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Поговорим о себе на английском)

Oksana Gelety
Один человек задаёт вопрос ко всем участникам группы. И каждый из них должен ответить) Только давайте наберём много ответов, а потом придумаем следующий вопрос.
Я тогда первая. Моbи вопросы, они схожи:

What is your hobby? And what do you like to do at the weekend?
Sergey Dmitriev
Oksana Gelety
I like reading and surfing tne Net. I go dancing.
Сергей Екимов
wazzup??? watching a game, having a Bud...
Angelina Grin
I won't be original answering these questions)Well,if I fail to make an arragement with my friends, I simply read some book and lie on the sofa the whole weekend...I usually spend my time extremely unpractically although I have lots of stuff to do( I also play piano..emmm..or it's better to say I try to do this as I'm not skilled enough))) That's it, I guess)
Sergey Dmitriev
I like to play Football and bascetboll.I am boy.
Olya Kondratenko
My hobby are meeting with my friends and deep sleeping till a dinner)
Like..... I like playing paintball, sometimes cooking ... and sleeping till a dinner)))
Anastasia Guk
My hobby and all my life is painting!! so when I have some rest time I try to spend it with a paintbrush in my hands...certainly if I have an insperation)))so if I haven't it I just fool around...for example watching a movie or cooking. Yes, I really like to cook!Also I like jogging and cross stitching))
Oksana Gelety
It's very well! I like jogging, too!
Painting, playing sports games, meeting with friends is brilliant time!!!
Kristina Yury
Hey, Анастасия, I like cross stitching too, but I am an amateur, actually.. I like riding on a horseback, or cycling, or reading (especially classical literature). But now I have a baby so my only hobby is to take care of her))))
Elena Zakharova
I like to travel, looking at the sky, looking at the sea, I like sport and I like to have new acquaintance.
Oksana Gelety
Looking at the sky... Beauty!
Oksana Tolstonozhenko
My hobby is antique mythology. Usually, I go to my grandmother, walk with my friends and cook an apple pie or a pizza at the weekend.
Artyom Maximets
What's a boring!!!
Angelina Grin
It's not boring) Of course, a talk with granny is beyond comparison with parachuting, riding etc.if you like to raise adrenalin level,but it seems to me so nice...
Sergey Serebrov
I try to learn English, but I am stupid and I do not do it very well.
help me!!!!!
Alexy Repin
my name is Alexey, i`d like drink vodka
Maria Larionova
My name is Maria. I'd like watch TV and learn English at the weekend.
Angelina Zakeryaeva
I like dancing, and I do it very well!! Also I like read educational books, go for a wolk with my freands, go to picnic, to play diferent games and to play the fool)))
Evgenia Khoreva
I have a lots free-time..but i don't know how i can use it...i sametimes learn english and go to gym:)i love a sport very much:)also i read....
Valentinka Etemez
I like to dance and to listen to music most of all. Can I put a question to you?
If I can, tell us about your pets.
Ira Cherevkova
I like reading interesting books and, of course, I like to listen to music!!But now I haven`t free time at all!! To enter the University I have to spend all my weekends with coaches...
Vova Zhurzhy
Hi, my name is Vova. I like play bascetball. I learn English language, but now I have few free time, I job on the building. Very want know English and go job in USA or Europe.
Please, wrote my mistake in text !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dmitry Skvortsov
so...work in USA its my dream....but get visa very difficult....one day i was think to win a green card.... i have a one chance in a thousand.....dont you ?
Liudmila Kach
If I am off on weekend I would prefer to stay home and do NOTHING!!!!
Shamil Nadal
)))))))))))))let's see Liudmila Ka)))
Sashka Rogulin
I don't have hobby. But I like reading, surfing the Net, drink Czech beer with my friends.
Ekaterina Shnurko
My hobby is sport. I'm engage swimming.
In weekend and in work-day I go in Training. (every day)
And I very,very love Michael's Jackson-he's my idol! )))

it's all my hobby=)
Razmik Gandzhalyan
My name is Razmik. I am from Armenia but live in MoscowI like reading interesting books and i am fond of dance music and rock.
Roman Zudkov
Hi i'm Roman i'm a mad about sea! I'm a future navigator.
Adelia Tyurina
my hobby is english language. At the weekend i meet with my lovely boyfriend)
Regina Malakhova
I think I don't have any hobbies. But... may be just reading. I like to walk with my friends at the weekend.
Natalya Alieva
I like football, alternative music and hard rock. I'm mad about foreign languages, like to learn different f.lges, but without communication with native speakers, unfortunately, it's worthless...:(
Natalia Lim
im korean otaku. i like to draw anime looking faces, listen to the j-mus. and im too lazy to do anth else((
Sabīne Sugar
My name is Sabine and I'm from latvia. In latvia i'm learning different languages like russian, english, latvian and germanian.) My mom is working in England, and this summer i will go to england to meet her)) I hope.
Tyoma Germatsky
I don't have any hobby... I'm just fickin' about))
Ekaterina Kudryavtseva
I`m dancer)I like work with my friends on holiday))
Natalya Lukach
I'm a teacher of English,give lessons in skype to students of all ages,teach General English and Business English.I have some hobbies like writing poems and riding horses.
Ekaterina Artemyeva
I like listening to music)
I listen to it always)
I like to skateboard!
and... I like playing the piano and drums)
I think that I've said everything
Sergey Gorlenko
why don't we skip to another question?:)
Nadezhda Krupina
My name is Nadya.
I like drowing,also I like read book,for example ''Fathers and Sons''.
I like write poems.
Iskander Sharipov
I'm Iskander=) i live in Russia now, but i had lived in England by 15 years=) furthermore, i was born there, in England=) English is my native language,but i'm able to write and read in Russian due to my parents are from Russia and they speak Russian=)
my activities are too wide to write, i guess=)) but the most preferred one is my studying now as i think=)
Alexandra Arnaut
Foreign languages, travelling, foreign classical literature and Medicine refer to my hobbies.

I like relaxing, watching TV, chatting during the weekend.
Yanina Vakhnina
hip-hop is my hobby. i dance all the time))
Alexander Vakhranev
My name is Alexander. I like listening to different music and reading good books, sometimes in English. I'm learning English because I like foreign languages and I think I have some great abilities for it. Aslo I like surfing the Internet and playing computer games. Unfortunately, I can't dance, but I can play Dance Dance Revolution a little, it's one of the games I like.
Ksenia Borovskaya
Hi everyone!
In my freetime I like to read some of books(such as Twilight, Dear Jone, Classic literature), to learn English (I watch serials on English, movie), fitness, sports, also I like to go shopping(a lot))))
And to walk on nature, city. And I like to be on my dacha.
Anna Shvedova
I find the first post of this topic strange, should we tell about yourselves or answer questions?
OK I'll answer. So don't have to tell my name, it's quite banal :) Everything in my life is foreign languages. I learn five, can't maintain that I'm fluent in them but I do my best to improve them all. It's going despite of fact that at school I had only English lessons with a bad teacher. But now I've not much time to learn, because I prepare for my lections at university (well, I sit all the time at the library and read, doesn't it matter, does it?) I'm a future interpriter and at my uni I'll study German (later English) Also I do enjoy writing stories, reading science fiction and learning History (Middle Ages).
If someone wanna talk on English, German, Swedish or Icelandic, feel free to drop me a line ;-)
Nikita Maximov
My hobby is a musicmaking. I would like to go to the club on this weekend (i do it every weekend). :) What more can i say?))
Anastasia Ishanova
Hi! My hobby is camping. It isn't only an interesting think to do during my free time but it is my life. On the next day after returning from any camping trip, I am thinking about the next. So I live from one trip to another. And it is so fascinating!!
Alexandra Borovik
Hello my name is Sasha)Me 12 old)I like play to guitar and piano)
Anna Shvedova
Rafael, a stupid rabbit? Why so? Everyone from us is unique!
Arman Tastanov
Greetings to all!
My name is Arman. To me of 15 years. I live in Kazakhstan. I study in 21 at school of grammar schools. I wish to communicate in English and even to suspect English.
Maria Lanetskaya
Hello! My name is Maria. I'm 25 years old. My hobby is gardening and cooking. In my free time I like to grow beautiful plants (especially domestic). My collection consists of 80 types. Also I like to cook something tasty to my family and friends.
Alexey Rososhenko
My name is Alexey.I'm 17 years old. I like sport and like to travel. I go dancing.
Larisa Kazaryan
Hello )) My name is Larisa. I'm 17 years old. I like to learn fareign languages, sing, travel...and I learn English and I want to know English very well!
Nikita Blackmirror
Greetings all! I'm Nikita
Actually, I'm teached other's language is german,before meeting with english language
he seemed interesting and simple
Problems arose only with grammar,but I hope,that they dissapear to coming soon
Because I want become translator

My level of English-beginner
So,that correct me ,if I'm wrong

More about me:
my interests: GyM, Internet, pc and console games, high technology, (Japan(Country rising sun)anime, manga and so)music(all the best from electronic music, rock, metal and alternative's) Cats(specially white tigers) Healthy lifestyle, modern's dance styles (shuffle, jump style) and concerts I like films and anime post - nuclear and cyber-pank style's
Yana Tsaryova
Hi !
My name is Anna.
I'm 13 years old .
I like learning English, sing songs and cooking.
I live in Russia.
When I'm free , I usually take picturs and write poems
Stas Starchenko
I like sport, also i like drawing and music. I'll go to play american football =))))
Nazgul Sultanova
hey,everybody!!!=)) i am from Bashkortostan)).i know english bad, so that i want have a english interlocutor....i have many interested: politics,films,dance......i like sport, reading books....also i chess-player....oh, i am 16 and i studiy in Ufa.well....i can't tell about myself today....becouse this is a big informaition=)) well.... i wrote a few sentonses about me....i hope that i didn't do mistakes=)) ( who will find my mistakes please remark for me=))) )
Nelli Kostyrko
I really like to read books, but I can't read the books which recomend by school programme. It's really bad(
I like to watch different movies especially in English. But I haven't watched it much. sometimes I do learn English. but on holidays it's becomes rather boring for me))
I like to hangout with my friends too))
and... good luck to you all
( sorry for any mistakes I've done))
Yaroslava Sokolova
Hi everyone!)
My name is Yaroslava, I`m 16 years old and I live in Rostov-on-Don.
I love my pets very much and animals in general. I have a cat, a wavy parrot, a small bird from the detachment of sparrows and a fish.
I like to read English classics and contemporary American literature.
I like the literature and I try to write my own book.
I like to travel.This year I was in Paris, Prague, Amsterdam and some other countries. And I'm not going to dwell on this:)
I really like to learn English. I like to watch American movies and read books in the original. Unfortunately I know English not very good. But I try and want to know it perfectly:)
Ivan Tomasov
нехера не понимаю!!!!
Maria Mikityuk
Kostya Dubrov
Hey guys!
My hobby is english!
How are you doing in a such a woundeful day?
I wanna ask one question:
Your best doing that you have done in this year .
OKey, go ahead!
Maria Stepanova
My best doing-I begin to go to extra English lessons and begin to love English.
My name is Masha.I go to the dancing lessons and like this very much.I think it is very useful.
Kostya Dubrov
By the way, last year I spent my time in russian army...
Honestly, it iwas very huge expearance who to survive,,,,
Alisa Sapsanova
My name is Lana. Linguistics is the passion of my life. I know quite a few languages, but English has always been and remains my favorite language.
Kristina Kozhemyakina
let's get down to the question, guys!
the best thing I've done is help one Grandma in Anapa-city...)
by the way wish her health and happy new year!>
Alyona Ivanskaya
My name is Helen.I like skatting.I like sing.I like read the Bible!
Zhanna Gogoleva
My name is Joanna. I like to read books. And i love to play computer games. Im a big thedrot:) DotA is my life...=(
Maxim Yun
hi. If there is a desire
to communicate, write
to me.
Stefania Nagieva
My name is Sabina,
I from Moscow Russia
Vein Adams
Hello everyone!
My name is Vein. I am 20 years old. In my freetime I like to read books, listen to music and watch films.
Mehroj Sayfiddinov
Hello! My name's Mehroj. I'm 21 years old. I live in Khujand. I'm smarter)). In my freetime I watched TV "National Geographic". And I know a little English(
Дмитрий Климов
Hi!!! My hobby is fotografy and sport!!! On weekend study English,self study on little,but get bad,I know what doing error's when writing this text!!! Reating book's on bussines psihology,and looking cinema,I like go on street!!!
Ольга Дзабраева
Before i read short story of other people about what they do in their free time. Free time is time after work in the evening, weekend or a vacation. I very happy in my free time because I have hobby. After work, in the evening, I don't have much time. I have to cook a dunner, read last news in Russia and in the world, I have to made evening gymnastic, read or listen a few English exercises. I must increase my English vocabulary every day. In winter I go to skiing for two hours. In the summer I drive my bike for twenty km every day. I like to knit, read books, to speak with other people. I love my life!
Анбия Конарбаева
hello EVERYBODY. My hobby is listening to music, cooking a lot of kinds of meals and researching plants))in my weekends I like to go to my grandparents and help them with their affairs.
Алена Погорельская
Hello!!! I like to read books, to travel, to lean new.
The best thing - I'm pregnant!
Sara Ayvazovskaya
My name Sara. I'm 12 years old. I like in St.Petersburg. My hobby is painting and dance. i love to listen to music and sing, it cook and read. Want to learn English and live the future in England.
Ваня Безмилицын
My name is Ivan I live in Ukraine, Poltava city, I'm learn in college "Oil and Gas", My hobby travel in big city and playing in guitar. Thank you.
Eleonora Zaytseva
I dont have hobbys but when i have free times i try to learn english,read something about psyhology.
At the weekend i like to travel with my family to the new places in our or some other towns/citys.
Инна Севрюкова
hi! At my leisure I volunteer for the animal shelter.
Мария Бычкова
Hello, my name is Maria.My favorite hobby is to ride a horses. Because I love to be free.Also I love watch films, there I am getting life experience. Thank you for attention:-).
Адилет Маликов
I like to read books, learn english, play football, basketball or volleyball
Гульмира Турсунова
I like travelling. last holyday I was Bukhara
Ezik Khmel
L am study English. J want easily to speak
Екатерина Книгина
Hello, Everybody. my name is Dmitry. I have working seven days in a week. How long it will be with me? I am tired. What about my hobbies, i like running in a park and reading book. Could you say, Is ING needs in this sentences? Thank you for attention!!
Светлана Матвеева
про крейзи сингс сразу в голову пришло что-то пошлое...((
Амина Асылхан
hello my name is amina! i am a student. i want say about my hobbies, my school, etg. i like play football. yes! i am women and like football. if i burned man, i would contined play football.i have a glasses.i dont show my glasses.beacause all my classmates call me 'очкарик".good bye!
Амина Асылхан
Юлия Болдовская
Hobby? There are reading. I laik history liteature, detective gener, interesting plot, fascinating storis, when hero, one ore more, braightly, they leaved own lian of love in roman. Books? there you knous anything new, that mangmant or marketing. I laik drowing, portraits,useful different materials. Baisical, walk on fresh air in the ivening, taim, then womer and san lait
Андрей Белов
Hello, guys. My name is Andrew and my hobbie is discussing in philosophy, religions and world and Russian history`s sphere. Excuse me, could you recommended me interesting books for reading? I prefer books with deep meaning, though I like read adventures too. But don`t offer me the fantazy! With best wishes, fail diplomat.
Dzhakhangir Abdullaev
When an English teacher asks me to tell about myself, I usually tell the legends about Jesus Christ. Anyway, the teacher can hardly ever manage to understand the language like this but she predends to do it feeling a bit content.
Elena Whale
Well, I like to read intesting books about people who try to find themselves or something about Gods and demons. Also I like to watch anime or dramas. I'm not very sociable person so almost all my free time I spend at home. At the weekends I usually sleep or just watch movies.
Арука Купешова
Hi guys.My name is Aruzhan.I don't have a certain hobby.But I like watching dramas and play volleyball.And cook sweet cakes.I like listen to music.I love BTS.At the weekend I like to go to the beautiful places with my family and I play game with my friends.
Аделина Енсегенова
Hey)) I like reading, listening to muusic, skating and swimming. Sometimes I like cooking cakes.
Оля Лясова
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Александр Дрень
Hi, everybody.. In the past military pilot (antisubmarine aviation) and now - fitness-trainer.. I like this job and reached my best form now... To my mind, everybody have to do fitness
Анастасия Софронова
Good evening. I am a doctor. Every day I try to get better. I like to help people. But a lot of people around me tell, that medicine abroad is better than in Russia. I wish to check it. My dream is to visit a medical internship abroad. Because I'm here.

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