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Inna Shvetsova
Нам постоянно что-то нужно и чего-то не хватает) А что Вам нужно и чего больше всего хочется на данный момент?:) Ваши желания просьба излагать по-английски (это замечание, безусловно, излишне:) Ну и так, чтобы можно было читать детям.
Marina Khromysheva
My own flat...
Inna Shvetsova
Thеn me... I wish I knew English better)
Total Stranger
A beautiful flat)
Vladimir Belikov
i want 6 heads, 12 hands and 6 computers in order to accomplish all the work, which I must finish within the next 6 days, but which I hate to even start.
Inna Shvetsova
You don`t imagine how well I understand you:) I wish you patience to do your job)
Svetlana Makhokhey
My beloved friend. I'd want he will be with me in the all time and forever!
Yulia Vishnevetskaya
I also want my own flat.,my own living space. I want my own family and children.
Marina Kharitonchik
I want he wiil live closer...
Irina Vyazovtseva
i want to be happy
Anna Petunina
Money, love and a cup of coffee
Yulia Berdnik
Strong coffee and sleeping daughter:)
Alexandrina Muravyova
My own flat... too=)
Irina Putintseva
I just want everyone to be happy.
Alenchik Shablitskaya
I want to sleep)
Alexey Berezin
Like Alenchik Shablitskaya. to sleeeep...
Mayushka Suomalainen
Oksana Smirnova
I want a summer!!! sun.... sea.... sand... smiles :)
Inna Shvetsova
Oksana, yeah ) who doesn`t?:)
Oksana Smirnova
I think that everybody wants it ;-) :)
Inna Shvetsova
Especially when it`s so gloomy cold & wet.
Elena Boretskaia
I want to go to China
Galia Ganieva
I remember my cruise and wanna repeat it as soon as possible .... mmmm
Inna Shvetsova
China is really misterios country & I`d like to take part in archeological expedition investigaring Egyptian pyramids (no kidding it`s really my "fondest wish")
Natasha Кашкай
why is this topic called a play?
Inna Shvetsova
because it IS a play, I didn`t mean serious answers)
Ekaterina Orlova
get visa to India and marry my man at last)))
Natasha Кашкай
I can not agree. Where are the rules of your play? Or even play's characteristics?
There're no jokes in your topic starting text and even in your own answers.
Inna Shvetsova
всё было согласовано с администрацией странички, что-то не нравится, Вам виднее - можете забанить. А меня просьба больше не беспокоить ни по какому поводу. Простите занята. Удачи!
Total Stranger
r u gonna marry an Indian?
Ekaterina Orlova
Natasha Кашкай
я не беспокою Вас, а как модератор указываю на некорректное название темы. За это не банят.
Kirill Tikhonov
To take over the world, as always... (c) =)
And a cup of coffee, please!
Iurii Ladutko
I wanna pee :D
Igor Semenyuk
i want to be with my beloved
Анастасия Рейн
I want to see my nice boyfriend - Jay, haven't seen him for a while
miss him
Sevara Khashimova
i wanna swim *
Ksenia Kiseleva
I want my dream to come true... Let your dreams also come true! ;)
Vafa Ibragimova
i want to be happy.really and i wish it you too
Alexandra Kruk
i think a lot of people have such dream. i am too.
Marina Kondakova
I want to sleep and to walk among the flowers :)
Alya Belova
I want that in my soul was warm...
Lyubov Setak
I want to know what I do want.
Gaukhar Akhmetova
I want to travel around the world
Валентина Солдатенко
I want 2 have a cup of tea.But I can"t leave my computer.I have been sitting for 3 hours.I must make myself stand up & and go 2 the kitchen.
Lali Sarkisyan
I want my dream come true..)) PEACE
Svetlana Makhokhey
I want my darling
Svitlana Paliyenko
I want to met somebody who will really love me......
Adelya Sensation
only sleep. so, good night!
Kostya Popov
i wаnt to sее my girl. Shе livеs in Grееcе)
Alina Urasova
i want to learn English well and travel)
Katerina Kors
I wanna sleep :D
Zhanna Alufyeva
I want to have a great memory!
Onur Gungor
I wanna travel to belarus:)
Vitya Ankudinov
I wanna be healthy, also I wanna hit someone's face....
Toni-Macaruni Dıcle
himmmmmmmmmm what shud l want now ??
Toni-Macaruni Dıcle
l fınd ıt l wana learn ruskı yazık enı one cen teach möe
Alina Tachkaver
I would like to have more free time, so that I could spend it with people I love...
Sofya Kazak
I want to travel to an uninhabited island.
Anastasia Volkova
I have to go out, but I'm still here )
Anastasia Bobrova
At first I want to go home from university:)
Masha Romanenko
I want to go to Cyprus. My wish is to swim in the sea and to have a lot of fun!)
Валентина Солдатенко
I want to get thinner.
Maria Tarashnina
I want to realize my dream
Валентина Солдатенко
I wish your dream 2 come true.
Marta Sadlova
I wont ice-cream at the moment))))
Yulia Mikhaylova
My own flat!
Anastasia Smirnova
Am at work now and I want go home so much)))
Lali Sarkisyan
Want to die
Abidin Sadykov
I want to be superman!
Seda Dolmazova
I want to talk with someone :)
Nina Kalmatskaya
I want my family and I to be healthy
Alexey Kvadrovsky
The car ... The new phone ...
Magnificent loft ... Overseas
cottage ... And much more.
Svitlana Paliyenko
lovely man)
Ahmed Ferjani
I want nothing but you :-)
Elena Meriin
I want to go somewhere far far away:)
Ilya Sinigaev
unlimited ammo and license for kil)))
Maryana Gnatyuk
Just relax:-)
Anna Dyachuk
Larisa Petrova
To quell all my negative emotions.
Валентина Солдатенко
To sleep,so I'm going to bed.
Veronika Novatorova

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