List of Common Adverbs: "A"

1. abnormally — чрезмерно
The river water level is abnormally low.

2. absent-mindedly — рассеянно
She absent-mindedly left her umbrella on the bus.

3. accidentally — случайно
She claimed the microwave was accidentally turned on.

4. acidly — язвительно
You don't know how to be a mother and you never did,' she said acidly.

5. actually — фактически
Actually, I haven't seen him.

6. adventurously — авантюрно
He went into the forest adventurously since it was his first time to do that.

7. afterwards — впоследствии
The offender was arrested shortly afterwards.

8. almost — почти
The place was almost empty.

9. always — всегда
The sun always rises in the east.

10. angrily — яростно
France and Italy reacted angrily to the decision.

11. annually — ежегодно
Independence day is celebrated annually.

12. anxiously — тревожно
'I'm not boring you?' she said, anxiously.

13. arrogantly — высокомерно
Later, Simpson arrogantly claimed: `We won't lose another game.'

14. awkwardly — неуклюже
There was an awkwardly long silence.

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