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Table Tennis

Топик Настольный теннис познакомит вас с историей этого вида спорта. Будет интересно узнать, что именно в Англии придумали эту игру, как по-разному называли теннис прежде, и спортсмены какой страны стали самыми выдающимися игроками.

Table tennis was first Invented in England in about 1880. At first the game had several strange names: Gossima, Whiff Whaff and Ping Pong. It wasn't until 1926 that the International Table Tennis Association was formed with international championships and rules. Although the game was invented in England, British players don't have much chance in international championships. It's the Chinese with their fantastic speed and power who win almost every title. Table tennis looks more like gymnastics when the Chinese start playing, with the ball flying over the net at speeds of over 150 kilometres per hour.

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