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My Working Day

В топике Мой рабочий день я рассказываю, как обычно проходит весь мой день. По утрам я умываюсь, завтракаю, собираю все письменные принадлежности, учебники и отправляюсь в университет. Мне нравится учиться в университете, потому что у студентов более свободный график, чем у учеников в школе. После занятий я возвращаюсь домой, обедаю и отправляюсь на спортивную площадку или на пляж. Затем я уделяю время своим домашним занятиям, чтению книг и просмотру телепередач. Так обычно проходит день у каждого студента.

I usually start my day with getting up and doing all things that everybody does in the morning: washing, having breakfast, etc. Also, I got used to gather my learning tools: pencils, exercise-books, text-books in the morning. Then I usually go to the university. Fortunately, father takes a car every morning and he often picks me up and drives me to the doors of our university building.

And soon the lectures and lessons begin... We have from 2 to 4 lectures every time, depending on day. I like studying in the university more than in the school because in university it is mostly allowed to miss some lectures (of course, later you should take a summary from your mate and copy it). So, a student is much more free, than pupil is.

After the lessons I usually return home where I have dinner and start thinking about my ways of spending the rest of the day. Very often I go to my friend's places. During the early autumn and summer I often go to the sports ground or on the beach. I also like visiting different sports events, for example, soccer matches of "Luch" in Russian championship. So, the world is full of enjoyable things to do.

On returning home I usually start doing my homework (perhaps, it is the most dull part of the day). Having finished it, I open a book and read it or watch TV. At last, I go to the bed.

Of course, I would like to tell you more about myself and my working day, but, unfortunately, my time is rather limited and I have got a lot of homework to do. Generally, now you know about my working day enough.

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