya Aranan
Awwww that's not fair!!! You'll eat all your cookies by the time I'll get there! :/
Katya Aranan
Hello, your majesty, I need the Sand Man, he owes' me some cookies... :D
Katya Aranan
Is that the password too? :D
Hey, wait a minute, how do u know the password???? :///
Katya Aranan
yeah right, then down the hole, then drink/eat something strange, then meet the mad Hatter and the Easter bunny bla-bla-bla :)
My imagination is too developed...
Drink in Wonderland with them tea...eat cookies... Hey! Stop-stop-stoooop... I shouldn't think about that :///
Let's chat about something else)
Tell me about urself...
Katya Aranan
Hmmm....that means eating all the cookies in ur house left... Don't worry, I'll find all the sweets when I'll get there :))) Good luck to you too) see ya! :D
Katya Aranan
NOOOOO!!! You ate all of them!!! And didn't leave anything for me :C
Of course they have a lot of kcal))) After eating smthg sweet, I always have to do excercises, to strech, etc... otherwise I feel guilty... :)))
So...how many days are you going to live in the Gym? haha
Anna Berdnikova
I think of looking for a buddy to improve english....huh..maybe somedays I will find such a person
Katya Aranan
OH! We were made to eat all the sweetes in the world! I love only ice cold milk!!! :D
Could have left a little bit for me :c
Heh...I like chocolate chip more.... Oh, my favourite is DOUBLE chocolate chip!!! :P mmm!!!
Well... I have my classical ballet class 6 times a week for about 2 hours... On monday we have other dance classes and ballet theory...so it takes about 5,5 hours all in all))) Doing physical excercises helps you ti clean your mind...leave all the problems... :)
I ate an ENORMOUS ice cream today!!!! :DDD
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping and with nuts!!! :P goodbye diet! At last!!! :)
Now I'm doing exercises... But it was worthy eating the ice cream I was waiting for so long....
Katya Aranan
:P I'm not eating ice cream everyday! I was waiting for this day so long! Could have been happy for me :P
:))) I'm not going to get ''baloony'' haha
Don't worry)))
Katya Aranan
I'm happy you're happy for me :D
What're you doing now? How's life? :)
Katya Aranan
yeah that's right... Just like a small lie... If u continue lying...u'll get used to it...and later...u might be like Jim Carrey in ''Liar-liar'' haha)))
Oh...my dinner consists of only a glass of milk...sometimes with some kind of fruit) Ehm...what time is it there'?
Katya Aranan
people, what do u think of this???
P.S. I always sigh as Anna Leisonne, when I write...)

You make me slowly fall in love,
And count at night all stars above.
You stop my heartbeat for a while,
I'll walk for you another mile...
I'll wear out shoes, sore feet in blood
Will pass throug hot sands, rocks and mud,
To only hear that dearest voice...
I am in love, I have no choice...
I send my kisses every night,
My only postman is moons' light.
All flowers hear your lovely name.
I wish your feelings are the same...

Anna Leisonne. 2012.
Katya Aranan
Yulia Inan
rather sweet and romantic poem)
Katya Aranan
thank you....)
Yulia Inan
u r welcome)
Chaniece Brackeen
Find a partner to teach me Russian ^^
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
tired of the job
Olga Iyul
Natasha Cash
the dog is very quiet today....
Nailya Medvedeva
Oh, I want to bed
Nailya Medvedeva
I want to go to sleep)
Siarhei Zavadski
Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there. Wishing you all the love, peace & happiness that you all so rightfully deserve!

M - For the MILLION things she gave me,
O - For shes growing OLD,
T - For the TEARS she shed to save me,
H - For her HEART of purest gold,
E - For her EYES, with love-light shining,
R - For she is always RIGHT and always be.

Yulya Khodatskaya
about my boyfriend)
Ahmed Ferjani
A Mojito in a bar in front of Portorico's sea :-)
Larisa Petrova
Don't forget to ask where laborers have puted the brush
Nikol Shop
3 формы глагола put : put-put put
лучше употребитьPast simple, потому что это простое действие в прошедшем времени
... where laborers put the brush
Rashad Aslanov
Elena Meriin
I'm in love:)
Валентина Солдатенко
In a month I'm again going to Norway.What should I buy 4 my relatives? That's a question.
Svetlana Butenina
I don't want to lose my friend Т-Т
Karim Tenchurin
I don't think i need anythin at all.
Larisa Petrova
I count on success of my idea
Rashad Aslanov
money and the ways of earning it
Anna Dyachuk
I want to learn german
Larisa Petrova
I have two old bank notes of 100 UAN denomination each. I do not know either they are acceptable or came out of using.
Валентина Солдатенко
My leg hasn't hurt for 3 nights(TTT).I was able to sleep,though I have had a very bad sleep 4 six months.I'm so glad about that!
Rashad Aslanov
girl, my colleague)
Larisa Petrova
About purchasing the horticultural sundries.
Alisa Kazakova
about shool and English
Larisa Petrova
I want to grow the best verdant lawn.
Josh Romanov
"to earn more money."
Josh Romanov
in English we would say: "to get a high mark."
Josh Romanov
in English we say: "to find a girl to go out with."
Josh Romanov
this does not make sense in English. Try again.
Larisa Petrova
The ordered trees will be delivered to us on Thursday. We will plant it in order to create something like verdant hedge.
Larisa Petrova
It's a great treat to me to be in the mountains.
Jorge Hevia
A lot of work to do, but lucky me, I have a job, feeling blessed
Валентина Солдатенко
I want my mum to let us sleep at night.
Ленара Смолянова
I think how to take my son to Moscow..Its really difficult...
Elya Zaripova
travelling to Europe: how in general and where to get money
Ivan Petrov
Teach English
Валентина Солдатенко
Whom are you going to teach? Little kids or grown-ups?
Ivan Petrov
Dzhon Khanford
To see if there are any interesting people here.
Кристиночка Акопова
To get a new job,where I'd like to work
Кристиночка Акопова
And to be well again,because I'm ill

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