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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Fatih Hersek
Yes, especially after being tipsy:)
Egor Ignatenko
fcourse NO - this is bullshit....
Fatih Hersek
How much time do you need to understand that you fell in love?
Vladimir Belikov
Did you count how many discussion threads you created in less than 2 days? Too many for a group with nearly a million participants.
Fatih Hersek
If people are expressing their views in the target language(in English), what is wrong with it? English is a living language it is not only learned from coursebooks.
Vladimir Belikov
You are flooding this group with new discussion threads.
Sasha Nikolaev
OMFG! Da Nazi Moder detected!
Galina Alexeevna
drunken not necessarily be
Galina Litvinova
I believe in attraction at first sight! If it's supposed like love then I believe in it.
Vladislav Azamat
Anastasia Chernenko
I'm fall in love at first sight)
Olya Karpova
of course, no
Maria Mironova
Amelia Orlova
Not at all !!!!!
Ruslan Ryabikin
4 sure,it happens 'n' 'twas been to me:-)
Arsen Nikiforov
Anna Pivovarova
Yes, I have first love. It's true! It was my lovely husband.
Sashulya Sergeeva
No,of course
Dmitry Konovalov
it's bullshit
Semen Puchkov
Yes I do! And I'm sorry if somebody thinks differently!
Anna Pivovarova
As you wish, that you'll have
Yuliya Kholodna
Alexandra Sabynina
Larisa Kazaryan
Yes, I beleive it. OI don't beleive that the love can come after many years ago...
Fatih Hersek
After a couple of drinks, I believe it:)
Alexander Zvyagin
Guys, seriously, I think the whole point is to write more than just. One phrase or a sentence, more than just a "yes" or a "no". This is an English language group! So express yourself! Write a whole paragraph! )))
And just for the record - yes, I do believe in love at first sight. I am lucky enough to have had that experience in my life, and i will never forget it.
Nina Kvitka
No,of course
Anna Palyanitsa
sometimes i want to believe...
Anastasia Gorelova
i dont believe in love at first sight! when you see a person you just know - like him or not. And of course at first moment you review just apperiance and nothing more!and i think its not enough for real relationship! and of course it depends on what person want from relation ship in different cases. and its just my point of you!))
Alexey Korolevsky
Helen Selezneva
i do believe!
Anyuta Malashenko
I don't believe it!
Ksenia Kostina
Ri Mma
I do. It's rare and it's magical
Ilya Sinigaev
Miracles happen. You just need to believe it. I`m not sure i believe. Sometimes it works, sometimes not..
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
Believe. First impression is the right one!
Tatyana Lovetskaya
Hell yeah, I believe in love at first sight!!!! We got married after 2 months knowing each other. We have been together almost six years, have a beautiful daughter and still enjoying ourselves. <3
Ilya Orlov
yes.i do
Totentanz Yousceff
No,this is a lie
Anastasia Gorshenina
It's impossible.
Unfortunatly not.
Sery Lis
I guess that I dont believe, but i wish that i'm making a mistake in my suppose :)
Katya Dylyuk
I believe in love at first sight,because I know some people who fell in love at first sight
Totentanz Yousceff
43.But you should experince it yourself,we all saw the romance movies of this kind.....can you feel what I am saying?
Roman Strukov
It can't be I think. Though I'm just sixteen and maybe I haven't got so much lofe experience to talk about it..
Ismail Donochev
No, I dont.
Alexey Chernyshov
I believe in sympathy/passion at first sight! It seems to me like love
Katya Razumova
No way!
It can be only sympathy/passion, but not Love!
About me, for example, I really need to know the person at least few days, to speak about smth. Then maybe I'll fall in love or not. Also if at first sight he was attractive for me, after talking with him I could totally change my mind)
Vladimir Mitrofanov
hey guys, come on! for sure, first love is starting from first sight! Have you been in love when you was 7,8,9 yo? Thats what happened to me when i was in primary school. I loved her, but nobody knew about that. From first grade. A pure and unrequited love...oh.. ofcourse now, when we become older, we need to think first - is she from good family? is she really pretty? is she has a kids? and etc and shit like that...
Aida Amanova
well, guys It's true why don't you believe in this statement.It's for sure..the very first sight decides whether you love this person or you don't.. if you don't feel anything when you see him/her for the first time be sure you are not gonna fall in love with him/her..It might be called passion or sexual desire..but It's pure love...pure
Margarita Timofeeva
Darya Polyanskaya
No, I dont beliеve in love.
Vladimir Mitrofanov
Darya Polyanskaya, what about yourself? There is love i guess?
Dimka Nikolaev
I do not believe in love at first sight? but I believe with sympathy at first sight
Yana Zenovskaya
I believe in it)) why not
but it can't be very long
Natalya Preobrazhenskaya
Really, why not? But by the way it is only hormones often =) But nobody know how our love appeared and how does it started to exist exactly ))
Tatyana Klimova
I do not believe in love at first sight. To my mind you should love a person for something, but not for his beauty. Of course, there is a sympathy at first sight. You should know him better, his virtuous and evil characteristics.
Valeria Kovalenko
Yes, I do! But, I think, it is very rare...
Yury Abdukarimov
If we can believe that there is an energy that connects people - and when that energy is in alignment then people fall in love... then that energy can indeed create love in a moment and there can be love at first sight. The question is whether we as human beings are capable of understanding that and interpreting it correctly in that moment when it happens. We are limited to our 5 senses and as such we usually take more time to understand what we felt in that moment we first met someone. But it doesn't always take that long.
Ksenechka Vlasova
i really believe in such love! I can compare it with a flash! But i, of course,agree, that it is a blind love... And nobody knows: is it true love, or not?... This question is undoubtedly complicated. And i suppose that everyone has his own, right answer.=))
Ksenechka Vlasova
I partly agree with your opinion=))
Ozgur Toprak
if you fool enough yeah , you shall fall in love with the other fool at first sight..
Natalia Korobeinikova
To my mind, if you really fall in love with smb it can be only at first sight. Otherwise it's just passion or infatuation for smb but not love.
Elias Eisenkrämer
dont you think it s ground for love?))
Sery Lis
i think, that first sight is a really unpredictable ground))
Natalia Korobeinikova
Elias, I can partly agree with you. If these feelings develop further they can become a ground. I think, love is smth more serious.
Anna Zubkova
No. But I believe that it's possible to fall in love if you know someone only for one day... But not at first sight!
Elias Eisenkrämer
have you ever fallen in love at first sight or may be somebody has ever fallen to you?))
Natalia Korobeinikova
Elias, Yes, I have. Moreover, If I fall in love, it happens only at first sight )) Immediately I understand that I need this man. I don't know why but this feeling was always mutual :)
Mekha Ragazza
I don't believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in love, and that's the most important thing of all times.
Ольга Портяная
I believe only in love at first sight, because if we didn't like one another at first sight we'll never love one another.
Anna Berdnikova
I dont believe in love at all
Anna Frolova
Love is too special thing to give it any definition,to find its reasons and results...It appears from nowhere and it gones without saying "Goodbye"...You fill it but you seldom realise it...
Anyway I believe it can be various though I heve never fallen in love at first sight...It may be very romantic)))
Inga Klementyeva
Yes,i believe))))
Maria Larkina
I don't believe (
Katya Buyalskaya
I believe in love. I believe in really and true love!!!
Stefan Kolmogorov
I believe, but love at first sight is dangerous.
Kirill Plakhotny
Love? Sorry, but its just a myth... IMHO
Sasha Moskovkina
Love? love exists! But this " first sight" can be very long, can be up to a lifetime
Мария Рихтер
I don't believe. Cause you should know a person better to say you love him or her. May be he or she got disgusting features of character. At the first sight it just an attraction. I quite agree with Govind :)
Ahmet Harputlugil
don't know
Conqueror Fth
I don't believe in love at first sight. Its just a temporary feeling for me. I prefer to have permanent feelings
Greg Payton
I don't believe in love at first sight just attraction at first sight. Until you really get to know the person there can't be true love.
Oksana Gretchenko
I do.. )
James Head
I believe attraction and infatuation at first site.... maybe even obsession but not true love..
Valeria Khatuntseva
I don't,passion may be but not love
Yulia Vasina
I believe in love at fist sign.
Evgeny Solovyov
Hah, it`s a fake, I swear
Yulia Kozlova
No, because first you must learn the person you are going to fall in love with))) It may be a bad man, an enemy who will betray you or a thief who can still all your money or something else. A clever woman must ALWAYS think of herself! A silly girl of course will fall in love with anybody because she is young.
Yulia Kozlova
Afroamericans come to Russia to get our citizenship and get our flats))) If you fall in love with a piece of shit you will loose everything you have!!!!!

If you fall in love with anybody he can turn to be a criminal, he can mix your drink with drugs or kill you, or steal your credit card or money.
Yulia Kozlova
Not for a long time I've watched a TV-programm about a woman who lived in Great Britain. She let many men fall in love with her and after that she stole their credit cards and spent much money in the shops. The men knew it later and were in a deep shock because they all wanted to marry her.
Yulia Kozlova
First you have to learn the person you're going to fall in love with. Or you put yourself in a great risk.
Guy Min
I believe it . and i have tried . never doubt that i will break down with my GF who love in the first sight !
Polina Martyanova
Yes, I believe.
Guy Min
Polina Martyanova , aha, can you tell your story?
Svetlana Bogdanova
i believe) and i still in love
Konstantin Boroda
I do) but the second sight tells me that I've made a mistake.
Usama Khan
i used to believe but not now
Olesya Dragalina
no, this is nonsense
Annet Smorchkova
If you never fall in love at first sight, it doesn't mean it doesn's exist. That is why I believe.
Konstantin Boroda
doesn's Oo
Annet Smorchkova
one misprint is not so horrible, is it?
Konstantin Boroda
It is, the misprint as horrible as if you ruined whole mankind)))))
Annet Smorchkova
so it mean...If I kill myself it will be the fault of misprint ))
Konstantin Boroda
Sorry, I don't understand what the point is((( The phrase "fault of misprint" just confuses me
Annet Smorchkova
what is wrong? I mean it will happen cause of misprint
Konstantin Boroda
Oh, yeah, I've just got it, I got stuck on the phrase "fault of misprint" and didn't pay attention to your attempt of suicide))
Zeki Kaynr
love at first sight is hornyness which causes a kind of brain based hallucination.
Anya Vepreva
I know and believe in LOVE..))but I don`t can assert she has been at first sight,I not believe in that myth....it does not can be,this no really:-)
Gena Andreev
Oh no, this just cannot happen, or it just give you the impression of being LOVE, but it is not the case really. One could always understand it thereafter. I mean after this fog has gone out of your mind. The real love comes with the experience, and you really need time for that, not a moment of first sight.
Polny Feyk
I believe in falling in love at first sight, 'cause I've fallen in love many times and almost every time that was at first sight.
Artem Savin
I fell in love with my mom at first sight.

I've personally witnessed this occurrence in my life - and the person who was loved was me.
Ksenia Ibryaeva
I suppose love from the first sight not to be unreable for me) i can't fell in love with smb from the,,,
I need to begin my relationships with any guys from friendship )))
Nikita Markov
No, I think people should know better and then ...
Aydin Kasymkhan
I don't belive in "love" it is " pcihological dependence in human" in short it is hogwach..
Nailya Medvedeva
I believed in love at first sigh when I was fourteen) And it was a long time ago) I think, this love is exist when you are young and delive in everything
Анастасия Рейн
I never believed in this...before I met my lovely boyfriend
Olga Marchuk
As for me I don`t believe in a love at first sight. Try to explain it: to my mind the first sight give us only the beautiful picture, our impression about the appearance of another man and we don`t know smth about the inner world of this person. So the life teach us that our appearance and our soul is smth different! Maybe sometimes two this aspects can coincide with each other but it`s not right to fell in love with a picture we must know smth about this man!
Maryana Ivanov
If anyone has never loved with all heart and soul, that person can only guess about the question. When you meet your sweetheart of your fortune, of your life, you will feel it and your your heart will get it. People should be more open for emotions, dont keep them within yourself.
Lenochka Kashu
I think that our feelings don't depend of sight.It must be in hearts.We see only face ,figure,but character and soul we feel in heart.
Marina Kondakova
What you are thinking about right now, is going to realise one day:) If you believe, you will have. Love won't come if your heart is close. As for me I do believe in love at first sight, as to tell the truth I am dreamy. Once I had that and it was amazing!!! But maybe I would not have believed that if I hadn't had, who knows..!?
Erdinc Yaman
ofcourse it's better to look twice !!
Katya Vereschako
Oh, yeah. I suppose it is true, but unfortunately I have not experienced anything like this.(((
Elias Eisenkrämer
once i fell in love at first sight, but i dont believe anymore, because when i fell i had been an idiot and it explains everything)
Ekaterina Lavrentyeva
I don't believe =)
Maria Lesonen
Ofcourse I believe! My mum and dad too))) They loved each other from the first sight :)))
Ahmet Harputlugil
i do not even believe in love :))
Ayten Mamedova
Alexander Danielsen
Well may be that happens sometimes. But I do not believe!
Alya Belova
I trust, I hope, I love
Mikhail Muzykin
Я по русски напишу, можно? Это с трочка из битловской песни With a little help of my friend.
Maxim Rud
definitely maybe
Asie Abdullaeva
no no no
Tanzila Alieva
Нет так как это означет что ты влюбился во внешность человека
Alina Urasova
i don't believe it
Katerina Kors
I don't believe in love generally, because my heart has broken once
Usama Khan
⬆Seriously? Who broke your heart? Barbie ?
Slava Ravin
I don't bilieve because I know that it IS
Yanzhima Dondokova
James Vicarro
We may feel like it's love at first sight, but it's just a chemical reaction. How can it be love until you have at least talked with the person. But, there may be some magical or spiritual connection that is "love" and possibly it is triggered at "first sight" for those lucky few. Let's just hope! haha
Marta Sadlova
Alyona Ivanova
of course, yes
Larisa Petrova
It emerges once and stay forever.
Alyonka Patsatsia
At first we look at the picture but we can not appreciate the whole person. So I think it is stupid to create in our mind the perfect man, to fall in love at first sight and than disappoint.
Sandra Stone
Attraction yes. Love needs time to grow.
Ana Perez
Andrey Galkin
What is love?! Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more!))))
Andrey Galkin
FYI, I do, sad but true.)
Elena Gromova
I think, YES. What about my mother ? Our love. It was the first sight_)))
Rushana Bayramgulova
i don't know,i think maybe
Angelina Elistarkhova
I don't believe in love at first sight...
Dmitry Vartanov
I believe...
Tanchik Kubko
for sure!!!!!and in destiny!)
You can't know how it comes But when it comes you'll know (if ever)
Irina Ansimova
Nah, that's impossible. Perhaps this is passion and attraction, a crazy mix of hormones or even one extra glass of alcohol but isn't love. Although later it may blossom to real feeling.
James Vicarro
no. I saw your profile and I'm in love
Irina Ansimova
lol sorry buddy i'm already married
Serkan Çağlar
do you believe in love at first sight , or should i walk by again
Darya Prosolova
No but maybe I'm wrong
Love doesn't need believer. You either in love or you wait it to come.Nevermind what way it chooses
Alexey Bykasov
Irina Terebova
I think no, maybe infatuation but not love) and it is interesting that almost men write that belive in love at first sight, why?))
Ira Venina
No, it think it's impossible to love person only for his or her appearance.
Dzhon Khanford
Because men and women are wired differently. Men are attracted to beauty, women to power. Everything else is background noise.
Irina Terebova
women attached to power didnt think about it but maybe you are right) yes power is safety)
Alexander Listopadov
I believe in love at first sight, I had that experience first time I met my now-loving-and-being-loved wife )) Love is a great emotion!
Nikolay Grabovsky
Oksana Firtich
I believe it exists but it's not long-lived. It's like a flash, bright and beautiful but for short time.
Oxana Ribeiro
I believe... Already two years almost. It exists. And it will always exist.
Igor Mandrin
I believe in infatuation at first sight. And it turned into love!
Ayzhan Sultanova
Yes. I believe
Alexandra Ovchinnikova
Dzhon Khanford
Nice to see so many happy couples who believe in love at first sight.
Kristina Brayar
It's interesting questions
Love at the first sight - it's very romantic
But I don't believe in this
Sofia Dzhukhu
No,i don't believe in love Of first sight
Olya Ivanova
I say resolute YES
Ozgur Toprak
i love you Olya ❤
again Why should Love need our beliefs?It comes it's own way.If it comes at all,that's it
Anna Dyachuk
i believe
Lyudmila Shramko
I don' t belive in love at the first sight, but if it happened with me, maybe...
Ekaterina Bagrova
Salah Salah
yes i do
Алексей Старостин
Yes, it's (mostly) just a chemistry of feelings.

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