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What countries and cities have you visited?

Oxanochka Scherbakova
Правильно вопрос напишите сначала.
Katya Ivanova
What countries and cities have you visit?
my question correct?
Oxanochka Scherbakova
The right variant:What countries and cities have you visited?
Anton Kalyanov
I haven`t visited anyone countries cause was born in GONDURAS )) We have NO money for travel except Crimea by the walk

Думаете враки ?
Pavel Tymchuk
I'm from Kazakhstan and I have visited just one country it's Russia, village of Kulunda:)
Dasha Vorobyova
Оксаночка touch_of_dream Ганчич
Artem Vaschenko
I'm from Belgorod and I have already visited my grandmother in famous country (village)Rep'ehuevka ))
Евгений Кудрявцев
Я пока изучаю Инглиш поэтому вопрос и неверно немного сформулировал..сорри
Artur Sverchkov
I have visited egipet .
Violetta Sorokopudova
а я вообще хочу в вашингтон=)))
Oxanochka Scherbakova
Vitaly Razdaybedin
I had visited Egypt last month
Robert Tebiev
I've been to Bulgaria a year ago))
Oxanochka Scherbakova
Виталий,you are lucky))))) только грамматику еще поучите)
Andrey Prikhodko
I'm from Belarus.
I have visited Ireland four times and Lithuania, two times.
Ekaterina Momotova
I have never been in Great Britain, but I very want
Vladimir Kozlov
i was in poland, lithuania, belarus, latvia, germany, denmark, belgium and of course america (south cost).
Vladimir Kozlov
and egypt
Diana Nikolaevna
I'm from Belarus. I have visited Italy, Spain.
Leyla Agakishieva
I'm from Azerbaijan,I have lived there for 6 years.But I had lived in Ukraine before,I was born in the Crimea and lived there for 6 years too:)))Now I have live in Russia since 2004
Alisa Balaeva
I want live in USA!!!
Egor Gusev
I'm from Russia and i've already visited 4 countries (Spain,Italy,England,USA)
And i must to say,that Spain is the best countrie,when i have ever visited
Nadezhda Tsyrenova
Я не была за границей никогда.
И даже в Москве не бывала.
Но я ни чуть не жалею. В России полно красивых городов и людей, которые намного добрей и родней:)
Я была в Норильске, Дудинке, Красноярске, Иркутске, Улан-Удэ, проездом в Сочи и Туапсе и куча других маленьких городов и сел.
Ekaterina Yankevich
I've been to Budva (Montenegro) and Sharm-el-Seikh (Egypt).
Lena Kolesnikova
я не была за границей ни разу)
я из России)

но была а разных городах .Нальчик,Санкт-Петербург,Москва,Адлер,Сочи,Челябинск итд
Elvira Tatyana
I have visited Germany and France
Polina Korneeva
I have been in many countries and I really cant remember all
But in last year I have been in England,Cambridge and it was a great trip
I will go again , I'm sure !
Elena Chistova
I live in Germany, so that's quite easy for me to travel round Europe. But I should say there's no place in the world which is as beautiful as Russia. Definitely.
Yanina Vakhnina
last month i have visited germany. my grandfather lives there. it was so interesting jorney!
in autumn 2009 i were in england. i have visited cambridge, stratford-upon-avon and... of course, london. nevertheless, i lived in london for 10 days. it was excptoinal!
thank you, life!)
Alexander Vakhranev
I've never been abroad, except for, maybe, Estonia and the Crimea, which are foreign countries now.
Antonina Sholya
Kat Malyatina
I have visited meny countries,such as:Ukraine,Turkey,Russia,Germany.And I very want? to visit England))
Ksenia Borovskaya
oh, my favourite country is France, I was here once, in Paris and it was incredible!!!!Also I was in Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Canarian Icelands, Israel...And want to see as more as possible countries. For that I need to learn English, 'cause it is language for everybody(almost).
Lera Trubitsyna
Well, besides Belarus, Ukrain and Kazakhstan, i've been to Finland, Sweden, Germany, Israel and Greece (Crete island) and all the countries are very different, so i can't choose my favourite one)) I like travelling very much and i really want to visit the UK, Spain, Italy and Eire)
Artyom Popov
I've have never been outside of Russia after i've grown up. I was it Turkey when i was a child, but many of Turkish understand russian. Now i decided to go study in Canada, but this descision cause many problems.

And the first of it - to pass TOEFL. Not long ago i've done the small test to know level of profiency in english, and it was INTERMEDIATE. That made me upset. Once it was between upper-intermediate and advanced. But after i've read this comments, i star to look optimistic in my further training :)
Lera Trubitsyna
Artem, if you really want to go there for studing, it won't be a big problem for you to pass TOEFL)many people say that grammer part in this test isn't very difficult. you know, my uncle lives in canada (Calgary) and he has passed this test without any difficulties, although he was about 50 when he had started learning the language. and it took him about a year to make his english good enough) so you certainly can do it too)
Artyom Popov
That's crappy news. Cause i still don't know, should i go to courses or not. And what courses, actualy? By the way, i want to reach CAE-level. I though i'll gain at least advanced before i'll go for this exam... You've made me fall into a muse( I get all mixed up(
Lera Trubitsyna
hey=) why are you so pessimistic?)) you just should find courses (or a teacher) which would prepare you for passing the test you need in) IMO there are a lot of courses like these in Moscow and St.-Petersburg) you only have to find them)
Alexander Vakhranev
Artem, your story is quite interesting, but... Are you so much sure about Turkish people understanding Russian? When my sister was in Turkey (and she went there three or more times) NOBODY spoke to her in Russian. And not even all Turkish people knew English, so she had to learn Turkish, and she says that this language is quite difficult in comparison with English, especially the pronounciation.
Artyom Popov
I don't give a damn on Turckey) But we was in Antalya in 96th, and many of stuff were understanding us.

[i am confident that i have had a mistake in last sentense]

[And the next last]
Dmitry Baranov
ok now...
i've been to many cities of the world...glad my parents cared much about my outlook and things that go with it-)

Chicago, Seattle, New-York, Detroit, Washington D.C., Dallas, Main

The UK
London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Plymouth (that's just near the Land's End if anyone knows)

Stuttgart, Trier, Bonn, Munich, Berlin, Gannover

only Barcelona (((

Bordeaux, Brest, Paris, Sent-Etienne (which is a twin city with my home town of Lugansk), Marselle

next year i plan to go to Italy and Switzerland...
Lera Trubitsyna
wow) you've seen one half of the world)
Dmitry Baranov
yeah, but for now i'm working hard to pay for my new trips myself....my parents got upset, ye know, i had many things today's teenagers only dream about..but for now...=) as i've said - hard work, and only hard work
Dmitry Baranov
they just want me to relax and use their money, but i'm not that kind of a man who is used to wasting some1's money...nay...
Lera Trubitsyna
and it's really good that you realize it, cause they won't always be able to give their money to you
Dmitry Baranov
yep..that's for sure..my English and my economic education helps me a lot =)
Lera Trubitsyna
and your trips help you to improve your english, don't they?)
Artyom Popov
execuse me, if i interrupt your chat, but wtf did you forget in Detroit?)
David Larionov
I have visited UK(England, Scotland) and France.
Dmitry Baranov
partially....they've just added to my knowledge certain portion of new tricks, let's call it like this.
Artyom, my uncle lives there, he came to the USA right after the collapse of the USSR..he started his career as simple engineer at Ford company, right now he's gor Doctor's Degree in Technical sciences and applied physics, and he works for General Dynamics Land Systems Corporation...i'm not allowed to talk much about it. wanna know more - google it
Artyom Popov
And he's still in Detroit? I've seen a small movie about Detroit. It looks a little better than Pripyat :)
Dmitry Baranov
)))) funny kid... d'u believe every single thing they show on TV, eh?
if to be exact he lives in the suburbs of Detroit, yes, he still lives there.
Genrikh Yustus
I'm from Russia, and I had been in Malaysia, UK (London), Finland, Sweden, Egypt and Tunisia.
Murzilka @@@@@@
I`m from Germany,but now I live in Russia(((((I have visited USA,Spain,Belarus,Ukraine and Egypt!!!
Irina Kazakyavichyus
I've visited Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia and England;*
Alexey Ivanov
Lybia, Qatar, Japan, France, Azerbaydjan.
Maria Mikityuk
Dimon Bukin
Тольятти and Wiesbaden
Sundaranathan Sampath
Qatar - Doha
UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Russia - Moscow, Tula, Archangelsk, Kursk
India - most of the cities except agra (I've never been to Taj Mahal)
Anastasia Gorelova
I travelled not very much. So I've been in Turkey twice and in Russian cities - Volgograd, Taganrog))
Sofi Zarkua
I`ve been in Crimea... that`s all) other cities, that I`ve visited, situate in Russia.
Fatih Hersek
I have been to Argentina and Cyprus and now Ukraine.
Ekaterina Myslivtseva
Hi, everyone! :=) I'm from Vladivostok. I've been in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Belgorod(and Volokonovka)))), Tver', USA (Oregon, Washington, Boise, New York, Los Angeles). So I've been in China))) I want go to Europe very very much!!!!)))
Raisa Evgenyeva
I've been to Finland,France,Spain,Ukraine,Israel,Belarus,Sweden,Germany.. And to a lot of Russian cities and towns))
Alexander Vyacheslavovich
Barcelona. This summer I`ll visit Ibiza!
Evgeny Postoyan
Hi there! I live in Sevastopol now. I"ve been in Moscow. Piter. Murmansk. So I"ve been in Egipt and India. It was very interested and beneffit to visit...
Nataliya Daleka
I*ve never been abroad((
Oleg Babin
Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Israel, Czech Republic, Spain, England, France
Andrey Tishkov
I have visited Belgium, Spain, France, Hooland, Germany and Switzerland)))it is amazing in Europe, everyone should to see it!
Artem Kotov
Hallo everyone!!!Canada( 6 cities) USA ( over 50 cities and my tour is still going..)
Olya Yakovleva
i went to London this summer and that was fucking amazing!!!love this city so much!
Oksana Siomka
I have visited Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, China, Hong-Kong, Tailand. I am from Ukraine, but last 5 month until now I live in China.
Anna Peleeva
Yo. I'm from Russia, St. - Peterburg.
I have visited Belorus and China, Sichuan.
Muslim Muslimov
Ыыыыыыыы так не честно(((
Muslim Muslimov
я тоже хочу на Инглиш((((((((
Muslim Muslimov
и меня с собой возьмите((((
Alexandra Stepanova
I have visited Greece...City Corinth
Marina Bodnar
I have visited :Egypt, Turkey, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland
Ilakha Ragimova
hi, i'm from Moscow. I have been toTurkey.this a beatigull country!
Svetlana Solovyeva
only Lathvia
Viktoria Nevrotova
good evening for everyone! I've visited no one contry, just Russia. But i have some plans to visit any contry on this summer. (может что-то написано не корректно, извиняйте).
Katerina Chuchko
i've already visited Lviv, Kiev and Uman. i dream of visiting London.. i hope that my dreams'll come true.
Veronika Tarasenko
i was in Australia - amazing!!!
Adelina Volina
I ve been in turkey, and what really impressed me was everybody knows Russian. for example: - How much do smth cost in your shop? and replay:- дйесйать долларов специально длйа тебйа. But it is shopping, so it is normal. What about it? - excuse me for an anxiety How to get to Managvat? - Едешь прямо вдоль набережной......
Liza Eremeeva
I've been in Ukraine, in Moscow and in the Black Sea. That's all(((((((((((((((((
Liza Eremeeva
Who have been in England? Is it interesting country?
Simon Mackey
I have been to England. The English talk funny !!! Lots of Indians and pakistani people too. Greek, Russian, Polish, French, German, Italian........)))
Ruslan Berlin
Hi all! Used to live in Israel, Canada and now I'm living in Ireland. Was in Germany and Holland. And would like to visit Australia)))
Jaime Vicknair
U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE, Ukraine. Would like to visit Germany.
Vika Bakulina
I have visited Finland
Dominika Safyanova
I'm from Latvia.I have visited Russia,England,Estonia and Lithuania.
Dominika Safyanova
France,German and Holland.
Satish Kumar
India only
Apollonia Vlasova
Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Finland, France, Spain, Syria, Germany, Cyprus, USA, Japan, Italy, Portugal... I believe that's all) But I've visited them many times)
Inna Alexandrovna
I have been in UK, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Ukraine, Egypt, Cuba, Thailand. I would like to visit South America.
Goyal Kapil
I have been living in India and visited Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore..!! All are amazing countries..!! :)))
Tatyana Boyarintseva
many cities and countries for business and pleasure, Finland, Ukraine, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Belgium, Malta, Greece, Tanzania, Kenia, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, UAE
Eva Basova
I live in Moscow)I was a lot where for example Spain England france(nice Monte Carlo)Maldives Switzerland,Courchevel,Cyprus,Sardinia)Miami, etc.
Nikolay Rakhmatulin
So let us begin - South Africa, Scotland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, U A Emirates, Conary Islands, Brazil.
Just 19 not much i think!
Brandon Wells
USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Czech & a layover in Greece. haha

My goals for 2013 are Russia & Ireland.
Vlada Shumikhina
Dominican Republic:Santo Domingo
Валентина Солдатенко
Kirgizia,Kazakhstan,Ukraine-Odessa,the Crimea,Latvia-Riga,Urmala,Bulduri,Maiori,Abkhazia,Norway,Sweden.
Zaur Nabiev
Too much , some of them i already forgot
Валентина Солдатенко
I dont"t believe you.It "s impossible 2 forget visited places.U are lazy 2 tell us about them.Probably U are short of time.
Alina Urasova
I want to visit Estonia
Alina Urasova
and I have visited Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar region) only(
Manyunya Kuzmina
I' ve visited The USA: NYC, Washington DC, Myrtle Beach
Erbol Nurshakhanov
Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty, Aktau.
Russia: Astrahan'
Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek, Issyk kol'
Olya Khojali-Yevtyunina
Kazakhstan: Kostanay, Almaty
Russia: Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Sant- Petersburg
Turkey: Istanbul
Cyprus: Girne, Lefkosa
United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Sharjah
Dmitry Vartanov
I was in Montenegro
Irina Udaleeva
I m from Latvia, i have visited Russia, France, Turkey, Germany, Estonia, Bulgaria and ect.
Andrei Fediy
Ukraine and Russia
Павел Припаньковский
I have visited Antalia and Trabzon in Turkey, Varna in Bulgaria, Thessaloniki and Athens in Greece, Barcelona and Bilbao in Spain, Manchester in England.
Mohammad Yakup
Antalia, Istanbul, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Kabul, Kathmandu, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Nastya Popova
Turkey and Jerusalem
Ruslan Kachura
Posmag Gheorghe
Katarina Sivtseva
I am from city Ufa, Russia. I have visited Baikal, Irkutsk region
Furki Smsk
All of europe it is so many so far. As soon as possible Russia я hope.
Avgust Samoylov
I was in Turkey, China and Russia
Viktor Martynov
I was In Turkey, Egypt and China.
Yury Filimonov
Unfortunately, only Russia
Satish Kumar
United Arab Emirates and Singapore
Dana Mendekeeva
Russia, Poland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain.
Taya Chuprova
Spain, Egypt, Turkey
Vitaly Efimov
Greece, Tunisia, Lithuania

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