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Can bubble bath keep a bath warm for longer?



I sometimes like a nice warm bath in the winter. After a while, the bath gets colder. I know there are a few ways that the bath can lose heat, but does a thick layer of bubbles on the top make any significant difference to the heat retention?

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Borrow a sewing machine? Sacramento Public Library to start loaning more than books

Sacramento Public Library patrons will soon be able to check out a variety of tools, technology and home appliances through a “Library of Things” program.

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Cristiano Ronaldo donates $83,000 to pay for sick child's operation

Cristiano Ronaldo was asked to donate his cleats for a charity auction benefitting a 10-month-old child suffering from a brain disorder. The world’s top soccer player went a little further than that.

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VW’s $1.85 Million Bugatti Escapes Cuts as Successor Eyed

Volkswagen AG wants to make sure this year isn’t the last chance to get a new Bugatti.

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Changing gut bacteria through diet affects brain function, UCLA study shows

UCLA researchers now have the first evidence that bacteria ingested in food can affect brain function in humans.

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CVS banned tobacco. Now its sales are hurting

Sales at CVS Health are getting "smoked."

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Matt Damon, Ben Affleck paid for auditions from joint bank account

"When I look back at that, a 16 and 14 year old, we were really young to be taking the bus by ourselves to New York and spending a day going to an audition - we were living adult lives as teenagers," Damon said.

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Rent-A-Guinea Pig Service Takes Off in Switzerland

Guinea pigs are sociable animals and Swiss law prohibits owners from keeping the furry rodents on their own. But what happens when one dies? Don't fret, just call Priska Küng, who runs a 'rent-a-guinea pig' service to provide companionship for grieving, lonely animals in the twilight of their years.

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Are You a Bird Brain? You May Wish You Were!

On those days when you start to feel that your coursework is taxing your brain, take a moment to think about Alex, an African grey parrot, who was the subject of a thirty-year (1977-2007) experiment by an animal psychologist named Irene Pepperberg, initially at the University of Arizona and later at Harvard and Brandeis University.

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FBI Now Tracks Animal Abuse Just Like Homicides, Arson and Assault

Because if you abuse animals, there's a chance you abuse people, too.

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