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There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes

В топике «Нет плохой погоды, есть плохая одежда» – я делюсь своими мыслями о каждом сезоне. В своей знаменитой поговорке англичане пытаются сказать, что у каждого человека свои предпочтения, но, в общем, все сезоны хороши по-своему. Лично мне очень нравится осень, с ее яркими красками, обилием овощей и фруктов, грибов и ягод. Еще мне нравится такая пора, как «бабье лето». Так как я живу в Усинске (Республика Коми), то зимы у нас суровые и длинные. В ясный морозный день приятно прогуляться или пойти в лес, покататься на санках и лыжах, поиграть в снежки, слепить снеговика. Весна в моем городе приходит поздно, но всегда неожиданно. Зацветают фруктовые деревья, земля покрывается яркой молодой травой. Еще мне очень нравится лето, потому что можно отлично отдохнуть во время каникул.

Englishmen say "There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes", it means that they like all the seasons, all kinds of weather. Every season is good in its own way. Each person likes this or that season. It depends on his character, mood.

They say that Pushkin liked autumn very much. This season is full of colours, bright and tasty. The sky is blue, but sometimes grey clouds appear. The sun shines but it begins to hide behind the clouds. Its rays are not so warm. Autumn is full of vegetables and fruit, mushrooms and berries. There is nothing like Indian summer in autumn. As for me, I like to walk on the carpet of bright leaves listen to the last songs of birds flying to warm countries, look at the nature. It is like a fairy-tale. It fades away and nothing can be done. Soon drizzling rains will begin and everything will be dull and sad. But still I like autumn.

Winter in Usinsk is long and severe with dark nights, bitter wings and hard frosts. Even sometimes you can see a quiet winter frosty day. It is snowing. Fluffy soft snowflakes are falling to the ground making a beautiful thick carpet. The icicles glitter in the sun, the snow sparkles like diamond. Going outdoors in such weather is pleasant. Many people go to the forests and enjoy sledging and skiing, playing snowballs and making a snowman.

As for spring, people in Usinsk wait long for it and dream about it during long winter days. It comes late but suddenly. I don't like it because my town becomes grey. But spring is the beginning of new life. Nature awakens from its long winter sleep. The trees begin to bud and soon tiny green leaves will appear. Young green grass appear, fruit trees begin to blossom. Everything looks magic covered with green carpet. Nature looks full of promise.

I like summer because we have holidays and we enjoy resting after school year.

In my opinion every season is beautiful and attractive.

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