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My little sister

В топике Моя младшая сестра – я рассказываю о своей трехлетней и очень забавной сестре Кате. Хотя у нее много разных игрушек, но больше всего она любит играть со мной в прятки. Моя сестренка очень смешная, мне тоже нравится играть с нею в прятки.

I've got a sister. Her name is Kate. She's three. She has got many toys: four balls - red, green, blue and yellow; three puppies - black, white and grey; two brown monkeys, a yellow giraffe, a white bear and two nice dolls.

Do you think she likes to play with her toys? No, she doesn't. What she does like is – she likes to play hide-and-seek with me.

Do you know the way she does it? She hides under the table and says: "Helen, where am I?" I say: "Are you on the chair?" "No, I'm not" "Are you under the chair?" "No, try again." "Oh, Kate, I try and try again, but I can't see you!" Then she runs up to me and says: "Here I am!". This is the way my little sister Kate plays hide-and-seek. Isn't she funny?

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