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What is your dream?

Nikita Belov
Write in English!

My dream is to learn English, an excellent knowledge of him!
Suy Gao
My dream is to have a random door, let me go anywhere, anytime anywhere in the world.
Ksenia Sazanova
My dream is to see that peole know English really well. And to see and to hear that they don't make any mistakes. Because I'm a teacher.
Selim Aydin
My dream is to fly so i dont need to earn a lot of money for travelling all around the world and explore the different cultures and countries:)
Rina Kruglova
I wish about travelling round the world and studying the culture of different nations. But first of all I want to visit London and make the guardsman laugh.
Леночка Ковтун
I wish to travel around the world,first of all to see England!
Vera Korolyova
my dream is to see London and to learn English perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!
Aynagul Dosmagambetova
my dream go to the USA...to see their culture....and first of all to speak English language in perfect level !!!!
Elena Nikolaeva
My dream is to speak perfect English!
Patrick Russ
My dream is to be content, make my mother proud, and not dishonor my family :)
Ekaterina Vodyanitskaya
my dream - USA!!!!!! people, language, traditionals!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it)))))))))))
Andrey Belousov
My dream is to find a girlfriend
Ekaterina Babeshko
At this moment my dreams are well finished school and go to University.
Hmoody Hussien
my dream is to fly so high and touch the sky
Andrey Rozov
My dream is go in Australia!
Vanessa Mazurova
my dream the freedom
Leyla Agakishieva
I wish to learn Arabic and read the Koran in original. I dream about having a real Muslim family)
Alexey Lebedev
My dream is to visit Sweden and find love for the whole life)))
Selim Aydin
Leyla,reading Koran is not that hard.
I have just learnt for only 2 weeks.
But learning arabic is really hard.
Yulia Khamdamova
My dream is to sing always and everywhere. My dream is to be somebody in that world))
Vera Korolyova
Marina Goroshko
I wish I could kiss the person I love,and love the person I kiss.
Ekaterina Yurchenko
my dream is much money *_*
Yulia Radionova
I have a few dreams.My first dream is to have my own house for my family and my mum.I also dream to have a well paid interesting job.
Anna Rumyantseva
My dream is to live either in Denmark or in Finland 'cause I do adore Scandinavian culture <3
Mariam Manukyan
My dream is to see Italia and to listen opera in La Skala.
Irina Chistyakova
I wish to go to Russia...
Olga Alfyorova
My dreams is travelling to many different contries, studying English, interesting career job, two or three children, lovely person, big lucturious house, cool cars and many many happies days ^-^ And my own magazin cool wearing ;)
Aydin Altunsoy
Most of writers are girls :D girls have more dreams compare to men. We are living in real world :D Girls are living in dream world. :P
Evgenia Palmina
I dont have a dream now(It is sad(
Aydin Altunsoy
Yevgenia so everything is good for you :)
Evgenia Palmina
For English my name is Evgeniya))
Dimanchik Kolmagorov
Мега-прога для пиара
Maria Mikhelson
My dream is to move in amasing England and marry a particular english)
Veronika Eliseeva
my dream to be an excellent guitarist and to learn english. also i want to live in San-francisco:)
Aydin Altunsoy
Okey Evgeniya sorry. i did not know that :)
Aydin Altunsoy
Maria England is not amazing :D You can be sure i went there. i find my country more amazing :)
Senorita Ket
My dream is to have a harmony in all spheres of my life.And...to master my English of course)))(hope to speak with British accent quite perfectly)))
Viktoria Voloshina
One of my most important dreams for now is to pass my english exam , which will be the next year .
But not only pass , but get at least 190 points.
Tatyana Reshetnikova
My dream is traveling! I want to see european countries.
Katya Zerkalova
I wish I could speak English all the time, instead of Russian I mean)) I wish I had a best friend, who would share my love to English...)
p.s I know it is kinda weird)
Jim Beam
I think that life has to contain a lot of dreams, because of dreams anyway realization. My general dream - to be happy.That all
Aknur Gabdullina
agree with Jim Beam..everyone wants to be happy.Happiness means that's everything in your life right, that your parents,your friends,all those around you happy.
Selim Aydin
Or ur expactation is not too much,
Even eveyrthing is okay people could be not happy.it's all about what do u want and what is ok for you.
So try to minimize ur denand rather than working as a slave for more money
Andrey Lubentsov
Hm.. nothing is weird in our multilateral life:) and all things are possible:) but I´m not agree with your description of happiness as a feeling.. I think.. that feeling is not permanent.. it´s as usual only one moment long and after that u need more for next moment of.. or in order to sharpen it.. and this process has no end.. :)
Aydin Altunsoy
I agree with andrey ! :) Good explanation brother.
Joanna Murrey
I want to finish my novel and school, admit to the The PFUR))) and move to Vancouver)()))))haha))
Andrey Lubentsov
thank U, Aydin...
btw we could continue with happiness.. though I had another dream! In my dream the Earth was green.. without cities and cars, without factories and refineries, without oil pipelines and surface mines, but with healthy people who just work on the field, in the forest or on the big water. Such picture without wars and hunger, without pain and desease would really satisfy me:)
Ivan Bilous
I want to visit Australia and Spain
Yanchik Kosova
I want finished school and start working,
Katya Razumova
to visit England, and maibe Japan)
Vlad Makarov
My dream is to learn English[2]
I want to visit USA
Guzel Mikhaylova
Hello! I want to visit France!!!
Anastasia Semenido
My dream is a journey around the world! I hope that it come true...
Maxim Belyaev
my dream is to become a musician
Evgeny Prigoda
my dream is traveling around the world
Margarita Timofeeva
My dream is to visit England and USA
Pashok Burmistrov
My dream live in the New York. I want buy big apartment in the center city!
Andrey Lubentsov
My dream IS TO live in New York. I want TO buy A big apartment in the CITY CENTER!

It´s just a small correction, Pascha! Please do not offend!:)
Yulya Baryshnikova
I want to live in Iceland in big house.And I want to have an apartment in London because I love big towns.
Anna Petrova
my dream is to be an enterpreter and i wanna to marry on the beach!!!!
Alyona Kharina
I want to travel around the world!!!
Nata Morozova
my dream is to learn English and visit NY
Anastasia Zabrovskaya
I want to get married!
Joanna Murrey
Anastasia Zabrovskaya
Darya Tarasevich
Aygul Safina
My dream is to learn English and to be a translator. Still, i want to travel all over the world.
Polina Gerber
big, VERY big love and happy)
Alisa Aliska
I wanna live in New York city)
Irina Kolchevskaya
I want to visit London and NY)
Alsu Sibgatullina
Want to be a translator of english and spanish( may be even french or other), go to California or LA, find my favourite rock band and stay there forever))
Evgeny Postoyan
I"d buy a small island in the Indian or Pacific Ocean if i could) and lives there..
Elena Kuznecova
There are three things in which I do not understand and how hardly some time able to understand: children, preparing and Times of English. So my dream - to learn though to anything from it))
Olesya Komissarova
my dream is to learn english and french. amazing languages!
Andrey Lubentsov
my dreams r black&white..and I do almost never remember them:)
Svitlana Kurnikova-Kushnir
My dzeam is learn ehglish. pLEY IN GITA RS. WoRKS IN sIAte. Heve is big hous fnd tow childrens! I heve is car!! And happi! Visit is Maldivu!!!
Shamil Akhmedullov
My dream is to learn English, an excellent knowledge of him!
Maxim Zhemukhov
my dream to understand meaning of the life
Vladimir Belikov
there is only one meaning of Life, also its goal, puropose and sense -


All other senses, meanings and purposes we invent for ourselves.
Maxim Zhemukhov
Thanks all are very difficult
Viktor Pavlenko
my dream is have vineyard and build own school
Diana Kovalevich
my dream is to go to japan..learn japanese...learn english..and go to england..
Katya Buyalskaya
my dream is to visit Paris, New York, Greece and I dream about happy life
Guzel Mukhametgalieva
My dream is to learn perfect English, else I want to be director.
Artem Ivanyuk
When i will see my son the pilot of British airlines!)
Tetiana Hogg
My dreams are to create a family, travelling, have my own successful business.
Svetlana Solovyeva
to create wealth
Jassmine Yassmine
my dream is to travel all around the world. I want to see new places and learn about different cultures. I love travelling so much i wish one day my dream come true .
Elina Tavasieva
I agree with Jassmine! my dream is to visit many countries, but my greatiest dream is to live in Italy!!!! its my country, my language, my history!
Elina Tavasieva
lets make them aims but not dreams))
Valeria Khatuntseva
My dream is connected with travelling all over the world and may be with a well-paid job
Greg Payton
My dream is a happy family life then to do more traveling. I can't wait to visit Europe someday.
Anna Berdnikova
My dream is to know at least 5 languages and live in another country...maybe in Argentina:) Soo, let's see=)
Anya Cherepanova
My dream is to move to Turkey)
Elizaveta Kirilina
My dream is to go to England.
Rayvis Furin
My dream is as Anna's - I want to go somewhere abroad, improve my language and get to know other ones )
Ekaterina Mochalova
I'd rather going in different countries, or studying in other country by a programme of challenge of students:)
Marina Hayrapetyan
My dream is to be happy !!!
Nizam Ismailovich
My dream would be a polyglot, to have a happy life, and travel abroad ))))
Alexander Romanov
My dream is to travel abroad too. And also my dream is Retro car. Foreign. My dream is to be healthy and and my family too.
Alevtinka Boo
I would want to be the Star of NBA ))))
Yulia Kozlova
My dream is to send all the Caucases and Tadzhiks home into the mountains to the wild goats)))))) BACH HOME
I want Russia to be free
Dominika Safyanova
My dream is to be a ballerina. And go in the tour around the world.
Nata Smith
My dream is to be happy.
Mari Russu
My dream is to Learn language and go to the South Korea))
Elmira Shakiri
My dream is to know english perfectly .
Galina Novitskaya
my dream is to reduce orphan quantity in a world scale.. and to stay humble LOL

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