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Do you like Japan?

Guy Min
I am from China. although China and Japan are neighbor, But i don't think Japan is a good country , it is horrible! fight with us 。。。。。。I hate it. And you? Russian friends?
Ekaterina Mazanko
The better question for today is "Do you condole with Japan?", unfortunately... :(
Guy Min
yeah。 it is true.。。。。。。
Аскар Даулетов
Hey, what a hell is wrong with you?! Why are you talking badly about me?
Alina Khirbee
Of course, i like Japan...
Ekaterina Mazanko
Yeah, Askar, u r real Japanese... %DDD
Guy Min
Japaese? lol!!! Japan argue with Russia about South Kuril Islands
,with China about Diaoyu Islands, with Korea about Dokdo
, she is friendly?!
Vladimir Belikov
Everybody may argue with everybody. The same applies to countries. There was a military conflict between China and Russia (the Soviet Union at that time) about the Damansky (Zhenbao) Island in 1969, which started from a military assault of China at the Soviet border. Many Soviet border guards were killed. Then, in the Soviet counter-attack, many Chinese military were killed. We should not forget such things, but we should not build our further relations on them.
Roman Vinogradov
I just love Japan! It's such an irrational feeling and I don't know where it comes from. But I really love their language, their ancient culture, their islands, even though I've never been to Japan. I dream of living in it for at least several months to get acquainted closely... :)

And fuck all those political / land issues, it's just so stupid. I feel sad when I see that humanity is not ready to live together consciously and openly. :\ If all the efforts and the funds in the world that are spent to military things right now, were redirected to REALLY useful, constructive things that could make our lives, the ecology on our planet better, we would live in a completely different world in just several months...
Vitalik Kazarov
No, those issues are not stupid. But I think it's mostly issue of a politicians and of people, who living at those islands (although those people's opinion is a secondary thing).
Well, I like Japan, but not only Japan, an entirely East too, mostly China :)
Anatoly Degtyarev
no,it's so ambicious nation.Japan is like an angry dog,but afraid actually themselves,from my point of you.
Vitalik Kazarov
Anatoly, like any other nation, I guess) Ambicious I mean, not like a dog :)
Vera Kulgavyuk
Now they suffer a great tragedy becouse of tsunami and atomic station explosion....Poor people! as for the so-called disputable territoroes- i lived on one of the Kuril islands- it is like a fairy tale- wonderful nature, very rich territories ( i mean? mineral resources? fish and timber.) no?we shouldn't give them to anybody. Russia had sold a lot of territories practically for nothing .so, i'm against this..
Svetlana Sayondzi
#9 Roman, I very appreciate your splendid words about Japan! Thank you!
Of course I ADORE Japan, and it's culture, traditions and nature.:-) Learning about this things brings calm and harmony into my soul.)
And f**k all political issues!
Roman Silaev
do you all familiar with anime "Earth maiden Arjuna" or Earth girl Arjuna?
I strongly :) suggest you to watch it. All series. It contains all: about nuclear plants danger(just like in current situation), political issues about japan, cultural aspects and more: death experience, soul travel experience, chakras, telepathy...
music from Yoko Kanno!!!
Ole-Lechka Berezhnaya
lots of people love Japan...My husband's been there. He is in love with Japan. But I still can not understand why...
Vitalik Kazarov
Why, why... they're make many interesting things like anime, cars, electronics and many other things, that's why)
Snezhana Lapatina
I like Japan very much,especially anime
Nikolay Mulyavko
This is a stupid topic!!!!A lot of people died because of earthquake and you are talking about how bad Japan is!
Guy Min
I don't agree with you, Nikolay! yeah, many people died there. But also many fight planes were destoried, add up to 28 plane of F2(Japan's F16), i think it is a good News, isn't it?
Аскар Даулетов
You do you mention the whole country? Why don't you mention just the government?! It's not damn fair!
Viktory Benevolent
>A lot of people died because of earthquake and you are talking about how bad Japan is!

Well, what of that? Don't be so retarded and pathetic, please, you Russian. As for me I'm going to study Japanese in Japan for a couple of months perhaps. Most probably in Tokyo in two years from right now. Not considering its people I like Japan and its culture so much that I would even say I worship it with a capital W. Keep on struggling for your lives no matter how strong and powerful our nature can be.

>You do you mention the whole country? Why don't you mention just the government?! It's not damn fair!

Japan and China has very tend terms.
Nikolay Mulyavko
Викторий Беневолент
Don't be such an Asshole.I am studing in China and I know chinese people hate japanese.Every time something bad happens to japanese,chinese people feel happy because of that, they gloat over it.
Anatoly Degtyarev
Николай an interesting fact about chinese
Roman Silaev
"...I would even say I worship it with a capital W..."

Viktory Benevolent, try not to loose yourself in that worship...

Nikolay 尼克拉 Mulyavko and Viktory Benevolent, there is "bad" and "good" people in all counties. The main difference between any human being with soul is his(her) soul level(not in gaming sense), level of understanding of the origins nature...
Guy Min
Many Chinese people hate Japan and Japaese hate China,too!!!
Vitalik Kazarov
Are chinese celebrating now?)
Viktory Benevolent
>Many Chinese people hate Japan and Japaese hate China,too!!!
And it seems to be ok for me.

>Viktory Benevolent, try not to loose yourself in that worship...
Ke-ke-ke, don't worry.
Anushik Movsesyan
Stanislav Savin
Yea ! The rape of Nankin' ' 1937 of da jap's kwantun' army - that's 1of many reason, 4 chine'z to HATE jap's ...
Ilmir Sultan
Full tank of hatred, let's start a race!
Viktory Benevolent
Ilmir Sultan
Vitalik Kazarov
Are. You. Chinese?
Guy Min
sure ! Henan Province, China. But many Chinese don't celebrate it now, and we sent our China International Rescue Team to Japan to help Japaese people . And in Chinese Internet has a famous sentence : "we don't hate Disaster, but we hate Japan!"
You don't understand, but Germany have courage to apologise to Russia about War 2, so Germany win Chinese respection. But what about Japan?! over 30 milions people were killed by Japan army, and now? they tampered History textbook,deleted disaster of violence& blood,fight with us for Diaoyu Island. she is a good country? ! they even have no courage to apologise to us about war2! although we give up Claimsing . If you were Chinese, you will like this neighbor?!
Guy Min
About 617 AD,China is Japan's teacher , Japan learned Tang Dynasty, so their culture are quite similar to Tang Dynasty, their social From slavery to the feudal society; From 1894, they intruded us , got Taiwan Island , what a nice student !
Vitalik Kazarov
I meant last posted haters, I know that you are :)
And I really don't understand their (japanese) government) But couldn't hate it like a country.
It's like situation with Ukraine I guess. We almost like an enemies on a government level, and there is many provocations and haters from the both sides, especially in the Internet.
I mean, does an ordinary japanese admit a position of his government? I don't know :)
Viktory Benevolent
Guy, so then what's the reason for Japanese people to hate you? In revenge for your hate, lol?
Viktoria Morgunova
> Gay Min
Wow you're a really interesting and developed person, I bet your parents would be proud!
Alexander Rykov
Yes. People Japan caring health conscious
Vitalik Kazarov
Alexander, what did you meant?
Roman Strukov
Japan isn't such country where I'd like to be. I don't know why.. I have a friend who dreams of being there and honestly, I don't understand her.
Vitalik Kazarov
I think that to be there or to live there are different things)
It could be interesting to trip there, but not sure that living there is a good idea)
Roman Strukov
Well.. Yes, you're right. Simply to be there is interesting enough, but not live. Btw, have you ever been in Japan??
Vitalik Kazarov
No, never.
Yulechka Volchonok
No,i like the United States of America=)
Ilmir Sultan
>No,i like the United States of America=)
So pathetic.
Andrey Kashubin
People who have worked with the Japanese will never speak about them positively. tourist can not see the whole picture.
Marina Samarina
Yes!!!! I lake Japan!!!!!!!!!!
Olga Chekanova
I love Japan! Japanese one of the cleverest people in the world . And of course I admire Japanese guy`s beauty ))^_^
Vitalik Kazarov
Wow, lakes here!
Lyudmila Chirkova
I am respect Japan .
Sonya Karplyuk
i like japan!these language is very pretty and nice!
Аскар Даулетов
Wow, hello, everybody!!!=)
Vitalik Kazarov
Hello everynyaa!
Elizaveta Chernousova
No i don't.I prefer Australia
Karina Semyonova
I love Japan, despite your comments. Why I love her? This is my personal business and nadeyusya get there.
Ilmir Sultan
Um ok!
Olya Zalutska
I adore Japan))
Guy Min
I feel pitiful
with you! Russian people!
May you like Japan because of X-japan? like their language? lol! so absurd!
Anyway, i don't like Japan at all! Russian can forget War 2, but we will never it! never forget what Japan did to us!Present-days, their bad attitude proved this point! ! ! ! # Askar, i know you are from Japan!
Guy Min
I could have tought that Russian people don't like Japan, But you have forgotten history and Now!
Аскар Даулетов
Actually I don't give a fuck what Japanese goverment does to the rest. And I don't give a damn about attitude towards this government. It's just a nation, a country.
Guy Min
i think we need to communicate with Japan, But i haven't find a Japan friend yet! If you would, could we become good friends? Resentment
need we to Resolve isn't it?>
Roman Silaev
i think all deeds that remembered as terrible was made by exploiting weakness in human consciousness. Even if those deeds are not forgotten you should also remember that any human can rise to higher level of consciousness and turn others to the light. open their eyes and souls to the truth. So they can realize their mistakes.
Alexey Chudov
japan its very beautiful country with interesting culture)) i like it))
Guy Min
Japanese are horrible, anyway, i only think so . !!!
Nikolay Mulyavko
Guy Min
"I feel pitiful
with you! Russian people!
May you like Japan because of X-japan? like their language? lol! so absurd!
Anyway, i don't like Japan at all! Russian can forget War 2, but we will never it"

Who the fuck are you to tell us who to hate?!?!We are all peole,regardless of our race,religion and skin colour.We will never forget our history and all people who died,but meanwhile we will never be racist like you.
Guy Min
I want to tell you! I am not a Racist!!! you said you are in Nanking, you can ask your Chinese friends or classmates, none of them forget Nanjing Massacre
in 1937! and i think many of them also don't like Japan as your Compatriots like Japan!
Vadim Mandrugin
No,I don t like this country,because Japan is terrible country(to my mind,of corse)
Ilmir Sultan
>No,I don t like this country,because Japan is terrible country(to my mind,of corse)
I wanna to ram your face.
Darya Balukhto
I like Japan very much. And it is very sad,that the catastrophe was there
Anastasia Volk
No I don't,cause I think it's very hard)))
Guy Min
I have no words to reply you......
Totentanz Yousceff
I like PS3 and some Mangas,but I think that Japan the the home of facked people,and everyone puts one a mask to play some role...unauthentic poeple
Roman Strukov
I don't so like this country, cos I'm practicaly not anyhow connected with that. Of course Japan has rich culture and great traditions, I respect them. But it's not for me. I dislike manga, anime.. what else.. I don't know. In general Japan isn't my favorite state.
Elena Svinina
I don't like Japan, but i don't know why. It scares me. I really respect this culture and tradisions. Have you ever seen "Lost in translation"? It describes my feelings!
Карим Сабиров
I do not like Japan, too.
Nataly Korzh
i like japan, because it's the country where new adias bear. i am fond of culture, fashioon and cartoons!!!
Guy Min
Japan isn't a responisble country !
Mikhail Utochkin
Russia also have had conflicts and wars with Japan. And even very short time ago, some people was speaking about possibility of war between Russia and Japan because of Kuril islands.

But same aspects of japaness culture make me respect them. Also anime have some significanse for me. So I like Japan, even when some of japanese don't like Russia or are agressive to us.

It doesn't matter, how many mistakes was made in the past, no matter how many agressive or unresponsible people live in Japan, hate and anger will not make anything better.
Katya Razumova
I completely agree with you, Michael.

About me, (also watching aniime sometimes, even triing to learn japanese) - I do love Japan, and I'd like to visit this beautiful country someday)
Olga Makarova
yeahh, I've even learned japan language
Svetlana Rachiteleva
As for me, i like Japanese culture, customs, traditions. I know some japanese words..because i've watched a lot of anime) But i respect this country not only fot their anime, but also for their deep philosophy and attitude to other people. For example, they speak polite to people who are not only older than they are. I think it's a great plus! They are not aggressive to others, as if you visit other coutries. t's impressive enough. And one more thing... just lay back, close your eyes and listen to their traditional music, speech and you feel calm, get relaxed and plunge down into their marvellous world!
In addition, i adore sushi =) and ramen!))))))
Svetlana Rachiteleva
I don't understand the author of this topic. What are u waiting for? Are you looking for people who hate Japan or you want to persuade that Japan is the root of evil? )) I don't think that russians forget about the World War 2, but it doesn't mean that we have to hate Germany and their people. Anyway, the same with you. You're talking about people who live there or politicians who lead the country? As for peaceful citizens, do u think they r guilty and u hate them? I don't think so. Back to politicians, what could you do? It's unsolvable problem. I don't know the policy of Japan very well, but as for other countries there are people who like the activity of politicians and who dislike.
So, don't be so aggressive for japanese and revise your position. I don't want to persuade u ( u have you personal opinion - it's very well) but then i think u'll feel yourself better.=) I don't like lots of things but i try not to take it to heart! Good luck!
Alexander Rodinenko
I like Japan from the sight of culture and cooperation. From the other hand, Japan commited horrible crimes during WWII and we cannot forget it. But almost every country has dark times in its history, so as for me, we should remember past, but not live in it.
Lanochka Markova
Me like Japan. I would like live in Tokio))) Amazing country
Alexey Sukharev
I people in Japan don't like ... A super night Tokio.
Mari Russu
I don't like Japan, but I very like South Korea)))
Apollonia Vlasova
I don't like, I love Japan! The people there are so polite, they respect each other. The traditions and culture are really fantastic. I think it's my favourite country! I've been to Japan only 3 times, that's a pity, I'd like to go there once more)
Sozdanny Chelovek
Please tell me: where I can download an English book with translation about the Samurai?thank you all))
Rostyk Novosiadlo
i like Japan and i am having a lot mates from Japan and also i do not see any reason to them :))) they are very positive people ^_^
Mavludakhon Mavlyanova
Upon my word, I was not there net accurate to say the whole earth belongs to God alone so that might be like*))
Anya Vepreva
I'm not love Japan. I'm patriot of Russia and,because I love own country=*she beautifulll))))
Gena Andreev
You may like or dislike, but in any case you should have a ground for such belief. That means if one have never been visiting in Japan, then how it comes for him/her to dislike this country? of like, whatever..
Vasil Stets
I like Japan,and furthermore i convinced that this coutry is leader in everything in the world,if i can I would visit this great country.))
Gena Andreev
Some corrections: 'I like Japan, and moreover, I am convinced that this country is a leader in everything of the world, if I could I would visit in this great country.))
Nikita Markov
I'm neutral on Japan
Ksyusha Dolbieva
I'm not like Japan,becouse I like Rassia.
Aydin Kasymkhan
YESS i like japan Because they don't like "love relationship". And I like anime. They are very inter..g
especially NARUTO and other... I don't like Japan's girls they are milksop...etc
Gena Andreev
Are you aware of that japanese avoid saying 'no' in any talks whatsoever?
Mr Lender
Still, one of the creepiest places in the world - the Aokigahara woods - is in Japan.
Vladimir Cheremushkin
I prefer Brazil :)
Seji Goberians
I travelled to Beijing for business trip last year. After I landed, went to immigration check , the service was okay-ish... Then, the horrible experience started when I had to go to use restrooms... It was like "WTF!", I had to hold my "nature-call" for several times because it was hard to find clean restroom in Beijing. Even when I tried to use what they call "five-star-toilet", it was awful! The janitor didn't clean inside the toilet, so used tissue papers were scattering on the floor... There's one more thing that I hate the most... People in China love to spit without concerning other people around them. I only tried to share my travel experience :)
Ае 86
Yes I do

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