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What do you think of England?

Andrew Keen
When you think of England, what comes to mind?
Yulia Troynich
such a pedantic country,with deserved and non emotional people/but still so intriguing and worth visiting
Vlad Bukhtoyarov
May bу the only democracy in the world...
Andrew Keen
yulia bolshe ne troynich
We have emotions. What makes you think we are pedantic and non-emotional?
Andrew Keen
Vlad Doktor Buh ® Buhtoyarov
Well I think there are a few other European countries that are at least as democratic as England. I don't think any country has real democracy but I think we are one of the closest to it.
Vlad Bukhtoyarov
Andrew, we've got absolutelly different scales for emotions. What you would mark as inapropriate, we'll probably consider weird.
The same with democracy. GB is the only sound(ing) example.
Andrew Keen
I don't think England is the only sound example. Iceland, Germany, France and other European countries have a pretty democratic system too.
Vlad Bukhtoyarov
They don't bother to remind Russia about our differencies )))
Andrew Keen
Have you ever been to England?
Vlad Bukhtoyarov
Unfortuntly no. And why do you ask?
Andrew Keen
I just wondered, maybe you have been there and have an opinion of English people.
Vlad Bukhtoyarov
No. I'm refering to diplomatic policies and media image.
Elena Balandina
I have been to England, long time ago, though. I have friends there, Russians. I've heard that the country changed quite a bit from what it used to be. Mainly due to the immigration practices.
Everything is going downhill: health care sucks, overall standards of service suck too, population dramatically changed, school system....
These are just some complains. If you read some of the last articles - everything seems to be not as good as it used to be.
Pasha Novak
My English is bad, too bad! But I must write about England...
I learn English 3 month and I very pleased about English language... It's all...
Andrew Keen
Yes England has changed. The jury is still out on whether the mass immigration has been a good or bad thing. In my opinion our stance on immigration has been too 'PC', we need to make the process more strict. Our healthcare has its problems but I still think the overall standards are still good. I read recently that our schools are in bad shape at the moment. To be honest I think that they need to reform the whole school system. Teachers need more rights and need to be given more help from the government.
Vladimir Belikov
I have never been to England (nor to the UK). But I have been listening to the BBC World Service and other BBC programs for over 20 years. Some of the programs I listen are devoted to local issues of the UK. So, I have a feeling that I know about the UK more than an average person not living there. I know that this is a great country with great past and, probably, great future. I know about many problems there, like those with NHS (degrading quality of medical service, shortage of skilled medical personnel etc.), railways (delays of trains, which became commonplace after the privatization of the railways), royal mail, pensions (to little money to support too many old people), huge bonuses of top bankers regardless of their performance, environmental problems, etc. But these problems, as well as approaches to solving them, are freely discussed. Which means, they will be solved, or at least, mitigated. This is not like in my country, where many problems are discussed between friends, but not in public, and where high authorities proclaim on TV that there is no need to consult with the people on important issues that affect lives of millions in my country.
Andrew Keen
I totally agree with you Vladimir. In England, you get the sense something can be done when a problem arises.
Asyutka Voronaya
Andrew, a group must be named not so, but this way: "What do think about English?"
Vladimir Belikov
Асютка Вороная, Andrew is an Englishman, and he is interested to find out what we know and think of his motherland.
Vlad Bukhtoyarov
# 21 Just mark it as spam ) They'll delete it.
Andrew Keen
Asyutka Voronaya
No it doesn't. I want to know what Russian people think of England, not what they think of the English people.
Vladimir Belikov
Andrew, in one of the discussions in this group you announced your Skype login. It was about 24 hours ago, and there have been no posts there since then. I wonder if anyone has requested you adding him/her to your Skype contacts? Sorry, this question is not in line with the discussion that you initiated. Just my curiosity.
Andrew Keen
Vladimir no one has added me. I think some people have a hard time believing I'm really English, for some reason. Or maybe they just don't want any help. I have deleted it now though.
Vladimir Belikov
Andrew, I believe that they were scared. One thing is dreaming about "improving verbal skills by talking with somebody good at English, preferably a native speaker", but answering a real invitation is quite different. Do not judge them strictly.
Andrew Keen
Yeah maybe they are too self-conscious about their English skills.
Oleg Fadeev
I don't care about this country
Sasha Nikolaev
I think it's OK. A bit fucked-up, tho
Vladimir Belikov
There are some countries, which are a little bit more fucked-up than England, and which are much closer to the majority of the participants of this social network, than England. Corruption and embezzlement are rife there. Human rights do not seem to be an undisputed value for leaders of these countries, and neither for many of their citizens, so we can skip this subject. I would not like to call names.
Pavel Bobrovsky
Your country is a good example to show that a tolerance in aggregate with an atheism - bullshit :) It doesn't work in our World.
James Trehan
All countries have good sides and bad sides to them,,like all the people of those countries there are good and bad,,,Being a native of England i can comment that the school/education system sems to be going downhill, the health care system has changed many times since its creation, as to immigration I welcome it but the process needs to be changed,,,to much freedom is being given to people with serious criminal records, along with why do people wish to relocate to Britain. I openly welcome critisicm of Britain, this opens dialogue and discusion, allows people to understand the diference in cultures...
Andrew Keen
#30 hear, hear
Alexandra Khamitova
I remember the detectives of Agatha Christie and I have a desire to visit that country and to communicate with its residents
Zalia Gilemshina
I just want to add that it`s a very beautiful country!and it`s worth seeing!!!
Viktoria Ivanova
To my mind England is one of the most fascinating countries...And my dream to go to England, especially in London and to communicate with englishmen)
Anton Fofanov
When I think of England, I imagine the way how English speak, a big difference from american english, which i hear much more often. It seems that English are very intelligent. The movie Hot Fuzz come to my mind also, really funny and nice :)
The phrase about England, which I learnt in school:
"London is the capital of Great Britain" with a strong russian accent. epic.
Unfortunately, England is not in the Schengen Area, so it's kind of problem to travel there, but one day I will go there though :)
Alina Kanaeva
Я плохо знаю England
Alina Kanaeva
Но знаю
It's hilarious to listen to Russian' reasoning about imperfections of English education, health care, immigrant issue,etc.Will we ever wake up to look where we live right now?Oh,And yes I'm Russian citizen, so far

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