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Live your life with dignity

Artem Savin
Your life is all about clubs, noisy open-air gatherings and alcohol. It feels sort of gleeful and interesting and it seems like sleeping for just three hours out of prescribed eight is your new regime. And red eyes, violently aching head from the early morning are a thing you have grown accustomed to. We all have the same thought "We have just one life, we need to live it worthily". And then the question comes - where's the verge of worthiness? Is it in those clubs, full of sluts and junkies, or in alcohol wiping your brain cells out?

Being worthy is trying to make your mom's heart keep throbbing as long as it can. Being worthy is achieving things your enemies say you won't ever achieve. Being worthy is having just one lover for your whole life. That's all worthy whereas status and swagger are just silly juvenile maximalism.

Make sure that at forty you are not already in a grave mourned by your friends. Make sure at eighty you are still alive surrounded by your family. Prize friends who'll come to you at 3am in the night when you are not feeling alright, not those friends who call you with a proposition of boozing. Prize parents who gave you life. Prize a person who loves you - he won't betray you. Prize the hug of your lover - that hug won't let you tumble down.

-- Author unknown.

Originally found here: note5682957_11236495
Russ Richthofen
People can be happy. For this we have alcohol, drugs and random sex
Nadezhda Shubina
Russ, you are not right. We can be happy without that all sort of things. They just give a transient illusion of happiness, but they don't make us really happy...
Russ Richthofen
I know. It was joke)
Patrick Russ
There's an expression in English........."To each his own". It is one's own decision what is worthy of his/her time. If they choose to spoil their bodies, then godspeed and good luck. Live the life you want or think you want. Some seek solitude with the company of literature , while others seek comfort face down in a toilet next to an empty bottle of Jack Daniels. It's ok though, because it's not my life and I am not in a postion to judge another man or woman's lifestyle. I am not perfect and I can barely control my own life...... let alone someone else's life.
Artem Savin
it's so strange you've banned me from your VK page even though I've never talked to you or had any business with you. H'm'.
Patrick Russ
What? Why would I ban you? I haven't banned anybody from anything.
Artem Savin
dunno, but yesterday you page stated "Patrick has restricted access to her page." which in VK terms means just one thing - I was on your black list.
Patrick Russ
Good work, Inspector. I confess.......I like "black listing" random people for no reason.
Kirill Tikhonov
Alcohol is pure evil and alcohol dealers are equal to drug dealers for me. Alcohol is established (also by The Lancet magazine) to be # 1 as the most harmful drug. 2/3 of the world live in sobriety. Up to 800000 people die in Russia because of alcohol, and do u think they all were born sots? And do u think a bottle of beer can't cause any harm? and what about potential harm? Kids see one not "drinking culturaly", but DRINKING - that is another promotion. Whisky, ale, beer, vodka, wine, сhampagne...are barely different names of alcohol, C2H5OH, venomous beverage, promoted by those drug dealers to earn money on smb's griefs. A person loses creativity consuming the venom and doesn't evolve. Everything should be done in some measure? - then drink some acid, steal or take cocain in measure. The measure for alcohol is 0! Then what is it for?

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