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How I spent my summer holidays

В топике Как я провел мои летние каникулы - я рассказываю о том, как я отдыхаю в летние месяцы. Мои родители любят посещать зарубежные страны, а мне тоже интересно посмотреть новые места. Этим летом мы были в Турции, затем навестили бабушку и дедушку в Украине. Обычно мы отдыхаем в Крыму, в Балаклаве, и я всегда с нетерпением жду лета.

For many people summer is the best season in the year, and my family is not an exception. Both my parents love to travel abroad while they are on vacation. As for me, I also like seeing new places.

That's why, in June my family and I went to Turkey for three weeks. We swam, sunbathed, went shopping and went on a picnic.

One of the weekends we went on excursion to "Old City". There was a big stone tower and long narrow streets. I liked this excursion.

July came and we went to the Ukraine to our grandparents. Their house is near the river. We went fishing and swam in this river.

I usually spent August in the Crimea. We went to Balaclava. We shipped on the motor boat in the Bay. It is a very beautiful Bay.

Unfortunately, August was coming to its end. And now I look forward to my summer holidays.

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