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Why do we love?

Fatih Hersek
Cause we need to love.
Ksyusha Nizamova
becase we live! life is love!
Tanyusha Dronova
It's set by nature
Irek Ismagilov
When I saw the topic I tried to answer this question, I was thinkin' and thinkin'... but I really have no idea why do we do this)
Fatih Hersek
I really don't know the answer. Is it a biological or spiritual necessity?Maybe both of them.
Artem Leostrin
"All You Need Is Love" ..
Max Lebedev
We usually do not love really.. usually it is a biological process, until we will grow up to this
Mk Ro
We don't love, it's just a wish to f@ck))). Zato pravdu skazal)))
Irina Vasilyeva
you can fuck without love
Max Lebedev
love could be without fuck
Anton Mescheryakov
Because nothing can stop a divine intervention into our selfish nature. It is most ironical joke of the nature. You can not believe in love but suddenly you can fall in love with someone and you will not find any reason how that happened.
Fatih Hersek
Sex is more beautiful when you fall in love with a woman. When you touch her skin, you feel different.
Mk Ro
redtube.com show me how to love))
Inna Chalenko
I think,love is all...
Dashulka Isaykina
Because love is beautiful? but sometimes love is so hard thing!
Larisa Leonova
We love as love is an essential feeling in us, we can't help it.
I guess even maniacs feel love.
By the way, love as a feeling is defined quite differently. Some say that it's sex and passion, some say that it's devotion and respect.
Ksenia Dudinskaya
we love... we live... we human... it's natural...
Yulia Kozlova
Because women are born to love)))
Alexandra Nikoleva
Love is like a drug.
Roman Strukov
Methinks, we don't need to look for answer this question.... We simply love.. That's all..
Fatih Hersek
Love is not simple!
Lidia Prichina
because its amazing
Fatih Hersek
and it is complicated!
Olga Ryabitseva
The greatest thing you ever learn, it`s jast to love and be loved in return...
(Moulin Rouge)
Fatih Hersek
Why in return? Can't you love someone without any expectation from him?
Megamozg Ulyotny
You, people, love each other because of some hormones. It's like drugs.

P.S.: Greetings from Mars!
Fatih Hersek
Maybe you are right. Love is not something magical but it is only chemical.
Sundaranathan Sampath
We are genetically programmed to reproduce. Not just us, but every living being in this universe is programmed to reproduce. That gave birth to the concept of love. Homosexual love is just evolution of the concept love. Most of the things (feelings) have a rational explanation.

We always expect some thing in return from almost everything we do. A great man once said "Love is not the source of misery but the expectations you have from your love is."
Anna Ivanova
It's four heels in the one bed
Elena Titova
because we have to
Aglaya Stepanova
cause love is wonderful feel in our life))
Fatih Hersek
But sometimes it hurts deeply.
Totentanz Yousceff
Sex is price women pay it for love,and Love is price men pay it for sex
Natalya Kolisnichenko
No way. It's not for me. I can said without looking on your name, that a privious comment was written by gue.
Totentanz Yousceff
34.Of course,and because you are a girl,and you do not want others to see you as a sexual objetc...but this is the way we are,for me sex is like a form of art,and my girl is the masterpiece, i will try to please her before myself...for me this is the highest form of love expression
Dasha Gromova
sex is not love
Totentanz Yousceff
yes,they are different words
Elena Titova
sometimes sex is the lowest form of love
Totentanz Yousceff
yes,but how can you FEEL love with just words?
Yury Segal
CAuse love is the greatest thing in the world!
Everything s love!
We simply are nothing without love!

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