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Бесплатные книги на английском языке

Laura Fuller
Я американец с слишком много книг. Я должен пожертвовать. кто-либо кто-то хочет книга на английском языке, напишите мне просьбе субъекта. I will become organized and write a list by subject soon. Always welcomed anyone that wants to chat)
Darya Grischenko
I want books ))
Olya Stroganova
I'm toooooooo)))
Alyona Shirokaya
Я хочу!!!
Maria Stromova
me tooo
Andrey Vlasov
I want books =)
Laura Fuller
Я перечислю темы и названия в ближайшем будущем. Я должен думать, как доставить книги.
Lyubov Kiryak
me too plz
Valentin Nikolaev
Oh my god, me too
Natalya Usacheva
and some for me, please! :)
Anatoly Nagirnyak
And I'd like books too! If I can join the company? :)))
Evgeny Denisov
me too)
Marat Irkenov
Ekaterina Sokolova
me too)))
Dasha Martynova
me too^^
Elza Altukhova
me too
Alexandra Twins
Me too!:)
Rara Avis
me toooo!
Yulia Pity
I want book... please
Pavel Sviridov
me too!))
Anna Verezub
me too, please
Alyona Adamenko
Lina Mityukova
I wish I had more books in English))
Andrey Serdyukov
if you have any books from Phillip K. Dik, I'm would be very grateful for them
In Russiz we Have not books by this author
Vladimir Sotnikov
I wish to read Carlos Castaneda, Dan Millman or something like this in original!
Vitalik Kazarov
Books, moar booooks! (Zombie from the library))
Vener Shaymardanov
join the club=)
Anyuta Khabarova
and some for me)
Yulia Smirnova
I want too=))
Margarita Elkina
me toooooo
Flying Angel
oh, that's so kind of you!) I think you don't need to deliver them, I can pick some up)
Irina Ariovskaya
and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!:)))
Tanya Smolina
and i will be really glad to accept books=)))))
Irina Kashlyak
And so do I.)))
Alevtina Osipova
И про меня не забудьте)
Yulia Volovik
And I:)
Marina Boldyreva
Я тоже хочу))))
Mikhail Kononchuk
Irina Gnedina
Will be fine if u share this books to each other)
Evgeny Bufetov
and me too :-))
Darya Koypish
Oh, that would be great, if you have sooooo many books :)
Elizaveta Berezkina
Me too)
Veronica Kostygova
I'd like to have some!)
Lenochka Azarova
http://www.englishspace.ru/ lots of books there
Ekaterina Kuznetsova
And me too)))))
Anatoly Nagirnyak
Thank you very much for the link.
El Mira
I need them and want to communicate with a real foreigner
Ekaterina Vozhik
мне тоже очень нужны книги на английском!:)
Oleg Naletov
And me too
Alexey Shevchenko
I need books. Thank you
Anastasia Chenkova
Ohh, that would be great! I need them too!:)
Nadya Sokolova
And I need, thank you
Yulia Petrova
ME TOO))))))))
Irina Ivanova
And noone is interested what kind of books they are?? :D
Anastasia Chenkova
Anatoly Nagirnyak
We will be able to define it later. The list will be published, I think...
Irina Ivanova
the magic word "халява":D
Anatoly Nagirnyak
Maybe, but I'll make my choice only after I 'll see the list. )
Irina Ivanova
Народ, кругом одни шпиёны! они хотят обработать наш моцк своей литературой и потом захватить нас и съесть! Будьте бдительны!
Vladimir Belikov
probably, by now you understand how big trouble you are putting yourself in. If you are really intended to fulfill what you promised, you are facing a massive (and expensive) logistic operation of sending books to over 60 addresses (by now). Please take into account that there are nearly a million participants in this group, and 4000 to 15000 visitors every day. You'll be overwhelmed with requests very soon.

Maybe it's time to consider closing your offer. Reasonable people will understand you.
Vitalik Kazarov
Whoa! How could you, Laura!
Irina Ivanova
I was talking to Laura for more than an hour... she is a smart girl and hopefully has a good sense of humor
Vladimir Belikov
ok, I've removed my translation.
Irina Ivanova
I'm just laughing at Russian people's desire to get something for nothing
Diana Serova
and one for me, please)
Margarita Karmanova
me too
Yuliana Brits
me too,please :)
Vladimir Ischuk
me too
Vladimir Ischuk
please :)please :)
Andzhey Kantor
To jest bardzo dobrze! Ja też chciałbym kilka książek. Dziękuję!
Laura Fuller
Vladimir thanks BUT no. I wanted to see if their was a desire for these books in Russia. I now understand the magnitude of the demand and the people's gratitude and I respect it. I may appear young but i have run a million dollar business for five years, I am studying for a masters of business to add to my other two BA degrees in philosophy and psychology. I am well aware of the logistical and legal challenges and perhaps social and political ones as well but my goal and my reasons remain steadfast; to bring together the next generation of two cultures once divided and taught to hate and fear the other, to promote cultural exchange, learn trade law, encourage the spread of information and most of all goodwill. Reasonable people will understand projects like this are ambitious and will take time. As for you, you appear older and I understand are trying to be the wise voice of reason but I take great offense in your request for me to not try at all. For others reading this, DO NOT ever allow anyone to tell you something is too big or ambitious; at least make an attempt. Anyone interested in starting a book donation exchange project, to write for corporate sponsorship and government support you can write me. I do hope the next generation is more open, ambitious, and optimistic. Have a good life.
Laura Fuller
thank you Irina. I have a morbid sense of humor but I think it is good) - it is true though, i am ambitious and take big risk and I like people that do as well. I only strong dislike those people that tell others what they can and cannot do.
Laura Fuller
I do not wish to raise any alarms and if the Russian people are concerned of my intentions simply because I am an American citizen, I will leave gracefully at the public's request out of complete respect for your nation and culture.
Irina Ivanova
Laura,sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you and what’s more I didn’t mean to tell you what to do. And I didn’t have an idea of how ambitious this project is. Your goals make me respect you. Good luck!:)
Mikhail Shushakov
I want books =)
Laura Fuller
i took no offense by you. I am concerned I may raise alarm. I do not wish to cause any political trouble. Sad to think donating books could cause social and political problems but it is true. So, I ask the people of Russia, "does an American on vk worry or upset you? Anyone that wishes to know how and why I am here is welcome to ask me in a message and add as a friend. Irina I look forward to chatting and getting to know you better. I am not a spy;) but trust does take time, i know.
Laura Fuller
should i add "not a spy" to my job profile;) hehe
Vladimir Belikov
I am impressed by your story, your intentions and willingness to succeed. Sorry if I have offended you.

Good luck to you in your efforts.
Irina Ivanova
i'll give you explanations about this "spy theme" in the message)) I was working for some years with people from Peace Corps and spy jokes were very popylar with us :D
Laura Fuller
thanks, sorry if i was rough with words. The only cultural lesson russians need to know about americans is, do not tell them "no" because they will do just that.) The project must be large and require assistance in Moscow, warehouse, travel and sponsors and of course time.
Vladimir Belikov
I see. You are very serious.

A story. Not to discourage you. Just a story. About 20 years ago, when Ukraine became an independent country, Ukrainian Diaspora in the USA and Canada brought a lot of fiction books and professional books as a donation to the libraries of Ukrainian universities. Three years later I started taking these books from one of such libraries. In five years I read about 70 fiction books and about 15 professional books. And in most cases, when I was taking a book, I could see in its library card that I was either the first or the second reader. Very infrequently there had been more than one reader before me. In seven years after the donation.

I stop here. I make no conclusions.
Evgenia Demidova
Laura! My son is on Russian army now and some days ago he sent me letter where asked to find some books in English to read: " ...было бы круто получить на Новый год какую-нибудь книжку на английском! Например, Дэна Брауна "Код да Винчи" ну или что-нибудь популярное нынче".Can you help me in this problem?
Sergey Yan
this means, that Laura have chosen the right way to donate the books in English to that peoples, who have an interest to this books.
Sergey Yan
delivery way could be different. It depends on your finance. In the case of great financial support your can send the books to Russia by DHL or FedEx. But if you have not enough money, you can send the books together with some friends or collegs, who fly to Russia. And then these peoples will send books every to the recipient by Russian post.
Katyusha Sytova
I want book too)
Give me please)
Alyona Krasnitskaya
me too)))))))please
Artem Savin
Yep, and I bet 95% of people who voted here won't go beyond the first page of any book they'll likely receive as a donation.

Russian "halyava" speaks here (and that's "freebie" in English for those who want to know its translation).
Vitalik Kazarov
Just offer them to pay for the shipment) "Halyava" will not pass!)
Artem Savin
good point.
Andrey Shek
I agree with Виталик . Nothing should not be a free in this world.
Alexander Kuzmin
me too))
Irina Ivanova
It looks like there are 3 more people in Russia who earn enough money to buy a book, which makes me happy. Things are not so bad!
And for the rest... Listen, folk, we have loads of books in bookshops which answer all tastes... in different languages...with and without pictures, colorful and black and white, fiction and non-fiction... what prevents you from buying one? It's not a problem, is it?
Vladimir Belikov
I do not earn enough money (who does?). When I was 25 years younger, I went crazy about learning English, and I spent my small monthly salary on books in English every year during 5 years (which brought me 10 to 15 books a year). So it's a matter of choice rather than money availability. I gave away many of those books to other people who claimed interest in learning English, but I still have a collection of books, which I re-read periodically. Besides, now I read books downloaded from the Internet. Some are legally free, from sites like Gutenberg.com, where old books with expired copyright protection are presented in many formats (I prefer the QiOO format for mobile devices). Some are pirate copies of copyrighted books available on the Russian Internet, also for free - I admit this. So far I have read 10 books legally free and 3 books, which are probably still copyrighted.

So I do not buy books in English anymore. And I do not want to bother people with my requests of sending me books for free.
Irina Ivanova
да я то собственно totally agree и тоже никого не bother)) я просто никак не могу на голову натянуть почему остальные bother и как они жили до этого? естественно, это вопрос расстановки приоритетов и если уж до сего дня не приобретали люди книги на английском то зачем они им сейчас? или у меня с логикой как то не очень? да, не моё собачье дело кто , у кого и что выпрашивает но тут вопрос в некотором роде политический))) и, чёрт возьми, за державу обидно)) ну ладно, во времена Союза не видели ни иностранцев ни книг, но сейчас то что? хочешь - покупай, не хочешь - качай
ну короче.. народ.. хорош позориться, а? ну , честное слово...
thank you for attention )))
Oleg Naletov
1)а че такого в том чтобы отдать свои старые книги? Вот я недавно в билиотеку сдал штук 70.РПросто человек захотел избавится от хлама.
2) Это английскую классику можно в любом буквоеде купить за 120р,а вот книги по финансам например ,есть только в английском варианте и в России их тупо нет, так что ничего зазорного не вижу в том чтобы взять полезную тебе,и ненужную бывшему хозяну книгу.
Irina Ivanova
Вы немножко не в теме.. тут не про старые книги речь) если хотите я могу Вам в ЛС объяснить в 2 словах
Vitalik Kazarov
What about me, I think there is some kind of romantic to receipt something from the other side of the Earth by post)
Natasha Shakshueva
me either
Roman Kovtunenko
i want books too! If you still have ones, i will be very happy to take one:)
Vladimir Belikov
If you really want books, you can provide them for yourselves. Books are not Lamborghinis. If you want books, but still have none, you do not want them and do not need them.
Roman Kovtunenko
i already have some, but i have read them:)
Vladimir Belikov
it is possible to read books without owning them. I've read over 300 books in English (maybe many more, maybe 400 or 500, I have stopped counting many years ago). Of them I owned less than a hundred. Of this hundred I gave away for free about 70. The rest I keep 'cause I like to re-read them from time to time.
Goyal Kapil
Guys Can anyone suggest internet links to find good English books or to get them downloaded from good sites..!!
Artem Savin

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