20 “confusing” наречий английского языка

В английском многие наречия образуются от прилагательных. Однако есть наречия, которые выглядят так же, как и прилагательные. При этом они описывают действие. Разберем самые популярные из них с примерами употребления согласно грамматике английского языка.

  • Hard — твердо, упорно, с силой.
  • She has been working hard this year. She definitely deserves a reward.

  • Hardly — с трудом.
  • He hardly ever does anything. Why is he still here?

  • Close — близко.
  • Our hotel is quite close to the city center.

  • Closely — внимательно.
  • Before you submit the papers, look at every task closely.

  • Late — поздно.
  • You’re late, sorry. All the cakes have been sold out.

  • Lately — недавно.
  • She hasn’t been socializing much lately.

  • Direct — прямо.
  • This express train goes direct to Paris.

  • Directly — напрямую, непосредственно.
  • I always speak to my boss directly. Honesty is highly appreciated in our company.

  • Near — рядом.
  • Tina lives near my house. We are neighbors.

  • Nearly — почти.
  • We nearly lost the game, but he managed to kick the winning goal.

  • Deep — глубоко.
  • The treasure chest was found deep in the ocean.

  • Deeply — тщательно.
  • Don’t be in a hurry! Explore this topic deeply. Then we may discuss it together.

  • Free — бесплатно.
  • This week the entrance to any museum after 3 pm is free.

  • Freely — свободно.
  • She has always worked freely. The reason why her artwork is so impressive.

  • Right — право, справа.
  • The railway station is on the right.

  • Rightly — верно, правильно.
  • Don’t worry! You did everything rightly.

  • High — высоко.
  • The bird flew high In the sky.

  • Highly — важно.
  • This project is highly important to our company.

  • Friendly/cowardly/ugly/silly — дружелюбный/трусливый/некрасивый/глупый (пример прилагательных).
  • We’ve always had a friendly relationship.
    Don’t be silly! It is a serious question.

  • In a friendly/ugly way — дружелюбно/некрасиво.
  • She has always communicated with everybody in a friendly way.

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