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My Summer Holidays

After my hard and busy school year, my summer holidays began. I felt happy and began to plan a lot of wonderful things to do during my summer vacation.

I was dreaming about Southern countries I always wanted to visit. Forexample I dreamed to visit Greek islands or beaches in Singapore. But I hadto go to the Azov seaside with my relatives. The water was very warm therebecause the Azov Sea isn't deep. There were a lot of beautiful fair trees and bushes there. There were different kinds of entertainments there.Some kinds of water Mountains and water scooters and discos.There was nothing to do all day except lying in the sun and get a wonderfultan. I was playing with my little sister on the sand and in the wavesteaching her to swim. Later on I returned to Kherson and spent some time intown going out with my friends, reading, listening to music, watching TV,playing computer games. After that I went to the sports camp where I spentseven days with my friends.

It was very useful experience for us because we had to get up very early,to train a lot, and to rest very little. But it made us stronger andhealthier.

I was very happy to return home and to spend several days in my summercottage, I helped my grandpa to take care of the garden, to water plants, and togather fruits and vegetables. Sometimes my grandpa and me were fishingand cooking fish together. Numerous insects were really annoying though. I was enjoying sailing in the boat, swimming in the river and helping my grandparents.During my summer holidays I made many new friends and read a lot ofinteresting books.I got to know a lot of useful things. Now I feel ready to get back to school.I am happy to meet my friends and teachers.

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