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My Best Friend

В топике Мой лучший друг я расскажу о своей лучшей подруге Маше. Мы учимся в одном классе, поэтому проводим много времени вместе. Моя подруга умная, красивая и приветливая. Многие люди считают ее очень интересным человеком, а я всегда могу обратиться к ней, когда я в беде, и она никогда не откажет в помощи. Моя подруга - верная, надежная, тактичная и честная девушка, которая умеет хранить секреты. Я самая счастливая девушка в мире, потому что у меня есть такой замечательный друг.

No doubt, everyone dreams of having a true and faithful friend but not all of us are lucky enough to find one. Frankly speaking, I'm rather sociable, that's why I have many friends. As for me I'm happy with my friends. Firstly, I don't have "fair weather" friends. Secondly, all my friends are very pleasant people, and I'm never bored with them.
My best friend is Masha. We study in the same class and though she doesn't live next door we manage to spend much time together. In appearance she is very attractive. She has an oval face, a straight nose, thick dark hair, big brown eyes and a pleasant smile. So people and, of course I, find her smart. Besides, Masha is known for her warm and friendly character. She is usually open-minded and interested in other people. More than that, she is considerate, supportive and responsible. I can always turn to her whenever I'm in trouble, and she never fails to help.
I'd like to point out, that Masha is rather brainy, and that's why she is excellent at school.
In general Masha is loyal, trustworthy, tactful and great at keeping secrets. For me it is very important that my best friend is an honest girl. I can fully rely on her and trust her everything. To tell the truth, we have never let each other down.
In conclusion I'd like to add, that my friend is an interesting person. She is well-read. Her favourite foreign author is Julian Rowling and her creation Harry Potter.
Besides, she is keen on modern music and enthusiastic with sport.
To sum up, "A good friend is like the sun in winter", it's about Masha. I'm the happiest girl in the world, because I have such a wonderful friend.

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