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What is English for you?

Marina Kuchmasova
Anya Mazur
English is the second language=)))))))))
Marina Rybnikova
#2: Anya, what language is first for you?

English for me is purpose for the nearest time.
Olga Rodina
English language - the goal for me. I go to it.
Katarina Berry
its just one lang ' without which our life is gonna be much more difficult
Алёнка Омельяненко
English is the second language
Kirill Cheverev
Геморой который мне не пригодился
Dzhuma Aliev
просто language
Natalia Arkhipova
the way to communicate with different people from scientists to barmens))))
Ksenia Romanova
english helps to communicate with people from other countries and also read foreign press :)
Anna Kugaevskaya
native language
Sergey Balakhontsev
My game. My way. My future...
Evgenia Mrochek
just my favourite language
Dmitry Bravy
Just my look into the mind of my favourite musical persons!
Sergey Gorlenko
One language doesn't give a true image of what life really is. English is just a step,a key to many doors
Ksenia Pereverzina
It's soft languge..
I'm adore English..
And ,to make a long story short, It's very important for me to be the part of the 21-st century=)
Egor Zhomov
Since I've moved to UK ages ago, English is actualy my first lagnuage by now, bloody part of my life. :|
Pavlina Tumenko
as for me it is a way of self-reflection, as well as an opportunity to penetrate into this world deeper, with more shades, shapes and flavours
Iskander Sharipov
that's my native language!=)
Svetlana Shestakova
English it is the best language!!!
Alexey Popovichev
as for me,english very important in my life...English is the second language
Dzhamilya Guseynova
first of all,it is my hobby
Elvira Fayzullina
Английский язык- очень красивый, нужный и современный язык общения. Тем более моё будущие тесно связано с знанием английского языка так как я будущий педагог английского языка)))
Yulya Kurkan
Victor Stadnichenko
My wife is English teacher and I must upgrade my level of language knowleges.
Lera Aguilera
English is so interesting and beautiful (yeah yeah, beautiful) language))
When i can't say anything on russion, i can use that language. It helps me to express my mind more beautiful and rather))))
Like that)))
Artyom Dvukhzhilov
this is my hobby
Cuerda Loca
one of four languages that I know
Natalia Krasikova
English it's my future job!!!Because I want to be an interpreter!!And it's the best language in the world!!!^)
Katarina Berry
I dont know - about the BEST, But anyway - the most simple in the world ) That is why all over the world this land had taken as an International one )))))
Tatyana Novitskaya
The meaning of my life!
Darya Kirsanova
This is my life and the first word language!)))
Ekaterina Sinkova
Oh, English is my love=))))))
Artem Egorov
English it's my hobby))
Ekaterina Razgildina
Almira Garipova
English is not only my hobby but also my life! the way i can express myself) i dig it!!!! (as said Alyson) XD
Elena Chistova
that's my job)
Dmitry Vinner
One of the languages I really wanna speak
Irina Eryomenko
1. Language I can't live without;
2. My future job.
Roman Kozhevnikov
...is my my passion together with German and Spanish. And also my world I live in...
Arman Maskenov
English for me is the road to the future....
Svetik Tokareva
oh! english is favourite second language
Nikolay Triandafillov
Just a mean of communication)
Can't stand people who just don't know how not to show their english "skills")
Alla Lvova
I want to live in Australia. For this I must know English very well.
Alexander Vakhranev
A great language and the ability to communicate with a lot of people who don't know Russian. Also it's a good chance for me to learn something new about English-speaking countries, their traditions, culture and etc.
Katerina Kuvaldina
I think that it is an integral part of my life!
Alexander Meren
Д[а!]рога в рай.
Natalya Timina
This is my hobby!
Marina Astashevskaya
English is the way i exist..
when i speak it i don't feel it as a foreign language, i feel it as my native one.. i've always felt like i was born in a wrong country.. so my whole life i was searching for another place to live, where i could feel myself better and could speak English all the time.. and i did))

so.. simply.. English is my life..
Yanina Vakhnina
english for me is the way from ukraine to america or england
Elizaveta Kucherova
as for me - it's a very beautiful language! and I like it, I like singing in English more than in Russian, I like talking in English ... e t.c. =)
Anton Ignatov
Английский для меня пожалуй лучший язык в мире. За ним идёт Немецкий, Японский, Французский и... Русский, но это лирика.
Вообще я начал увлекаться прослушиванием тяжёлой музыки, некоторые тексты мне нравились, но я не понимал их смысла... На тот момент я уже успел полюбить английский и активно его "изучал". Тотальную любовь к этому языку мне дала группа стиля speed-power-melodic metal, тексты которой очень ярко отображали мою жизнь, а главное были наполнены смыслом. Некоторые из них я навсегда запомнил из-за их явной красоты как выражения так и смысла. Не знаю насчёт других, но именно я могу истинно насладиться музыкой ТОЛЬКО на английском языке. Хотя теперь она активно входит мой обиход, иногда, когда я играю в компьютерные игры (Вы удивитесь) излагаю мини фразы на английском языке... Я этого не замечал, пока однажды мать не спросила меня: "Что ты сказал?", я отвлёкся и только было хотел повторить как осознал, что говорил на английском языке... Возможно на это влияет то, что 90% моих игр на английском языке, возможно истинная любовь к данному языку, не знаю... Но суть одна - английский язык в моей жизни играет очень приоритетную роль!
И я рад этому =^_^=
Yulia Razgulina
English language is my everything,because I need in English phrases sometimes ...)Russian words can not help me sometimes...I like speaking English,because it's very nice language,isn't it? = )
Kat Malyatina
As for me:English is a real posibility to learn in England or Germany.In future,mayby,i can have a good job and money,live everywhere I want.
Nelli Kostyrko
It's really difficult for me to say, but I try.
At first, it's a way for international cooberation and friendship)) to my mind, it's cool to have an English or American friends!
At second it is a direct path to successful education ,and, as result, career.
hope, you'll agree with me
Yaroslava Sokolova
I really like to study English and I think it's very interesting! I like to watch movies and to read books in the original, it's more interesting than Russian. I like to understand what my favorite actors and singers from Hollywood say:)
If you know English, then fifty percent of your success future is guaranteed to you:)
Galina Trapeznikova
It's my job... My past... My present. My future!..
Olga Krupskaya
It's the way to understand thoughts of people from english-speaking countries. Also it's the way to understand better yourself, because you have to be a hardworking and talented person for study english.
Yaroslava Sokolova
"Also it's the way to understand better yourself, because you have to be a hardworking and talented person for study english".

I agree with you! I think studying a language, any foreign language, teach people to cope with the difficulties, to be purposeful and ensure that what he wants.. Languages builds character.
Angelina Sergeevna
it`s the condition of good education. because if you want to receive worth education ,you should learn foreign language. moreover, english helps to communicate with foreigners, visit different countries where you will be able to talk with other people. speaking and studying english give me a lot of pleasure, it`s my hobby.
Afidin Narimanov
English language is a source of knowledge!
Arina Shakhmina
I like this language and can't even realise my life whithout it!!!!!!!
Dmitry Vinner
Who are we ourselves without it? I can't imagine!
Natalya Serebryakova
English is opportunity for a better life,a job.To study any language is very interesting. Thus learn a new people and a cultures.
Rashid Khatbullin
English... It's not only language for me, it's totally the best way of expressing my own)))
Anastasia Milovanova
English is an international language. Besides, it's the language that helps me to express myself...it's my lifestyle))
Anton Olgov
English's my life!
Mayya Kangelari
I write my songs in english)
It's the best way for me to catch the inspiration and try to say something from inside of my soul...
Nikolay Moroz
Oh) Let me say!
English is
a) study. We all study (or used to study, or will study)
b) way of communication (isn't it)
c) Second language
d) skill
Maria Mikityuk
МОЙ ЛЮБИМЫЙ УРОК БЫЛ АНГЛИЙССКИЙ. МОЯЛЮБИМАЯ УЧИТЕЛЬНИЦА - ТОЖЕ БЫЛА АНГЛИЧАНКА - В ИТОГЕ Я СТАЛА ТАКОЙ+ ЧТО____________продолжаю слушать там разное на етом языке. подкуплять л-ру, и научить хочу инглишу своего сына -а там видно будет -вопшем -для меня -ЕТО ЧАСТЬ ИОЕЙ ЖИЗНИ
Maria Mikityuk
Nikolay Moroz
по-русски писать без ошибок тоже было бы не плохо
Karina Kalischuk
Николай, чувство юмора - это отменно. Но может быть, дело не в русском правописании, а во владении компьютерным слогом.
And English is my profession. Sometimes I'm tired of it, sometimes I adore it, but
I know absolutely exactly that I can't live without it.
Arina Kuznetsova
Английский для меня ВСЁ!!!!
The Best LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!
Arina Kuznetsova
I can't live without ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!
Katyushka Lataeva
as for me,
English is important part for building my future.
Anette Golovina
English is almost a international language , it plays a huge role in our life. As for me English is one of the most beautiful and comfortable languages) and I want to spek it very well
Maria Mikityuk
СПАСИБО НИКОЛАЙ МОРОЗ ЗАКРИТИКУ((( -извините дюди пожалуйста!!!
и спасибо КАРИНЕ КАЛИЩУК _хоть ктото заступился за меня что очень приятно)))))))))))))))))
Anastasia Melnikova
It is just a part of me,I can't live without English,so soundable,stilish and beatiful language!I'm addicted to it in a way
Anzhela Ergina
I like English Launguage very much***
Lyubov Lozhechnikova
I think so
Masha Usova
job and hobby
Alex Kolodeznikov
Just hobby
Anna Savelyeva
a part of job )
Sonya Sutugina
Oh, English....))
Last time it's part of me;)
I like it so so much) It's wonderful) there are so many international friends in the world, because I have Eeeenglish;)))
Воля Волчанов
the more languages you know, the more times you're human.
Yulia Levina
oh... for me it's my future
Anna Zarina
I use it every day
Maria Antsupova
i'm a future teacher of English and German =) It's my way of earning some money )
Mark Sosnovsky
Native language like Russian
Ilya Emmer
Just my favourite lang
Arina Tiumeneva
only very beautiful language & hobby.
Anya Denbitskaya
It will be my future...english is my life :)
Ekaterina Yomudova
English is smth special for me :D That is THE LANGUAGE!!!
Herluis Alvarado
The English is my business, 2 mother lenguagge, part of me and 4 ever subject in the life ..¡¡¡
Leila Dakhkilgova
as for me I LOVE English))) you know, sometimes I think in english, isn't that something)))))))))))
Evdokia Petrenko
I hope, my future job will be connected with this language. I really like it very much. ))
Yulia Kazakova
hobby and part of my life)
Anton Vasiliv
It's my hobbi, I like English, dialogue with foreigners helps to learn world around)))
Katerina Nemanova
It's my realized dream, my work and my desire!!!
Sofya Filimonova
English means FREEDOM: you can speak with almost any person in Europe, Africa... It is GREAT! It is pure natural emotion communication! I lake travelling so I travel abroad a lot)) I feel comfortable in any place on the Earth because I speak English. It is like an any-cases-key)))
Roman Strukov
English is freedom as rightly Sophia said. It gives us unlimited possibilities in communication. Also it's international language
Irina Sokolova
English is very important to find a good job...
Valentina Serbava
english is my future way to sucess,oportunity for a good job,helper in making acquainstances.it expends my horisons and make my world brighter!
Papa Budu-acquah
the most important language in the world .
Irina Panyusheva
As for me English is my work, my rest and it's my favourite language after Russian. I like to hear it, to speak English.
Aliona Kutsenko
I like this language. I'm glad when I study it. I like read English book and hear English songs! I think this language help me in the future.
Teiya Mira
English is my way to cognition of different nationalities.
Vitaly Matveev
At the first it's important for me, at the second I'm interesting in it.
Tuan Chan
Its impotant foreign language for me
Aigerim Karamanova
Its impotant foreign language for me too
Yulia Mingazheva
it is my favourite language!!!
Yana Ivanova
Hm...as for me English is a real way to stay a personality,to find a good job and friends from different countries.Also it's important to me because it's a dream of all my life from my childhood)))
Lilia Sibatova
It's my job and my favourite language
Nadezhda Miller
it's my job and my hobby!
Elena Nikolaeva
As for me ,I study English because I need it for travelling.
Tatyana Ermolaeva
As for me,english is my work.I am a teacher of English.
Sonya Karplyuk
Englsh is very beautiful and important
Sonya Karplyuk
i love english!
Bogdan Kostyuk
English - the language they speak in England)))

Globish(Global English) - just an instrument of communication to other nations
Anastasia Volk
first at all English for me is a pleasure)
Elena Malkova
it is my!
Fatih Hersek
It is a means of meeting with different people all over the world!
Ksenia Novikova
it is an ability to travel without problems and meet people from over the world))
Fatih Hersek
Earning money:)
Anastasia Miller
second language)
Max Khot
English is a lifeline.
Seva Makarov
best language
Diana Avdeeva
it's life, music, air ......it's everywhere))))
Marina Polikovskaya
the best way of communication, love and romance, songs and poems and just pleasure:)
Ilya Sinigaev
it`s my life!!!!!
Elizaveta Pavlova
The thing I like to learn in spare time!
Elizaveta Pletnyova
English is my future.
I`m absolutely sure, that studing English is important for everyone!
English is your key ro succes
Alexander Deyanov
English language - the best of foreign languages
Anya Vepreva
I love this tongue.....because it sounds beautifully. and I agree with Elizaveta Pletneva....
Viktoria Misurkina
It`s a way to the future life=)
I hope that I will speak English very well:)
Totentanz Yousceff
a tool for understang subjective experience
Yury Abdukarimov
I only speak English but know simple phrases in some other languages. I do not understand why someone would love or hate a language... it is a tool for communication. If I listen to languages as "music" they each have their own joy. Some are soft and flowing, Russia is so harsh sounding as if people are always arguing - but in that it has an honesty to it... some (like German) are very calculated. I think English is a rather boring language - but it appears it will be the dominant global language for a long time to come. I hope that there will never come a day when there is only one language... for each language is poetic and has a nature and beauty of its own.
Anna Zubkova
I want to know English well. So I can call it my dream :)
Simon Mackey
Anya, Im sure your dream will come true :-)
Mikhail Razin
If you know any foreign language it opens a lot of doors for you. If you can speak English you'll get even more. Living here in America you meet so many ppl all over the world - from Japan, Korea, Brazil, Europe, Africa - from everywhere. English is a foreigner language for all of them, so you're in the same boat - it's even more interesting to communicate, share culture and values. Now English for me not only a working tool that helps me to make money, get new information and so on but also a powerful communication tool that make it possible to meet new ppl.
Simon Mackey
Strong tea :-))))
Olya Stupnikova
It`s my life)
Nastya Nettle
My job, hobby, a way to have fun and a prism through which I see the world.
Simon Mackey
People talking about the weather
Oksana Kovalchuk
English....it's a way to speak with friends who don't know russian lang.)
Svetlana Solovyeva
dont know
Govind Bankani
im in london so got no choice
Simon Mackey
Chav's in tracksuits
Evgeny Solovyov
English, for me - it is just some reason to be better
Andrey Mankunia
Been in London for the few years....so i was supose to know the english
Valentin Bugayov
Being able to speak English is a great pleasure,it is as euphoric as a drug, the only difference is that drugs kill you, and knowing English doesn`t.
Tatyana Prokofyeva
It is in my heart <3
Egor Arkhipov
English language for me third language
Yulia Kozlova
It's my job.
Ленара Смолянова
it is everything for me...
Evgenia Zarubaeva
I live in London, so it's a communication tool
Natalya Krasavina
job and hobby
Gena Andreev
Any language is a mean of communication, for instance English is corporate language of my labour place. Sometimes you catch yourself thinking english :)
Анастасия Рейн
I love English!
It was my new language and now it's my second language..
it's almost my native lang, I feel more comfy to speak English than Russian even if my english suck.
Özgür Aydin
It's necessary for feel and understand more the world!

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