Универсальные фразы для общения

or else — иначе 
You have to feed it and pet it or else it dies. 

for a change — для разнообразия 
Nothing, only it'd be nice to spend an evening together for a change. 

other than — кроме этого, в остальном 

then again / but then — с другой стороны 
Then again, you never know who you're going to meet. 

on the one hand / on the other hand — c одной стороны / c другой стороны 
On the one hand you showed leadership, courage under fire, a willingness to protect men you hardly knew... and on the other you have an arrest record that pegs you as near sociopathic. 

for all the world — во всех отношениях 

for one's sake / for the sake of something — для собственной пользы / ради чего-либо 
And you can't agree with things just for the sake of agreeing. 

for real — всерьёз, на самом деле 
For real, Paul. I'm madly in love with that girl. 

such and such — такой-то такой-то 
This information comes from the storekeeper himself who stated that such and such a girl had bought I don't know what in his store. 

what it takes to — то, что нужно чтобы 
I just don't have what it takes to be a cop anymore. 

in view of — ввиду 
In view of your indecision, why not rely on their advice and judgment as well as mine? 

other than — не считая 
Other than that, I'm in good shape. 

in every sense of the word — в полном смысле слова 
It is total and complete garbage in every sense of the word. 

high and low — везде и всюду 

what about (smth/doing smth) — как насчёт 
What about the dolphins? 

just in case — на всякий случай 

from scratch — на пустом месте, с нуля 

on the edge of smth — на грани 
His parents are on the edge of divorce. 

at every step — на каждом шагу 

in place — на своём месте 
It's all in place. 

all the way — от начала до конца 
It is sad, touching and made me want to cry all the way through. 

pure and simple — просто-напросто 
I wasn't driven by joy, it wasn't winning as much as terror, pure and simple — fear of losing.

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