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Museums and art galleries of London

Топик Музеи и художественные галереи Лондона рассказывает о культурном достоянии столицы Великобритании: музеях и художественных галереях. Например, Британская галерея Тейт, открытая в 1897 году богатым промышленником сэром Генри Тейтом, сейчас уже является только частью группы музеев Тейт. Лондонская национальная галерея — музей в Лондоне на Трафальгарской площади, содержащий более 2000 образцов западноевропейской живописи XIII — начала XX века. Это третий по посещаемости художественный музей в мире. Британский музей — главный историко-археологический музей Британской империи и один из крупнейших музеев мира, второй по посещаемости, среди художественных музеев, после Лувра. Музей хранит собрания древностей Древней Греции и Древнего Рима, рисунки, гравюры, медали, монеты, часы и книги самых разных эпох. Культурная жизнь Лондона была бы невозможна без Лондонского королевского зала искусств и наук имени Альберта, Королевского фестивального зала, Королевского Национального театра, крупнейшего в мире музея декоративно-прикладного искусства и дизайна - Музея Виктории и Альберта, Геологического музея, Музея человечества, Музея естествознания и многих других.

London is very rich in museums and art galleries.

If you are fond of painting you'll go to the Tate Gallery. A rich sugar manufacturer Henry Tate founded it in 1897. There are about 300 oils and 19000 watercolours and drawings. There are many works by the English painter William Turner there. Most of his paintings are connected with the sea theme. There are a lot of paintings by the 16-th century English artists and paintings by foreign artists of the 19-20-th centuries. There are some paintings by impressionists there. You can see works by modern painters: Pablo Picasso among them. There are many interesting sculptures there. Henry Moor's can be seen there. He was a famous British sculptor. The National Gallery is one of the most important picture galleries in the world. The Tate Gallery is the most necessary compliment to the National Gallery as it contains contemporary works particularly by English and French masters.

The British Museum is the largest and richest of its kind in the world. It comprises the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography and the National Library. The present building was built in 1852. By law a copy of every book, periodical and newspaper, published in Britain, must be presented in the British Museum. It contains books and manuscripts: Greek, Roman, British and Oriental antiques. It has a department of Ethnography. This collection is so vast that only a very small percentage of it is on show to the public. There's also a Department of Prints and Drawings. There're departments devoted to maps, coins, medals and philately. Those who come to the British Museum can see a fascinating array of clocks and watches.

Cultural life of London would be impossible without the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, the National Theatre and a great number of museums: the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Geological Museum, the Museum of Mankind, Natural History Museum and others.

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