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Introduce yourself

Евгений Смирнов
Tell smt about yourself. Where did yo born. What kind of hobby do you have? What kind of sport do you like? What are you going to do this summer? How long do you learn english and etc.
Евгений Смирнов
Hello all! My name is Evgeniy! I was born in Moscow, Russia! I'm a student, I study math and IT in the Moscow state university! I love sport! I usually go to the sweeming pool 3 times per week. I love footboll!!! Thats my favorite game, me and my friends playing footboll every saturday. I study english for 2 years...
Well have a good day, alls best:)
Ivan Yanov
Hello! My english name is Corey). I was born in Novosibirsk,Russia. I work. I love cycling with my friends or somebody. Im going to US this summer.I began to study English 1 year ago. That's all. Good luck everybody!
Евгений Смирнов
I really like cycling too! What is you riding style bmx or cross country? I like cross country in last summer I run 3 800 km on the bicycle! :-)
Lilia Ivanova
Hi! I'm Lill. I was born in Germany in Magderburg. Now I'am a secretary and also a student. I like sport, but unfortunately i have no opportunity for sport. My hobby is playing piano :)))
I studied english two years ago at the Universiy. I love this language and want to be an interpriter. This summer I don't know what to do...So you can give some advice :)))
#3 - Why your english name is Corey?
Sergey Darovsky
Hello! My name is Sergey. I was born in Leningrad, Russia. It name is Saint-Petersburg now. I'm a film director, I shooting short movies and clips. I like a music, especially newclassic. I don'l like sport. This summer i going to go in Italy and France. :)
I stady english for half a year.
Marina Pinchuk
Hello there) My name is Marina) I was born in SPB, Russia. I'm pupil, at 10 form.
I really like cookin', singin' and readin'. I like sport, especially football and biathlon. I study English 3 month. When i finish school, i wanna go to study biology and chemistry.
Tatyana Ermolaeva
Hello everybody! my name is Tatyana.I am a teacher of English.I am not a good user,I only study to work on a comp.I live in Mordovia.
Евгений Смирнов
Hello Tatiana! Nice to meet you:) People want to know what is the secret of effective learning english?:)
Tatyana Ermolaeva
I think,it's in communication with other people.I have been working as a teacher for a long time already and all these time I have been learning English with my pupils.
Roman Strukov
Hi all!=-) I'm Roman, I was born in VRN, it's my hometown)) My hobby is playing guitar, music generally, also i like sport (freestyle wrestling). This summer I'm going to visit a bard festival and go to camp I think. There. I've learnt English for.. umm.. about three years:)
Patrick Russ
Ok, I'll play. I am Patrick and I was born in Chicago, Illinois. I have lived in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, and Miami. Now I live in Orlando. I suck at English - that's why I am here.........I like long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners, and romantic music....oops, I am on the wrong website for that. Sorry.
Leysan Safina
Hi, my name is Leisan. My english name is also Leisan) I'm an anonymous alcoholic. hahah)) I'm kidding)) This topic is associated for me with a meeting of anonymous alcoholics)) Excuse me)))
I'm from Kazan, I'm 20. I'm a fourth-year student. I'll be a teacher of English and French) hmm.. that's all)
Patrick Russ
Hey, it's ok if your hobby is drinking hard liquor Leisan. :)
Leysan Safina
Yes, Patrick John Russ, and I am not ashamed to tell it)) ;-P
Your hobby, I mean hooking beautiful Russian girls, is pretty good too)
Patrick Russ
Ohhh nice one. Wait.....don't I know you? :)
Leysan Safina
I don't think so))
p.s. Stop flooding)
Yulia Dyachenko
Hello my name is Yulya. I was born in Yasinovataya. It s not a big town . Yasinovataya situated on Ukrainian i the Donetsk s region. I am 19. I want to study ENGLISH. I KNOW ENGLISH VERY BAD. I LIKE SPORT. I HOPE STUDY ENGLISH WITH YOU.
Maria Dolgikh
Hello everybody! My name is Mary. I'm 27. I live in a nice but not very big town, Kirov. It's on the Vyatka river. I've graduated from two institutes and now enjoy working. My professions are very interesting:I'm a teacher and a psychologyst. I'm very fond of learning English and teaching it.But to tell the truth nobody knows English very well even Englishmen themselves as we don't know Russian perfectly. If you need help, you are welcome!!! Will be glad to help!!!
Anna Martirosyan
Hello, I'm Anny. I am 13. I was born in Moscow and still live here) I like English VERY MUCH!!!! I study it at school and my hobby is singing! I like to talk with people and I'd like to find new friends here!!!
Angeelika Popova
Hey, my name is Angeelika. I was born in Haapsalu, it's a small town in Estonia, but I like it. I'm 13 years old. After school I go to sport club. My little dream is to go as an exchange student to USA, so I have to learn english. If somebody wants to help me with this dream you can add me to your list and we should talk in english, it wold help! :)
Elena Stividzhieva
Hi! My name is Yelena! I was born in Yakutia, Russia. I am 19 years old. My hobby is drawing comics. And I like a rock music. I want to study english!
Nadezhda Jetaime
My name is Nadya, Im from St.Petersburg)
If U need some conversational practice U are welcome!
Zhenechka Abramova
hello. my name is Jhenia.I'm seventeen years old. my native town is Nikolaev.i study in college and i am going to be a student.I need prantice english
Elena Mazur
Hello) My name is Lena.I was born in Novokuznetsk, Russia. So, I'm pupil of specialized English school.I have been learning English for 8 years.My hobby is playing the piano and singing songs. Well, I'm going to find a part-time job in this summer. I want to get much own money)
Pavel Porozov
Hi my name is Pasha. I am 17. I was born in Vologda, Russia. I am studing at special military scool. I have been learning English for 7 years. Im going to enter university. I need practice English. Write me in pm.
Dasha Shmunk
Hey, my name is Daria and I'm 13. I was born in Surgut, Russia. I now moved to London, UK and I'm studying there (so, I've obviosly studied english for quite a while:)). My hobbies are art and sculpture.
Elena Yarvinen
Hi there!)My name is Lena.I was born in Krasnoyarsk,but now i live in Tula;I moved on here four years ago.Studied in school of arts as an artist.Now just doing nothing and trying to find myself.I speak eng since i was 11,but now it goes better due to talking/chatting with foreigners.
Sweet dreams to everybody----it's too late here=))
Sergey Zabaluev
Hi! I'm Sergey. Originally I'm from Saratov, but after school I moved to Saint-Petersburg. I like active sport, I prefer windsurfing and snowboarding. I'm studing english since 11. Oh, I forgot to say that I'm 23. The best way to study language is everyday practice. So, I do my best to catch every moment to chat with foreigners. This summer I'll move in Moscow. What else..
Hm, good luck to you!
Igor Ivanov
Hi everybody! My name is Igor. I've been living in Ivanovo since the day I was born. After finishing school I entered Ivanovo State Power University and graduated with honours. I major in automation of electric power systems.

I'm interested in many kinds of sport, I mean, winter sports, football, ice hockey.
I like studying foreign languages and talking in English, though I should say I haven't reached the level I'd like to in any of the languages yet.

And I'm not going to predict the future. It's quite impossible to say now where I will be this summer.
Fatih Hersek
Hello. I am Fatih. I was born in Ankara,Turkey but i live in Ukraine now. I am teaching English and Turkish at a school.
Oleg Babin
Hello, my name is Oleg. I was born in Pripyat, Ukraine (yes, it was 29 years ago, when people still lived there). I live in Israel now. I am studying in Tel Aviv University for MSc degree (Mechanical Engineering). I like travel, animals, sport.
Zoryana Kitun
Hello everyone!!! My name is Zoriana. I'm 24. I was born in Ukraine (Sarny) and I'm still here.I finished Rivne Economy Humanitary University 2 years ago. I learnt English language and literature. I have taught english at Higher Vocational School for 3 years. Now I'm a housewife and a coach (an interpreter).

I have many hobbies such as singing, dancing, learning english and painting. Also I'm interesded in many kinds of sport -- volley-ball,table tennis, shooting and so on.

I've learnt English for 17 years and I really like it))
Marina Shatskaya
As for me, I am from Voronezh. I graduated from the Voronezh State Pedagogical Uiversity. I work at school and I like my profession very much. I like visiting "english" blogs to improove my speech. I have different kinds of hobby, but have not much time for it.
Anna Shakirova
Hello everyone! My name is Ann. I'm 14 years old, I'm young people ;D. I live in Russia. I was born in Moscow and still live here. I learn English for 4 years. I love that language very much. I study English at school, but I am bad English-speaker.
I want to communicate with other people here and I would like to make new good friends in this place!
Tanya Matskiv
hello.... my name is Tetiana... I live in Ukraine? I'm 19 and I'm a student of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University... I study at the History depertment... Now my dream is to visit Western Europe... walking through the streets? yuo see the history, which lives every bilding, monument....
Yulia Kalimova
Hi all! My name is Julia. I am thirteen years old. I was born in Syktyvkar. Syktyvkar is a small town in Russia, but it is the capital of the Komi Republic. I like volleyball and cycling very much. This summer I and my family will go to the Bulgaria, and because of this I am very happy. I learn English for six years and I really like it!
Joanna Murrey
Hello, guys!
My name's Julia and I'm 14 years old. Although I'm korean I was born in Tashkent. When I was five I moved to Moscow with my mother (by this time my dad was already in Moscow). I'm studying in the Korean school now. I learn English and Korean at the same time there))) My hobbies are playing guitar, drawin', singin', by the way I write my own novel right now and want to finish it by the end of these summer holidays!)))
I will communicate with any interesting people with pleasure so add please))))
Selim Aydin
Hello all,
This is selim from istanbul,turkey.
İ am an economics but working as an english agent in an airline company in turkey.
İ would like to be a cabin crew in an airline and fly to all around the world so that i would have chance to meet all of you;)
Igor Kryuchkov
Hi:)my name is Igor. I live in Moscow. I learn English rather long time, but I've lost little skill because of serving in the army. I want to enter the linguistic university and need practice. Also I learn czech and portugal languages and go in for mixed martial arts. Thanks for attention)) I hope somebody will give me an advice or help with practice:) Add or write in private:)
Ivan Bilous
Hello! My name is Ivan. I was born in Ukraine. I lived in the mountain town of Rakhiv, in the Transcarpathion region. I am studying in class 9. My hobby is studying geography, traveling and football.This summer I want to improve their knowledge of English.
Viktoria Voloshina
Hi !
So, my name is Victoria and I'm 16. I was born in Ukraine in the little town of Berdichev.
I'm studying at school .I'm studying the last year. After school I want to enter the university, which will connect my life with English.
I have some hobbies, among them are: learning English, sport, I like also to read interesting books, cinematograph and many others.
Мария Рихтер
Hello everyone!

My name is Maria. I'm 24 years old. I'm from ancient city of Yaroslavl. I have already receieved my higher education as an English language & cultural anthropology teacher. But now I am working as a social worker. I like to read Russian classics & to listen to my favourite songs. Also I compose verses & short stories.
Karina Nazarova
hi! i dont't know english well, but I want to practice my english. I think that your group can help me in it.
my name is Kris.I'm 16 years old and I'm study at school. i take part in sport competition of table tennis.also i can play the piano, like to travel and fotograph. i hope i don't do many mistakes in this text)
Radmirka Dmitriev
Whoss up gyes)))
my name is Radmir i was born in Russia, i m from Kazan. i m like music) my hobbie is trance, films and sport)))
Aygul Safina
Hi! My name is Aigul. I am 16. I am from Ufa,Russia. I am a pupil. I like English very much.I like travel,pets.
Azim Azim
Hi! my name is Azim and was born in Samarqand - it is one of oldest citys in the world. Now I live in Moscow, I learning in Tax Academy here. English nesessury for my, I want to speak and write in English without mistakes, but now I can't. who wants to be my friend?? )
Tatyana Klimova
Hi. My name is Tanya. I'm from Moscow. I studied in the school with intensive studying of foreign languages. In the school I was taught english and french languages. I also went on courses and studied english there. I graduated the Tax Academy last year. Now I work in a bank, the most intensive developing bank in the region. I would like to continue practicing english language, and learn french and other languages. I am keen on swimming, learning english and french languages, travelling abroad and taking photographs of places of interest. I enjoy going to the exhibitions and on the excursions.
Guy Min
My name is Gu Weiming. 17 years old . from CHina. i like music, playing FPS games, chatting, making freinds.. My character is outgoing . Welcome to China , My Russian &Ukraine&Belarus
&.... all The former Soviet Union
Sergio Del-Carpio
Hello, my name is Sergio. I am not from Russia, of course...I am from Peru. My native language is spanish, but I know english pretty well...I studied it most of my life in academies and also in the USA...so if you need help with your english, I can give you a hand. Just add me, and in exchange, I would like to learn russian language...so if you know any resources where I can improve my russian, I will gladly help you with your english. See you!
Umut Sogut
hello i'm from Turkey,i know english about 2 years but i need someone for practice.Im working as a receptionist in a hotel,if you want to practice your english add me))
Oleg Vazhinsky
Hello! My name is Oleg. I am 20 years old. I was born in Kazakhstan in 1992. I finished the local school in 2010. After that I came to Tomsk, Russia, in order to study.Now I am studing Photonics and optical informatics. I like active sport as rowing and jogging. I also like to write essaies and novels. My hobby closely connected with my future profession - I collect cameras. Saying about my family status, I want to accentuate the fact that I havegot a beautiful girlfriend. We have been dating for 2 years and we are going to marry as soon as possible. My learning process has begun in school and it is still unfinished. I strongly believe that my future profession will be connected with english and photonics.
Mari Russu
Hello! My names is Maria. I am 16 years old. I was born in Moldova, but I live in Russia, Budennovsk at now. I want to learn English. I very like K-Pop music and South Korea in general. In future I want to go there)))
Apollonia Vlasova
Hi! I'm Apollonia. I live in Russia, in Moscow. I enjoy going in for sports like box, tennis and horse-riding. I learn to play piano. In my free time, which I don't have enough, I like to play chess and read books by classical English and Russian writers. My favourite authors r Bulgakov, Gogol, Nabokov, Agatha Christie, Emily Bronte and Maeve Binchy. My favourite music ganres r classical music, rock and heavy metal. I have a lot of pets: a dog, a rabbit, guinea pig, 10 rats, a hamster, 2 turtles and about 20 fishes. I enjoy travelling abroad. I've been to 13 or 14 countries. To some of them I've been 3 or more times. I learn English and Spanish. In future I'd like to be a neurologist and I'm preparing for this now. (Oh God, reminds me school topics in 3-4 forms)))
Oner Demir
Hi, my name is öner. i am from Ankara, the capital of Turkey than my family moved to Fethiye (you may know as Ölüdeniz) After living for 13 years in Fethiye, i moved to İstanbul where i live now. After taking some english lectures at school i worked in a hotels bar for 2 summer seasons to improve my english especially in speaking. i am a marine engineer so that i am visiting many countries by ship.I am working in multinational crewed ships so i am good at speaking english and i have learned spanish some from books and some from the peruvian crew. Even i usually have limited time at ports, i am trying to get around the cities as much as possible. Mostly english is useful in many countries but at some part of world it is totally unnecessary:) Especially the countries in which are spoken spanish and russian. I had a vocation in kyiv and i decided to learn russian at least in an enough degree to expain myself so that i am thinking to take russian lessons in kyiv (bec i have girlfriend there) . Thats why i am in vk and honestly another reason is wormix :))
i am glad to meet people speaking russian, i can help making practice in speaking and writing than when i start learning russian i am sure you can help me too :)
Pia Rogers
Hello, I'm Pia, I'm 20 years old and from the UK.
I study Anthropology and will later work for the UN trying to help bring peace to the world.
Ленара Смолянова
hi))i am Lenara))i am from moscow. I want to know english very well and if you have such goal please, dont hesitate talk to me)))
Inna Alexandrovna
Hello, people! My name is Inna and I like languages. This moment Im learning English and Spanish. Lets help to each other! Now I'm in England but Im from Moscow.
Paul Perfect
Elvis Presley used to be a truck driver before he started singing. I just did nothing. Don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams.
James Head
His house (Graceland) is less than an hour from me..
Pro Life
Hi! Let me introduce myself)
My name Albina, im from Ufa, im 23.
Irina Krivopolenova
Hello! My name is Irina. I am 27. I was born in Arkhangelsk region. I am a school English teacher. I have a son. He is 11 months old. I don`t go in for sport, but I like to play basketball.
Nailya Medvedeva
Hi! My name is Nel! I am from Kazan) I have a son and a daughter, whom I love very much) I work in a store fixture
Aysuu Mongusheva
Hi!))Very pleasantly,you impress me.)I have begining level,and I want to study English very well. I hope on your friendship!))
Inna Shvetsova
I`m terrible) Inna the Terrible)
Анастасия Рейн
Hey, sup?
I am Anastasia. I'm 16 but almost 17 yey :)
I was born in Russia, Novosibirsk but I live in Carmel IN, USA
I'm a sophomore, and my English is still suck...I don't know why...even if I speak English everyday with everyone beside my mom, well...I guess English is just something what I will never learn.
So...yeah...Imma watch a movie with my Russians friends.
Have a nice day guys!
Natalia Fateeva
I'm Natalie. I'm married. I live in Tomsk. My hobbies are cooking, reading and writing. I want to become a writer.
Ahmet Harputlugil
hi all!
why everybody tell their names? all our names already writen above! anyway, i am a captain and working about 10 years over sea... have been more than 50 countries till now. if someone need any answer from any country around the world, i would like to answer with pleasure if i have been there before...
keep smiling whole your life guys ;)
Nikolay Rakhmatulin
Let me introduse myself. My name is Nikolay but some foreigners call me as Nick i dont like this name I always say them that my name Nikolay not Nick. Im 24 years old. Im a navigator now in rank 3rd officer wanna be chief I hope i will become some days some years, hope it will not take much time. This web site is really perfect for improving English. So sorry that i found its just 1 week ago!
Nikolay Rakhmatulin
Dude it is Destiny my life also bonded by sea!
Brandon Wells
Hello all,

My name is Brandon. I'm an American, I am making my first trip to Russia this summer.
I work for one of the largest animal hospitals in the United States. In my free time I'm usually playing basketball or practicing my Russian.

I'm here hoping to meet some people before my trip. =)
Elya Zubenko
Hello! My name is Eleonora. At the moment I live in Uzgorod in Ukrainian.

I like tennis and swim. My favorite animal is dogs,dolphin.
Alexander Listopadov
Hi, my name's Alexander. I live in Krasnodar, Russia. I'm a software developer, SQL administrator and a engineer. I'm also a musician and a designer. My hobbies are 3D-modeling, writing music and lyrics and writing stories. My fav. band in Pink Floyd, my fav.style of music is progressive rock. I love animals. I read a lot and try to keep up with the modern world. I'm always happy to meet new people and chat.
Irina Kazakova
Hi,my name is Irina. I live in Bashkortostan. I'm a teacher.I like children and my job.Recently I and my family have moved to new house. My favourite season is winter and I like New Year very much!!!
Almat Saylaukhan
So, my name is Almat. I know English good enough to have good marks at school. I like animating, btw.

Maxim Krasov
I'm Max
I got my MAR at NNU, Idaho, worked as a camp counselor, program director and now run my own camp. Check it out)- www.kidsprojects.ru
Валентина Солдатенко
What do you teach? I hope you aren't an English teacher.
Darya Russkih
Let me introduce myself, my name is Darya Russkih. I am 17 years old. I was born Ukhta. I want to learn English!
Satish Kumar
I am Satish from India. Can i help you?
Guldan Bakytzhanova
Hello all!my name is Guldana.i am a teacher of English. I was born in Kazakhstan,Aktobe.I am 23. I have family. If you need English,you ere welcome,,!
Павел Припаньковский
I was born in USSR. I am 24 now. I am an engineer. Also I train hard Thai boxing, full-contact knife fighting and gun-shooting. I love to drive a car, listening music and read different articles.
Алёнка Павлюченко
Hey, everybody!
I am glad I have found this group , ' cause I am a teacher of English but I work with small children and it seems to me I start forgetting language (((
I was born in Russia but I live and work in Ukraine . I miss Moscow very much . I have two children, a nice granddaughter and a funny pug . I Iike traveling .
I am open for communication :))

Mikhail Torotenkov
Hi, everybody! I'm 23. I was born in N. Novgorod.
I'm manager f&b. My hobbies are cooking, photo, web design, reading...and music (rock, techno and other)
I want to learn english, but my english... Bad)
I'm always happy to meet new people and chat!))

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