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St Valentine's Day

Топик День Святого Валентина рассказывает о празднике всех влюбленных, который отмечается 14 февраля. В этот день молодые люди обмениваются маленькими красными открытками, которые называются «валентинки». Цветы и конфеты – тоже традиционные подарки в этот день. Можно отпраздновать День Св. Валентина в кафе, украшенном соответственно, и попробовать напитки красного цвета, бутерброды и пирожные в форме сердца.

St Valentine's Day comes on February 14. It is not a legal or a national holiday. Banks and offices are not closed, but it is a happy little festival for young people. It is widely celebrated among people of all ages by exchange of "valentines". A "valentine" may mean a special greeting-card or a little present. It may be for the person who receives the gift. St Valentine is the patron of sweethearts. February 14 is the anniversary of his death. The day is the time to send little gifts to those you love. Flowers and candy are favourite presents which sweethearts send to each other. Valentine candy is packed in red heart-shaped boxes and sold for this one day. Valentines are special greeting cards. They are often coloured red, have red trimmings and pictures of hearts. Some "valentines" are very fancy, they are trimmed with paper lace and little bows of paper ribbon. They have verses of love poetry printed on them. It is a good day for parties, especially by young people. The hosts trim the hall with red and white paper hearts. Refreshments are often coloured red, like red candy and punch. Sandwiches and cakes are often cut in the shape of hearts. Sometimes, a King and Queen of Hearts are chosen for the evening of dance.

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