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The Crimea

Marina Zhuravel(chungurova)
The Crimea is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Do you agree with me?
Anna Melnik
Of course I agree with you ))) I visited the Crimea one week ago. It was the happiest 10 days ... Sevastopol, Balaklava, Yalta ... Nice mountains and fantastic Black Sea ... Eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olga Ananishina
Yes! It's true! I vacationed in Alushta month ago. And also visited Yalta and Simferopol, on trips to palaces and fortresses in the Nikita Botanical Garden. There's an incredibly beautiful! Beautiful mountains, especially Demerdzhi, which is a rock in the form of a human head ..Brought home the flowers of lavender and tea roses. I love Crimea and I want to go on vacation again next year!
Marina Zhuravel(chungurova)
Hi, Olga! I recommend you to visit Sudak next year.You`ll be astonished by picturesque views. You`ll enjoy with rocky mountains and sea. Good luck!
Olga Ananishina
Marina! Thanks for council!
Anna Melnik
As I know we have to put "the" before the names of the mountains, seas, oceans, islands and
peninsulas and some other geographical names.
Marina Zhuravel(chungurova)
Anna you are quite right. Art Nova you can make sure of it on www.homeenglish.ru
Evgeny Bufetov
I visited Sudak two weeks ago. It was beautiful!
Darya Shapovalova
Crimea... I visited Yalta in spring. so to say, particle of summer in winter (I was there in March). It's fantastic!!! I like it!))
Anna Dozorova
I have never seen The Crimea. But I heard about it. And I'd like to see The Crimea)
Alexander Rodinenko
I'm Ukrainian, but I've never been to Crimea (shame on me >_<)
Tanyusha Dronova
I'm from Crimea..It's wonderful)))
Anton Krylov
I've never been there, but I really want to see it :)
Anton Mescheryakov
I disagree. I don't like Crimea peninsula.
Maxim Kholod
Why??? Crimea its wonderful, amazing, fairy place)))
Marina Zhuravel(chungurova)
Anton, why do you think so?
Alyona Zotova
I have been to Crimea this summer! I was in Koktebel. It is small small town. Most of all I liked Kara Dark!
Anton Krylov
Marina, I want to visit places where I have never been :)
Ksenia Malygina
I've been living in the Crimea since childhood. And I haven't seen all its wonderful places yet. Because there is plenty of them. You can visit it every year and find smth new and exciting again and again.
Anya Chalaya
I've been in Crimea often. But the best memories are connected with holidays in Rybachie with my students friends. Our company included over 30 persons. And we lived on a beach and slept near the Black sea. We sang different songs of rusian bands all night and other.

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