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Рассказ о себе на английском

Evgenia Andarova
Игра будет веселая .
Dana Primachyova
I am married, but I am very lonely........
Yulia Chemodanova
Polina Desyatova
I am positive person!I love communicate with people:)
Dana Primachyova
#3 I have a bad spirit today
Oksana Pavelko
J am very nice girl,but sometimes I am crazy.But I love my life! And you!
Yulia Chemodanova
Smile! ) If you be sad, all world will be sad with you.
Darya Lvova
#4 a positive person
Darya Lvova
#5 I am in bad mood today.
#6 I am a very nice girl.
#7 If you are sad, all the world...
#4 I love communicating with people
Dana Primachyova
#9 thank you
Evgenia Andarova
My name is Maxim . I am a very nice boy . I am 12 . Sometimes am lazy . I love music and sport . I am a sportsmen . I live in moscow . I love my mather and don't love my father .
Darya Lvova
#12 I am a sportsman (sportsmen - множественное число)
Trista Dvadtsatpyat
Hi I am a student of Kaluga Branch state technical university named after N.E. Baumana. When I had entered in it, I like to study there, but today I in three course and I have tired to study there. My special associated with computers and circuitry. I dont know what I will be do in my life continue. And I dont have a girlfriend, but I like to play the game "Battlefield Bad Company 2". Are somebody give me a advice?
Sergey Antipov
My name is sergey.I am only human.I am 15.I very like study russians history because history this is since about past and live people in ancient times.i very like sport i do jiu-jitsu.when i finished school i wish be milytary.I live in small village in chelyabinsk region.write me who want.
Ekaterina Khomchenko
What a stupid game
Albina Bilalova
The person under №14, what is your name? As I understand, you don't like what you study at,and you are not interested in your studies,is it? Why? In fact,you had chosen this way yourself.. I can give you some advice, everything is in your hands and only you can change it all to better side! I wish you to realize it! ;)
Irina Brazhnikova
My name is Irina. I am 11. I like English!
Darya Lvova
#14 had entered it
liked to study (или liked sudying)
I am in the third course
My speciality is connected with....
I don't know what I will do in my future life.
Can anybody give me a piece of advice? (может ли кто-нибудь дать мне совет)
Darya Lvova
№15 I like studying Russian history very much.
дальше вообще непонятно, что имелось в виду, возможно:
because it is about the past and life of people...
I like sport very much.
When I finish school I wish (или would like) to be a military man (или soldier).
I live in a small village...
Write me who wants.
Trista Dvadtsatpyat
Дарья, а почему нельзя просто сказать advice? Правильно ли я понял что peace of advice означает существительное?
Trista Dvadtsatpyat
Да, и спасибо за поправки))
Alexey Mironov
Hello=) I am from Russia. I live in Tomsk! I am student. I study not very bad=)
Darya Lvova
# 22 a piece of advice - дословно "кусочек совета".
Advice в английском - неисчисляемое существительное. Переводится "советы".
Когда англичане хотят сказать "один совет", то говорят a piece of advice.
В данном случае можно употребить и просто advice, но без артикля, т. к. неопределенный артикль a/ an употребляется только в единственном числе.

Так же как information - сведения. a piece of information - одно сведение.

А "peace" - это "мир" :))
Darya Lvova
# 24 I am a student.
Vo Gue
I live in the best town of Crimea!)
The Crimea is the best land in the world!
so I' m also the best XDDD
Anastasia Novikova
I am eleven. I live in Moscow. I have studied English for 5 years.

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