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Marina Kozlova
Recent movie "2012" gave me goosbumps, made me research the fact of Mayan calendar of doom that world will be shifted around December 21, 2012; which will bring extinsion of humanity. Do you beleive in this change that's coming up really soon?
Anna Gorbenko
The only thing I want to belive in is that mankind changes its mind to a positive one and becomes high-moral. And then, if its true that we all die (in this I don't belive) then there is also a positive consequence - our beloved Earth finally will have a rest from us (=
Anton Khersun
2012 is like a wedding. We know that something happened but no difference between bachelor style of life. But later we say "yes, i feel it but can not say".

So there will no extraordinary things happen. Earth will go to the next grade of frequency and some people will do the same. Most of all people will not feel anything.
Katerina Kapitonova
dont know about you guys i am not going to die soon besides i ll live forever!
Vadim Yashkin
In Nostradamus predictions until 2036
Elena Zakharova
Many scientiests suppose, that the end of the world is happening in 2025, may be it`s true, but I don`t want to believe in it `cause I don`t want to die so soon.
Anton Khersun
don't believe to scientiests =)
Andrey Prikhodko
I think it is true))
Anush Karakeshishyan
Who knows?Nothing is ruled out
Alfia Akhmedzhanova
I don't believe.
Tonya Savelyeva
oh,shit.thats fucking movie...people,don't believe it!
Maria Vozovik
Андрей Newcastle Приходько Какой нафик true!, it is very silly!
Alexandra Yakhina
I don't))
Zemfira Slavita
i hope there won't be the end of the world..for me it's something unimaginable..impossible..
Ekaterina Glukhovtseva
We have to heal the world. If we don't try to change the world it will end!!!
Yury Bakur
There is everything in our hands
Galina Lekomtseva
All is possible...
Petr Axenov
Its a lie. the world will never end
Katerina Kapitonova
2Petr Axenov i wont advise you to state anything you cant prove or can you?
Natasha Kanaeva
I think that this prediction is only deception... it's just the ordinary trick of journalists, mass media and so on...
Zemfira Slavita
Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me
And the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough
For the living
Make a better place
For you and for me

(Michael Jackson)
Anastasia Valger
I don't beleive. I think that is foolish.
Ksenia Zaytseva
I'm afraid of it...
I don't want to die!! i have so much plans for future...
i love my boy, and there is too little timer until 2012 for being together!!!
My friend says: let's believe that it won't happen, and it won't happen.
may be, it's truth, how do you think?
And what do You think about the Third World War, which is predicted by Vanga?
Katerina Kapitonova
in this crazy world everything is highly possible but as dostoevsky said fear is the only thing to be scared of
Metallica Heavy-metal
no, of course!!!!....
Elvira Quinto
I dont want to think about the end...I want to live!! I am too young!!)
Nuria Gallyamova
world death was foretold by tribe of Майя(I don't know how to write this word on english)
they thought they are the only people in whole earth,and so their prediction was about their tribe and their island they lived.
and if I'm not mistaken they lived where there is now the Haitian
last year was the first signs of 'doom'

So you all have no reason to fear :)
Katerina Kapitonova
2nuria: omg! how are you goin to survive????)))
Nuria Gallyamova
survive? ))
That 'Doom' is only for Haitian!
Lyudmila Plakhova
nobody knows about it and nobody can assert that the world will end!!! as Jesus said: "only one knows what will happen in future, this is my father". It will be time of the wages of sins, perhaps 2012 when all people must decide how they will live next, they will arrive at a conclusion that they must change their attitude to life otherwise they will be punished greatly. as for me i don't believe that the world will end!!!! don't fear!!! we can change the world and we will do it)))
Tonya Savelyeva
For those of you who plan on attending the year 2013, because the world will not end in 2012!

Save your friends by inviting them to this event!
Diana Vaynshteyn
The whole story´s nothing more than a bunch of bullsh*T. Those who made up that stupidity had better get a life. Seriously,peeps, relax and dont fall for it.
Nikita Frolov
Let's see.
Pavel Semionov
No, I don't believe.
Stanislav Savin
guys, just see "Supernatural" with Sam and Din, who try to save the world from chaus or just read book in the Holy Bible it's called The Revelation of St. John the Divine...I believe only it.
Darya Likhacheva
I don't believe! I think that this is full bosh!This is about 2012 year! But I thik that some time this will come to pass...O_o
Valentin Ermolov
I thing it possible, but not in 2012 / it will be later, because everything is end in the world
Andrey Karpov
Maya didn`t predicted the end of the world, they just ended their calendar on 2012, then some people that have big fantasy said, that the end of the world wil come in 2012. It`s great delirium.
Andrey Peretyaka
I think everyone will die, someday)
Alla Lvova
Yanina Vakhnina
you can hear so much falls! every day, every hour. but not no. no we have great problem.
people doesn't care of our Earth. nowadays we have many plants and factories. they pollutes water, soil, air. and because of this we face ecological problem. and besides, acid rains.
so, i think that 2012 will become the end of our generation. i am afraid. cause i want to live. i'm so young yet!
we shoud remember that we are children of our planet and care of it)
Alexander Vakhranev
Nope, no way
Katya Mikhaylova
Katerina Shenkhorova
I don't think that anything will happened, but it's life and all is possible!
Magomed Gazimagomedov
Yes. It happened on 2012 year!
Iffgen Loskutnikoff
I don't think so
Katerina Kapitonova
learn english guys you sound unconvincing and what is more - pathetic
Oleg Fadeev
I will briefly:it's booshit.
Anton Kudrin
In the 2012 one planet will be going near the Earth and water from our oceans will be drawed up and continents will be flooded. But don't worry, because this is a problem of countries situated near oceans and seas.
Yana Kovinenko
i head they dismissed the whoe thing.. supposedly they over counted... And they found the mayan callanders... O.o
But tthan again they could just be saying that.. who knows..
Anna Sterlyeva
i don't believe in the end of the world, but smth will happen... for example, erthquakes, floods.....
Daniil Digtyaryov
There will be no doomsday............ Though will be but not to collapse on December, 2012th and 21 and where be in 2025 it depends time the moon will be.
Apollinaria Krasilnikova
No, I hope that's lie. I don't believe.
Vlad Yakimchuk
E,Whats up niggers
Yana Ivanova
Sooner or later we will all someday die...
Yana Ivanova
You know,apocalypse literally translated as revelation and discovery, rather than the doomsday. So...
Anya Savchenko
No? I dont believe in that
Rustam Oskerov
As for me, everything in ours hands. If our civilization won't change, then World's End will come. If not in 2012 as Maya's Celendar tells us, then it won't delay for too long. People can change future.
Totentanz Yousceff
2012...this is to f?cking long time - maybe tomorrow is your doomsday(your death)
Nastya Kalinina
No, I dont believe.
Yulia Galieva
Ruslan I agree that sometimes people can change the future, for example, recycle and save the forests, but you can't change something like a natural disaster..if it happens, it happens.
Anton Okorokov
It is very good comparison
Polina Pashutina
. . .
the end of the world is total b/s
I don't understand why people argue so much that it actually will happen. I mean, c'mon, do you really wanna die? Why not to believe in something delighting rather than depressing? enjoy every day of your life and don't think about the end. Or go ahead and put yourself in the constant misery by thinking about things that will never make you happy. It is always your choice...
Alexey Chernyshov
I think it`s completly wrong! Reporters need sensation, hot news.
I remember someone predicted end of the world in 1996, then 2000/2001
Do you remember the Millennium? Do you remember a fear 2001?
It is foolish joke
Marina Zubova
I don't believe in the World end! Maybe people Maya couldn't count more than 2012? Or the last Maya in the world will die in 2012?
Marina Zubova
I believe in the second theory)
Emil Mirzoev
Yep. It`s possible)
Tatyana Nevzorova
Aygul Bakirova
We will die in 2012, 2013. 2014 on october or may/ So who believes ?
Elias Eisenkrämer
i have never believed cos there have been so much wrong predictions that took my believes away))) do you believe?))
Aygul Bakirova
NO! Idon/t believe of course!! Who wants die they are believing/ Am i writing it correctly&)
Tatyana Demchenko
I think that will finish world, maybe will not... We can not know.
Sergey Butko
My opinion about it and about people who believe in it is expressed by one word: facepalm
Tolibdzhon Khomidov
It's a lie I do not believe you, too, is not it Verte
Andrey Karpov
what the fuck??
Natalya Petrova
very interesting topic!
Emmanuil Adamovsky
I'll post my opinion on 22nd 12.2012 xD
Inna Bessonova
I hope it won't! I am afraid of it very much! I am a great sinner !!!
Seryozha Leschenko
NO, because not long ago I found my love and I think it's simply a lie.
Artem Savin
Let the stupid believe. The smart will sleep calmly.
Ksenia Avramenko
I'm not a sceptic by nature. I believe that everything is possibly. All these nature happens says about the end of the world.
But we can't decide to be or not to be. Only God will decide what to do with us. If We want to save our Planet Earth we have to HEAL THE WORLD! ;)
Artem Savin
you are seriously deluded, girl. Start thinking instead of relying on magical imaginary things like God.
Natalie Smile
There were so many the ends of world!

Watson, what do you think about ? Why did they write it only to 2012?

- May be they thought about the end of the earth.

- Who ,tell me , would be looking at the stone in 2012 when all information there is in the Google.
Semen Myshkin
Hi everyone. I'm not sure about who is right from what I found in a few comments above. I want to provide my professional opinion here. As a professional marketing manager I can say that 2012 is the most recognizable brand in the world and this is why I think that it is only creation of some very enterprising people that create web-sites, blogs and movies about the end of the world in 2012 in order to make some money. So the end of the world is nothing short a lot of bullshit...it won’t any ends of the world in 2012. Happy New Year people and see you in 2013!
Darya Likhacheva
Thank you very much, ou made me calm, really)
Dmitro Goncharenko
Hi,people. I Know the joke about The End of The World:
Priest of Maya Comes to the Leader and says:
-Great Leader we have run out of paper for our calendar! What would we do ?
-On what date you've stopped? - Asks Leader.
-december 2012.
-Well,It must be suffice for us.
-But don't you think that our issues understand us wrong?
-Fuck them!!!
Gareth Peace
everything will carry on as normal :)
Artem Savin
are you totally sure? You cannot be even sure if you are alive by tomorrow, and if you perish, the world will cease to exist as well. There's no world if there's no one to apprehend it. Sounds pretty horrifying? Yet it's true.
Gareth Peace
When your number is called, it's called. Nothing I can do about it. Why worry about.
it. It comes to us all eventually.......As for this 2012 End of the World.....that is just funny. The world was meant to end many other times too, but we are still here. No doubt you believe 9/11 was a conspiracy too.
Artem Savin
you have confused me with someone else. I don't believe in anything.

I (and many other very smart people including members of state owned organizations in the US ) have a suspicion that 9/11 was organized by CIA/FBI in order to wage a war in/with Iraq and other Eastern countries in its order to secure oil wells and oil supplies.

Look where money flows. Almost everything in this world is either about money, power, or the combination of thereof. Even the end of the world fraud.
Roman Malakhov
just in case i'm gonna buy gun, MREs :) but still i don't think something gonna happened. At least i hope so
Gareth Peace
You have suspicion, but yet zero evidence.

I thought you said you don't believe in anything, yet you just stated you have suspicion "I (and many other very smart people including members of state owned organizations in the US ) have a suspicion" So you do not believe in your own suspicions then?
Artem Savin
you've missed one very important thing - I don't know and I'm not sure who's behind the 9/11 attacks in the US. My suspicion is my suspicion it's not a fact, it's not something I'm gonna argue about or try to prove.

There are too many things in the world of humans which you have to conjecture because people who have the ultimate authority are not interested in giving out vital information as it can potentially lead to their dethronement (not so much in Russia I have to say - we all know that our authorities are the most egregious stealers, yet there's nothing you can do about it).

So what were we talking about?
Gareth Peace
I believe we were talking about how to make the perfect cottage pie )))
Artem Savin
sounds like an excellent idea. )))
Yulia Kozlova
The end of the world comes when the 3rd world war will be. The Chinese will assemble the army against Russia and beat us. After that only will the end of our world come. Rusiian will be destroyed firsty. It's very sad. It is written so in Bibel
Vladimir Belikov
When the Bible was written, there was no Russia and there were no Russians. For this simple reason Russia and Russians were not mentioned in the Bible. The Chinese were not mentioned in the Bible either (though they existed at that time, but were far away from the place where the Bible was written). There was only a vague mentioning of Eastern wise men (aka Magi), who saw the star of Bethlehem, which heralded the birth of Jesus Christ. These Magi could probably be Chinese or Indians, however their origin was not mentioned in the New Testament (Gospel by Matthew 2:1–12).
Anastasia Semenido
I don't believe, because the end of the world was predicted in May...mmm, I don't remember when exactly...and it wasn't happen.
Vladimir Belikov
There is the end of the world every year, several times a year, actually. Why then not in 2012? Haven't we got used to the ends of the world? We have survived many.

Many people are hoping for the world to end and are afraid of this. They find such expectations somehow comforting. Like this is somethnig to look forward to. Or maybe people just like to scare themselves.
Erika Elaeva
I dont believe it will happen.Its poolshit(sorry))
Dasha Kosheleva
everithing is possible
Anya Vepreva
I guess it not will. I`m sorry....,but it`s nonsense)))))
Natalya Krasavina
hope it won't...
Gena Andreev
Of course I do believe and definitely know it is only question of time. Though this time might not come very soon. Even not soon at all - something like after some mio. years, or so.
Sevara Khashimova
I don't believe...only God knows when the world ends.....tho' everything's possible)..
Zaur Nabiev
Agree whith previous reply
Валентина Солдатенко
I agree with Natasha Kanaeva.Our journalists like 2 raise a panic.

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