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English writing discussion

Alexey Buldakov
i can't speck to english! научите
Evgenia Sinitsina
hello, which topics can we touсh in this room?
Andrey Sergeevich
well, i wait this topic 5 last mounth :)
Evgenia Sinitsina
lets suggest))))
Vladimir Belikov
Андрей Anonymouse Сергеевич
well, i wait this topic 5 last mounth :)

Andrey, why have you been waiting for this topic for so long? There have been several topics very similar:

Давайте общаться на английском. Это так развлекает! (Chatting in English)

chat only in english))))

Давайте общаться на английском! (Let's communicate in English!)
Which means, people in this group have always been trying to communicate in English. Without much success, though.
Andrey Sergeevich
I`m not active Internet user - > i dont read old topics :(
Evgenia Sinitsina
ok, i offer old topic, i mean LOVE

or may be JAPAN or financial crisis???
Vladimir Belikov
Евгения Синицина, we have several topics about love, all initiated today by Fatih Hersek.

Why do we love?

Why men love blonde women?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe this should be enough about love for some time.
Vladimir Belikov
Андрей Anonymouse Сергеевич
I`m not active Internet user - > i dont read old topics :(

Actually almost no one does.

And not all topics are so old. This topic was updated today:
Vladimir Belikov
I suggest a topic.

In a few days there will be a celebration - half a century of the first flight of a human being to the cosmic space. Yuri Gagarin was the first man who saw the Earth from outside, from the space. The flight was made on 12 April 1961.

What do you think of this flight? Was it a break-though for the humankind or just a side effect of the political and military competition between the USSR and the USA? Was this flight needed at all? Why did the world welcome and greet Gagarin? Was Gagarin just a lucky guy, who happened to be in the right place in the right time, or a real hero? Was Gagarin the first astronaut or there were others, whose flights ended in catastrophe, but of whom we do not know because of the secrecy? What impact did this flight have on the further development of the humankind? Add your own questions, if you want, and start a discussion rather than just express your willingness to discuss something.
Evgenia Sinitsina
april of 12 is near and so Gagarin is actually, but a lot of notes and speaches were on this topic in time, i know that before Yrijs flidht was one more unknow fligt with the one dog, no Belka and Strelka, and exactly after this fligft our specislist said that ракета was ready but POOOOOOOO.....
Nikolay Ostrouschenko
it is intresting topic. i'll read that every day
Oleg Babin
I heared that Gagarin was kidnapped by UFO. Is it true? :)
Oleg Babin
Govind Bankani : Yeah, one of most important news in the world this week is that Kate invites her ex-boyfriend :)
Evgenia Sinitsina
i want royal wedding toooooooo
Anna Tsvetkova
Think about one thing! How brave and fearless a man might be for flying to the cosmic spase. Gagarin has deserved all the rendered honours, he was at the same time a lucky guy and a hero too. If it wasn't he who has made this flight, it could be other astronaut, but he was indisputably a real brave guy!
Peter Benson
There are many agencies in Russia and Ukraine using models photos on various dating websites in order to make money. The money making scam is not necessarily about asking the victim to send money but encourage men from the West to become paid full members of the sites to make profits. The small % of women who are real, and looking to meet someone become the victims too.

By the same token, many western men meet many girls and visit Ukraine or Russia and date them all for fun. After all the women in these countries a stunningly beautiful and sexy.
Govind Bankani
This scam occurs in many countries where there are beautiful women. Thailand was the number one sex trading country and now brazil has over taken it.

it is always the small percentage of genuine people whom are effected.
Sasha Nikolaev
Gagarin was on LSD.
Oleg Babin
Peter, you don't realy need to visit Russia or Ukraine for dating with beautiful russian girl. I think you can find one in London (May be in Soho?). It may be more expensive, on the other hand you save your money on flyght to Russia or Ukraine.
Peter Benson
Oleg, I was not looking to find a whore )))) To pay a whore so much money you might as well take a trip to Ukraine or russia, have a holiday and meet many nice girls.
By the way, I am in Ukraine right now and met many beautiful ladies and all of them are warm, genuine friendly people. And I am not talking about dirty adventures ))) Although having fun is always in my books.
Incidentally, I want to visit russia too but the visa requirements are a real put off. I hate all this complications invented by many countries in the world where they think they are so good and they must only allow a sellected bunch of people to visit their country. We don't own the world, we are just temporary tennants here.
Oleg Babin
Where are you in Ukraine? Kiev?
Luiza Ionova
I'd like to talk about PEOPLE from different countries, especially about mentalities ..
The russian are considered to be rude, indifferent .. what do you think of it? do you believe it?
Maria Tsolfrank
about British royal wedding just one thing never changes - British citizen will have day of! And I think it is great for them!
Peter Benson
Oleg, I am in Kiev right now but going to Kharkiv Saturday morning
Peter Benson
Louise, first we need to define the meaning of rudeness. What may be considered rude in one country may not be so rude in another. I travelled a lot and seen many cultures and learnt to tolerate different people with different temperements. I have not met many russians so I can't comment. What are your views?
Oleg Babin
Peter: so, what do you think about Kiev?
Louise, may be a problem in alcohol. Russians really nice people, but some of them look a little bit rude after one or two shots of vodka. Russians likes drink on they vacation. Sometime drunk people look rude. It doesn't mean that every russian alcoholic or other nations doesn't drink. But you know, no one really care about positive characters and doings. But if somebody did something wrong, everybody will talk about this and it will be remembered forever.
Anna Tsvetkova
Russian people are known for their hospitality - we like to recieve guests, but in every day life the majority of Russians are very gloomy, without smiles on their faces. We think that our problems are the biggest in the whole world, we don't smile a lot as opposed to Europeans. And it's very sad(((
Oleg Babin
Anna, good point! I heard about this from non-russians several times.
Vera Kulgavyuk
may be not. i think he's too reserved for jealousy, as he was brought up to be a future king.
Vera Kulgavyuk
well, not all rushians are gloomy/ young people are mostly smiling)))
Luiza Ionova
Anna..I agree with you partly..
It is really sad(
and Vodka -- it's terrible!
Vladimir Belikov
The Russians are hospitable. The Brits are hospitable. Other nations are hospitable too. Actually, I have not heard of a nation, which would not be hospitable to guests. At the same time, any nation can be hostile to intruders. This is normal. What is not normal, but often happens in many nations, is hostility to guests. No Russians remember any cases of hostile attitude to guests? No killings of African or other foreign students in Russia? I wonder.
Vladimir Belikov
I've heard that in some Arabic countries people are so polite to foreigners that it is not recommended to ask them: "If I go this direction, will I get to the railway station?" Because they are too polite to say that you are wrong in your assumption, and the railway station is in the opposite direction. In order to get the right answer, you should not express your assumptions to them and should simply ask: "Which is the right way to the railway station?"
Anna Tsvetkova
Vera, children are mostly smiling too, but it's important to save an ability of wondering, dreaming and getting pleasure from simple little every day things in adult life which full of troubles. Russians have a bad habit - they think that life of every person is full of troubles - if you have no troubles, they will come soon, if you understand what I mean...
Anna Tsvetkova
Vladimir, yes, we have some troubles with another nations, but not only we. Americans are known for dislike for latins and afroamericans, aren't they?
And Russian hospitality is a special kind of hospitality. May be we are not so polite, but we try our best to do all for pleasure of guests and sometimes more))) It's our mentality - we can take off and present our best shirt becouse we often don't know how to make pleasure to our guests and think that it'll be a best way)))
Roman Silaev
wait up, Russians are different and not only after alcohol intoxication :)
and not so gloomy. We have the great history, real history.
All current problems of russian culture are from artificial separation and destructive ideas on global level. Alcohol - it is way out to emotions when human being don`t know any other. Habit - another name to one of the seven greatest human enemies of himself.
If only russians will be united and will understand the nature of things more purely then it will be the greatest country in the world.Those are the points that were hited so you can observe current situation...

#42 "we can take off and present our best shirt"
of course we can, and not only shirt but shoes and underpants becouse we often don't know how to make pleasure to our guests...
Roman Silaev
#41 "but it's important to save an ability of wondering, dreaming and getting pleasure from simple little every day things in adult life which full of troubles."

rather is important to understand those abilities and use them wise to avoid troubles for that life is full of illusions that peoples taking as reality.

and one important way of "getting pleasure from simple little" is to understand that "simple" can become "complicated" and "complicated" can become "simple".

#41 "children are mostly smiling too"

yes they can smile but they are using abilities of human body and mind not like the adults and most like sensitives(by subconsciousness). It is important to sense love and release love to them and show them understanding. They can sense it. I like to do that and often children's smiling me back even can get closer to me without any word :)
Anna Tsvetkova
I agree that Russian nation is a great nation with a wide and glorious history, but c'mon! - turn around! - we are even a developing country - not developed!! though we have a great territory and a lot of free goods! population reduces. culture and moral levels go dawn. And alcohol is one of the most important problem in our country.

"rather is important to understand those abilities and use them wise to avoid troubles for that life is full of illusions that peoples taking as reality" - it'a another pair of the shoes! if you save the ability to find a happiness in this world, it not mean that you'll hide from the problems bihind the wall of unreality. It important to find a way to live in real worid with it's problems noticing the magic beauty of enviroment.
Anna Tsvetkova
About children - I really agree. They use their abilities on 1000 %. In the first year of life they can learn how to sit, eat, speak some simple words, walk - from zero to definite level. They are geniuses. And they really sense what happens round them.
Vladimir Belikov
Does anyone know a nation, which is not great or would not have been great in the past? Does anyone know a nation, which had simple and dull history? Open your eyes, ladies and gentlemen, there are no such nations, and the Russians are not unique on the Earth.
Natalya Efimenko
I think that every nation is unique...it have own difficult history,culture,traditions...and every person have to be tolerant.
Roman Silaev
"It important to find a way to live in real worid with it's problems noticing the magic beauty of enviroment."

well it`s not correct for me so i`ve decide to explain what:
the "problem" - it is situation that block or can block something that person needed or want to obtain. Let`s look at this using imagination. Problem looks like something that can sooner or later affect us on our way(pattern) in different situation. So to avoid the "problem" we need to know our abilities and understand them or we will mindlessly walk into it with all subsequence.
For example if we will use ability to wondering and dreaming when we most needed in active state of consciousness we can receive problems in different forms.
I talk about that "simple" can become "complicated" and "complicated" can become "simple".
Abilities to wondering and dreaming become simple to us and these was great mistake(planned mistake to get mindless robots from humans or to build real human if he`ll start to understand...). It is important to "observe" everything that can be observed even mind activity, movements, thoughts. It is simplest and most powerful practice of self understanding.
And it is the source of great joy, joy that almost every adult had forgotten.
Roman Silaev
ok, ok, ok agree... :)
it was like patriotic speech of mine. I can say more, for me everything is nothing, no ratings. What i meant behind "greatest" is level of consciousness....
Anna Tsvetkova
Vladimir Belikov I don't mean that there are such nations - with a dull history. I only have spoken about Russians. We should remember about our history, our traditions and should try to correct situation in our country. I didn't mean that we're the greatest nation - it's not patriotic - it's silly to say so.
Roman Silaev
Anna Tsvetkova "...and should try to correct situation in our country."

do you know how?
Anna Tsvetkova
uuf, should I know how to solve such a global problems? Am I President or one of the ministers? =) From my place I only can bring up my children with regulations of high moral, with recognition of who is the real Person. I can raise my own culture and be a kind of example for people around me. If you want to change the world - begin from yourself. Am I right?
Roman Silaev
yes you are, Anna. It is important to understand what need to be changed, i mean definition of "yourself".

so i prefer receiving information from video and here are one of the greatest:
John Cunningham Lilly interview(english):
(it is about our mind and programs of our mind)

one video about balance and energy(english):

next video about nature of the mind and essence of all meditation based practices(4 hours long, try first 12 mints)(russian):
Govind Bankani
Hey Ngree you need to read a book call issyoga. It gives the insight into mind, releasing internal energy.
Roman Silaev
well i never heard of that kind of yoga before but it seems interesting to me. Still can`t find any downloadable book so far. Got to try a book store and friends thought. Thank you for your council :)
Pen Penovich
you guys just love to talk about how great our history is. But you totally forget to mention that for the last 20 years we suck. In everything. We love to talk about potential of our Russians but where is it?? I can't find it while walking on the streets. All I see is a lot of rotten people that drink beer and then vomit on the asphalt. It's sad, guys. No one is gonna help us as long as we live the life of morons.
Govind Bankani
Hi Guys,
No country is born great with full development. The developed countries such as united kingdom, USA etc were once full of mud and with time developement started.

The new rising nations which is termed as BRIC nation contains 4 countries who yes i agree with you PEN that it may not be now but they are evolving and the evolvement is rapid. These four countries named Brazil, Russia, India and China will soon be the leaders. The development will be seen around you and in the next 5-10 years you will see the total change.
Pen Penovich
Producing arms is not developing. Selling oil also is not developing.. But Russia just can't turn around from these two things and choose the other way of progress. We just can't.. And we will be leading such a life till the government understand that the current way leads to nowhere.
Govind Bankani
But you must understand the developed nations such as uk and usa are doing exactly that...they are acquiring their finances via that means. Money will bring improvement.
Evgenia Sinitsina
Russian government understand and know everyth but they dont have such sincerely aim to develop financial, education etc institutes, cause a lot of stupid laws....their children study abroad....
Vera Kulgavyuk
i can follow your thought- not only their children, but their money, their business - everything is abroad. at any moment they are able to go there as well. they are not interested in the development at all.
Danila Osipov
Oh people ..
Hello British people ! :) I had a wonderful time once with you .

I just want to ask you a few questions sence no one is asking -
Why you think you government can go one and destroy other country's ?
Maybe its because its been like that since 1200 ?? Oddly you and rest of Europe wishes that ours country would sink in blood, violence , prostitution and drugs .. oh wait .. is it happening right now .. arent your corporations sucking oil and other natural resources out of my country , aren't your agents in 90s have set up a drug trafficking network from Afghanistan so CIA and MI6 could make money for their cover up operations .. maybe these money are sponsorship for the revolutions that are started today in the world.
Have anyone of you ever wondered how much pain your country made to others ? How much hate it generates in the world ?
Would you took for a consideration of a few moments such as -
Food - Who makes it for you ?
Clothes - Who makes it for you ?
Cars - well its European probably , well maybe American.
Your GAS ( Petrol ) - Where it comes from ... ohh .. yeah Libya , Russia , Afghanistan , Iraq ,Iran .. hmm Saudi Arabia .. you pretty much suck oil from around the world .. consume most of the worlds resources more that your peace of land could ever provide !
Money - Wow .. make world work for you and just grab the richest cream from the top .. not bad..

You .. just a a simple working class man , just like me .. the difference is how we live and where we live. Difference is that you dont have a coruption .. why? Because your guys are here in my country filling their pocets with cash from oil , from guns that they sell in Chechnya , from drugs that they sell to our kids , from other shit that they do here.

Just letting you know that your country is not perfect ;) just like mine thanks to yours.
Vladimir Belikov
What a convenient position! Who are to blame for out failures? Us? No. These are foreigners, who make our people become alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, prostitutes; make our authorities to take increasingly more generous bribes at all levels; destroy our medical services, education, culture, science, agriculture, law enforcement system, roads and other infrastructure. We are genuinely good people, we would not do anything like this, but we cannot resist rogue foreigners. Right?

Isn't if laughable? Aren't the terrible stories about terrible foreigners invented domestically just for this purpose - so that we would not blame exactly those people who are responsible in our failures? Which are we and our state authorities.

So let us believe in this fairy tale that we are good people, and only bad foreigners prevent us from happy life. We are so naïve, we will believe in anything.

By the way, in 1200 AD Russia was much smaller than it is now. And increased its territory entirely peacefully and in a friendly manner towards the indigenous people. True?
Vera Kulgavyuk
You're are absolutely right that business people are busy with their profits and they are indifferent to the country. mostly ordinary people (not governmental or business official) are patriots and they work and serve honestly to improve something, even at local level.
Roman Silaev
#64 "So let us believe in this fairy tale that we are good people, and only bad foreigners prevent us from happy life."

one foreigner differs from another one :)
for example religion fanatics and buddhist monks. It is hard to explain simple, Vladimir but foreigners are can be influenced by "dark" side, so to speak. In other words they souls looks like darkness and no emotional body they saved. But humans are not only soul but many layered entities and by silencing higher layers of human being it can be transformed in to almost mindless machine to obey orders(of religion, comanders, laws, economics, social stereotypes e.t.c.)

when we talking about humans definition we must first of all go to the consciousness level because consciousness level determine actions and reactions of individuals and one main ability, - to observe himself.

On TV human beings so called politicians and those who close to politics often falling into debates about problems that takes hours of TV time. Most of that debates are senseless. Rather then debating and pulling aggressive and negative energy on opponent and other thinks indirectly they can do meditation and talk about life experience.

#64 "so that we would not blame exactly those people who are responsible in our failures? Which are we and our state authorities."

it is true, but that kind of truth needs to be understood. At this point misunderstanding is most popular action...
Pen Penovich
Peter Benson
Mr Bankani, can I use the quote from #65 in other pages. It is the most interesting conflicting comments which proves hypocrisy.
Vladimir Belikov
I offer a subject for discussion, but I do not insist on it. If anyone has a more interesting subject to offer - just offer it.

Digital divide (aka digital gap) is a term for difference in development of computer, data processing, data transmission and the Internet technologies in different countries. Faster, cheaper, more reliable and more multimedia communications can potentially boost prosperity in those countries, where such technologies are more widely available. However, there are drawbacks - too many people get addicted to such technologies, and spend considerable parts of their lives in meaningless chats, playing meaningless games, watching meaningless videos etc., rather than using their digital advantage for developing themselves. In poorer countries, where such technologies are less developed, or hardly existing at all, people just have no other options but keeping to the basic means of communication, like just talking to each other.

What do you think of digital divide? Is this a threat or an opportunity for poorer countries? Is this a potential threat for developed counties? Where is your country in the scale of the digital gap? Is there a significant digital divide within your country?
Peter Benson
I am thinking
Peter Benson
I am still thinking about what to think
Elizaveta Loginova
As for me, internet nowadays is really useful thing without which i can't imagine my life. Of course, it helps to communicate with different people and you may have a lot of friends here, but sometimes it's a waste of time only, because there is a huge number of entertainment pages and applications here.
As for Skype, I completely agree with Govind Bankani.
Mobiles are needed only if I can't log on to the net)
Polina Redyuk
Well... As for me I don't use my mobile more rarely than the Internet. To my mind, mobile is practical when you need to contact with others quickly, but is you have some free time, the Internet is much more comfortable... I think is only depends on the situation))))

Besides, I think it's important to have a lot of friends not only in the Internet, but in the real life too.. But Internet friends are also wonderful!))
Anna Tsvetkova
Internet is a wonderful thing. I can confirm it on example of the young mother. I have not much ways to entertain myself - in net I can watch films, communicate with my friends and share information and experience with other moms.
Also I can earn some money. You know, if you can work with computer graphic, translate texts, write poems or create sites - you can work as freelancer.

But as any tool, net has some negative moments. It can steal you time, it can be dangerous for your mind and health. The most risky group is, of course, teenagers.
Pen Penovich
do you have any english thread except this one?
Anna Tsvetkova
unfortunately not(
Igor Ivanov
I hardly imagine my life without the Internet, except when I'm completely free of any work and studies, which is quite a rare situation. But I realize that I sometimes can't control myself and spend on the Net much more time than it's actually necessary. As for cell phones, these are still the easiest way of communication. Even though most of my relatives and friends have Skype, they're offline for most of the time, except for the cases when a talk was arranged beforehand. However, I believe Skype or similar sotware is in general a better tool than cell phones as this is free of charge, and is safer for people's health when dealing with the Ethernet-connection, not via Wi-Fi or something like that.
Igor Ivanov
Pen J. Penovich,

What do you mean? There are several "only English" threads within this group.
Pen Penovich
i meant that this is a russian speaking group not english.
Igor Ivanov
But foreigners look through this group's topics now and again and leave their comments. I'm not sure there is a group you mean within the VK website. For that matter, Facebook is sufficient.
Elena Sliznova
internet is a doubleblade tool !
Larisa Petrova
I'm glad that the topick has emerged from ignorance.

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