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What are you going to do this summer?

Леночка Ковтун
пишите о ваших планах на это лето.куда планируете поехать,как будете проводить время?!Let's write in English!
Sergey Abulgazin
Rockin' & drinkin' & fuckin' )
Tanya Soldatova
Alexey Shabaev
Working, having fun, starting new life)
Margarita Butova
Anna Sapelnikova
Yulia Klimenko
I'm going to work, to develop myself in different ways and to swim a lot.
Schastlivaya Belka
This summer I will go to Tunisia, with her beloved husband )))))))))
Mohmmad Banyali
I'm going home ...))) :)
Svetlana Lushkina
I going to travel with my boyfriend
Alexandra Subbotina
more likely to go away all summer in St. pererburg
Aydin Altunsoy
i will go to moscow ! then kiev :) my lovely cities :P
Maria Mikhelson
working and I hope travelling
Ilya Zakomoldin
I'm gonna meet my friends in Yekaterinburg, I haven't seen them since 2008, and I feel pretty good about it.
I don't want to work, I'd like to be absolutely free for the summer after doing my exams, so, work in summer is possible for me, but not probable.
Anastasia Lavinia
sleeeeeping, lying on the beach and getting a lots of fun!
Emma Kazaryan
I want on the sea
Selim Aydin
Hey guys,
One who wants an affordable trip which will offer you more than you expect should come to turkey. Turkey is like a bridge between the west and east, europe and asia,muslims and christians,devoloped and devoloping countries.
You wont be regretdul after you see the beauty of turkey which will make you feel as if living in parAdise:)
İf you dont believee u can ask people who have been to turkey.
Dasha Alexeevskaya
i'm probably going to the seaside
Svetlana Nadtochy
I am going to relax and stay at home
Viktoria Voloshina
I'm going to the sea at the end of July )
Veronika Eliseeva
the most exciting thing which happen this summer-concert of my favorite band (SYstem of a down) on June 21 in Moscow
Tanya Burlakova
I'm going to work, to run every morning and have fun, probably, I'll come to Turkey!
Selim Aydin
Oh you are more than welcome,Tanya
Tanya Burlakova
Daniil Ivanov
I going to Germany, living in hotel and swimmig
Yulia Lyapneva
village )))
Мария Рихтер
to work & then visit my sister in St.-Petersbourg & after it have fun at my dacha))
Rustam Garipov
Hey Selim! Yeah! You're right! I was there last summer, on honeymoon. I was charmed by the views of this country, by the climat with it's warm wet air and by the beautiful sea ofcourse. People on the street were very kind, one of them helped us to buy a phone card to make calls to home. Another thing that really wandered me - the mountains! I haven't seen such a huge giants since the time of my trip to the land of Abhazia! Awesome! So, i am gonna return there someday, but after visiting few other countries =)
Rustam Garipov
What about this summer, i am gonna make a great trip to Ukraine, Yalta, dirving a car with my wife and parents for two days untill we get it! Hope it will be amazing =)
Mayya Bagisheva
I wil go to my grandparents .
I will go to them on July, 8th and I will arrive on August, 13th=)
Ekaterina Antonova
I going to study English all summer
Andrey Schneider
I'm going to Kiev on a rock - metal festival.
Rustam Garipov
To Metal Head Mission?
Selim Aydin
Hey rustam,
İ am so happy that u like turkey and turkish people:)
Joanna Murrey
I'm going to start to learn French, finish my novel, and go to London and Cheaster with my father)))
Alexander Maady
Dance practice!:)anyway,anywhere&anytime!:D
Rustam Garipov
yeah, they really impressed me. Of cource i have seen not too much but sometimes even first sight is enough. Although i was there as a tourist, spent more time in a hotel, but we walked around a lot with my wife and we liked it! I have a dream - i want to go somewhere and to live there for a while to feel a country, to know more about people and their culture - that experiense really changes mind and makes you better
Katya Razumova
To draw and paint a lot, to watch the great list of films, to clean up everything in my room, continue to learn japanese. Yeap, I have a real plan!
Evgeny Prigoda
I'm goin to work and learn English
Anastasia Semenido
I will draw and learn English hardly/
Svetlana Sverchkova
I'll be sunbathing on the beach and hang out at discos
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
I plan to work and study. A little swim and sunbathe. Summer will be hot.
Maria Karimova
I don't know yet!(
Sergey Abulgazin
rockin' - drinkin' - fuckin' :)
Sofya Smirnova
I'm gonna go to Europe))))
Katerina Chuchko
i went to the sea last summer, so this summer i'll probably stay home to improve my body and mind.
Tatyana Belaya
I will go to Great Britain))
Ekaterina Kovaleva
working..... unfortunately...
Irina Lys
I must find a work.....
Enzhe Fardieva
I will go to Beograd.
Evgeny Solovyov
I am freak... Shit... Skyrim - it is my summer hobbie... I am nothing... :'(
Andrey Mankunia
Been already few days in Helsinki, now got back to Moscow and already started hard working - non stop(((
Dominika Safyanova
I'm going to France for a week.I'm going to the sea swim.And all summer I realaxing.
Svetlana Po
I m going to Europe.This is my first trip and I m worrying about it a lot.My English is not very well,so I afraid of speaking with foreigners)Please,tell me about your trips in German and Praha
Anna Stukanova
I'll go to Karelia !
Mari Russu
I am going on the sea and in mountains, in other time i am going to diligently
learn this language)))
Natasha Tyrina
I have already been on the Black Sea and have visited my sister. Now I am about to work in my school....until September(
Goyal Kapil
I will be in India only..!! Hope to visit some new places.!!! :)))
Lenochka Kashu
I am going to enter at the univercity
Maria Lesonen
I'm going to Scandinavia with my family. We like travelling so...
Валентина Солдатенко
После ENTER предлог не нужен. I am going 2 visit my daughter in Norway.
Zaur Nabiev
Do my business, swimm in sea and travel as much as possible.
Natasha Menshikh
I am going to rest on the black sea....))))
Ruslan Smoilov
There are so much plans in my head, just about difficult to tell what am I going to. For example I`ll go fishing.
Margarita Sharunova
i am going in italy
Lina Williams
Im going to get married)
Ilgiz Khisamutdinov
im going to San Fransisco
Irina Golova
Nothing special :) I'll live in grandma's house for 2 months.
I'm gonna meet my best friends and have a lot of fun :)
Dominika Safyanova
English camp in Jurmala, Latvia 2013. I go there for two weeks to practice English
Maxim Grilyuk
gonna look for a job)
Alesya Dergachyova
Going to London for my summer holidays this august! Any chance there's someone like me and wants to meet and have a good time?) Write me if you do :)
Vitaly Evgenyevich
This summer I worked and traveled I'm sailor so I spent the summer on the ship.
Арстанбек Алмазов
Leave in England
Chermien Syed
i am going to loose one more summer of my life, what all we have, HOPE, sooo, in any condition i have to be hopefull and positive, positive with everyone wether they are positive for me or not...

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