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Игра "вопрос-ответ" // Question-Answer

Асель Жабагина
пусть каждый задает один вопрос, а следующий человек отвечает чесно,и задает свой вопрос другому следующему! очень интересно и полезно)
Асель Жабагина
What do you do?
Artyom Eremeev
I compose music.
What is the craziest action you've ever done?
Oleg Grone
I like to write a fantasy.
Do you like to read fantasy?
Lira Borisova
yes,I do! Are you afraid of black cats?
Oleg Grone
I have got a nice black cat in my house. It's name is Begemot ( as the cat from Master and Margarita)
Have you a pet?
Tatyana Shaposhnikova
Yes, I have cat.What your hobbies?
Yulia Mitrofanenko
I hate my life. And you?
Elena Korzenikova
No, I don't!
Do you like to sing? (it's one of my hobbies)
Kristina Myrxina
it`s mine too!!!)))I like it!!!!))) ))))))))))))))))))))
Do U want change your life???
Elena Korzenikova
Well... may be some parts... marry for example)))

Can you speak French?
Alek Yakovlev
No, I can't
What kind of music you like?
Vadim Kalinovsky
It depends on my mood

Why did you decide to study English?
Rinat Khalikov
I want to be a journalist ... and, to do him well to know
what is your profession or what would you like to be?
Асель Жабагина
I'm going to be an ambassador(international comunication)

What kind of season do you like?
Elena Bordyuzha
I like summer!
how old are you?
Игорь Полищук
I'm 19 years old.
When you're feeling down, what comfort foods do you enjoy?
Elizaveta Lobanova
I like sweets and hot tea.)))
Have you a brother or a sister?
Асель Жабагина
I have a brother
Where are you from?
Olya Burkova
I'm from Saint-Petersburg)
What are you?
Angeelika Popova
I'm from Tallinn :)
What is the most interesting book you have ever read?
Oleg Grone
I have just read a very interesting book - Povelitel Draconov. It was wrote by young writer Julia Gluchova.
Do you like fantasy? And what is you favorite kinds of books?
Irina Volkova
I like fantasy.
it's my favourite kind of book.

What is your hobby?
Alek Yakovlev
I am a musician

Have you got any instrument? (поправьте, если неправильно)
Асель Жабагина
I have a dombyra(kazakh instrument)

What's your favourite day?)
Tatyana Lashina
friday )))
What kind of country do you want to visit?
Alexandra Peshkova
I want to vizit Austrelia!!!
Have you ever been there?
Tanya Piagova
hm. I do not.))
what you want to watch a movie?
Lena Fedorova
I like to watch a horror movies
what is your favourite color?
Firuza Kalmagambetova
My favourite colour is green.
Where did you go last summer?
Асель Жабагина
I went to Saint-Petersburg
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?))
Irinka :-)
no? i have not.
why so cold today???
Silvia Fatikhova
Because it`s winter. If you had a million,how would you spend it?
Vadim Penyaz
Won't spend.. I'll use it as wallpapers.. Would u like to free Willy?
Irina Pilipenko
Yes, I'd like. But I need anybody's help)
Is there any life on Mars?
Svetlana Veselova

Ruslana Semchenko
(Transkarphatian region))

Englishclub Merge
No time for that.

Do you study English?
Alek Yakovlev
No, I do not have time ((

What is your profession?
Olga Buslaeva
I will be an economist.(now I'm a student)
Do you like to take a picture?
Evgeny Gudkov
))чем то 6 класс школы напоминает))).. Без обид..
А в школе 5-6 класс по английскому был полный ноль..
Но так как был класс с усиленны изучением языка.. То после школы в колледже и потом уже в академии на уроках английского считался батаном законченным)).. Щелкал английский как семечки. Ну относительно конечно.. Сравнивая с однокурсниками..
Так что понимаю теперь как все зависит от преподавателя!!
Vladimir Belikov
Евгений Гудков: чем то 6 класс школы напоминает.
The latest question was: "Would you like some tea?"
My answer: No, I've just had a really generous mug of strong black coffe.
My question: Do you know how many space missions of the shuttle space program have remained before the program will be finally closed?
Igor Chezganov
Holly Sweet Wikipedia!!
Mission of the space shuttle will finally closed at 2011. They thought that they would fly into space until 2017 and invest in the program 1.5 billion dollars a year, but the shuttle Discovery after the disaster they have to minimize the program already in july 2011 after the last flight Atlantis shuttle. I understand.

My question: Do you know why curtailed flights to the moon? Why people do not land the moon? And why we was not built a Moon Park? There may be Aliens!?
Elena Malkova
Asel. I'm from Novokuznetsk. Have u a pet?
Alexander Koykov
No, I have no but I regret about this.
Do you believe in God?
Oksana Ershova
I believe that there is a sparkle that each living being has within himself/herself and combined this is God. All of us are Gods in a sense.
Do you like Jason Mraz's Plane song?
Nastya Popova
I haven't heard it((
Why do some people like eating apple seeds?
Galina Alexeevna
because the seeds of apples a lot of vitamins

why everyone loves barbecue?
Yuliana Demidova
cause it's funny!

Have you ever been to Africa? What do you think of it?
Mariyka Uvarova
I haven't been to Africa, but I think Arficamen are so cute)

Do you often think about the end of the world?
Vladimir Belikov
I think of the end of the world only when somebody tells me that there will be the end of the world next year, or in two years, or in 10 years. I've heard of the end of the world coming very soon from my childhood. I am over 50 now, and the world still has not ended. I've read that people expected the end of the world since times immemorable, and always postponed the date. I've read that anticipation of the end of the world before the year 1000 AD (1000 years after the birth of Jesus Christ) was so strong that many people commited suicide (killed themselves) just to avoid the suffering of the end of the world. As we can see now, that end of the world had not happened. Neither had many others afterwards. At the same time, there have been many catastrophes in the past, which killed so many people. A personal end of the world is always around, but it is not for the whole world.

So, I think of the end of the world, but not so often. I believe it is not reasonable to think of things that are expected to happen tomorrow, but do not happen in millenia. If the ends of the world had happened every 3 or 5 years, as predicted, I whoud have believed in them.

My question:
Have you ever tried cloud computing services?
Alyona Ketova
Yes, I have
Alyona Ketova
Where are you from?
Stanislav Sebin
Im Russian, ofcourse.
How old r u?
Vlad Kolesnichenko
Im 15.
What is your favourite book?
Miss Anonimka
My favorite book is "The picture of Dorian Grey"
What do you think about life?
Igor Ivanov
This is a very complex and unpredictable thing. And it's quite impossible to estimate it completely independently because we're parts of this phenomenon.

Do you think it's a myth that most Americans dislike Russian people, and vice versa?
Mr-Alex Yastrebov
I think that the ordinary American, be indifferent to the Russian people and the rest is business policies.

Tell me please, beauty will save the world?
What is more important than the soul or the exterior?
excuse me, asked 2 questions))
Yulia Angelova
beauty is enjoy us. Every man like beutiful girls. so it is like a @musa@ for each of us. besides my conclusion that of course the beauty save our world.
talking about soul and eterrnation i can say Tastes differ. It depends of persan and his valuation of life.
Evil communications corrupt good manners.did you agry with its proverd? oror what do you think about it?
Lena Nemova
i think evryone coomunicate according to her/ his attitude to the live. there are devils and angels of the coomunication..smth like that%)
can you live alone, without communications...in the forrest?^^
Mr-Alex Yastrebov
I could not! need variety in life))

What is your favorite pastime?
Irusya Zaika
I am fine.! Have you been in London?
Svetlana Komarova
I haven't been in London. Are you believe in love at first blush?
Svetlana Nguen
No, I don't. It's not love but passion or attraction.

What cities would you like to visit?
Mr-Alex Yastrebov
I like Petersburg)))

but as you Petersburg?))
Igor Ivanov
I haven't been there yet. I'm going to make up this gap one day.

What do you believe is better: to have ten friends that you like so much and can't live without OR to have hundreds of friends that you're related to somehow or other, but when you can't say you're confident of your friendship and could even forget their names occasionally?
Асель Жабагина
I have been to there, very beautiful city, fantastic)))

Which the best film for you?
Igor Ivanov
The best film is the one that can really cut you to the heart.

And what about the friendship's question (see above)?
Nastya Popova
Friendship is a nice thing, in general. But I think that if a person has a lot of close friends he or she is very vulnerable and can be easily hurt. Strong and confident people don't have friends, they have only acquaintances.

What is the best song ever?
Svetlana Komarova
I think that the best song forever is Besame Mucho, because it's about love and intoxicant passion/
What Ayvasovsky's picture you like more other?
Anya Dolgova
I don't know Ayvasovsky's pictures, unfortunately
Why you learn English?
Dashulka Isaykina
Because I want enter university WITH ENGLISH)
You love red shoes?
Valeria Vyachina
I love red shoes with a high heel))
Do you like sing in a shower???
Elina Sadretdinova
Oh, Yes, I like sing in a shower, It's funny ^^
What is your very mad action?
Yulia Mironova
I like to dansing! How are you feeling?
Svetlana Komarova
I' m fine. Thank you.
What is the weather today?
Oleg Babin
Sunny, 25 C
What your favorit movie?
Elena Belaya
"The Notebook"
How did you spend your last weekend?
Nikolay Firstov
I was on vacations.
Do you like french? I like English much more)))
Oleg Babin
I agree with you. And not only about language. I have been in France and England. England people very nice, french people are disagreeable. London is a wonderful city, Paris also beautiful but less friendly.
What country do you want to visit?
Асель Жабагина
I want to visit to England, meet new friends)

What's the best holiday did you have?
Anastasia Kascheeva
I had the best holiday, when I were little and everything of my family went to walk in park. It was very fun!)))) What's the very happy day in your life?
Viktoria Kuzmenko
Of course, it`s the day when I attended Rammstein`s concert.....:)
What music makes you happy?))
Olga Tsapova
club music makes me happy))

What time is it now?? :D
Sergey Shelestov
Where are you going to study further?
Luiza Ionova
i'm going to study in Moscow, though i really want to go abroad,,,

What country admires you?
Nastya Popova
I admire Russia)) so many problems, and we still exist))))
Do you bite nails?
Marina Skarlygina
no!. I used to bite my nails only in my childhood..
Why do you like or doesn't like children????
Anastasia Kascheeva
I very love children!!!!!!!!Because they radiate happyness!!!
What's the kind of films do you like?
Anastasia Batalina
I like horror movies.
What kind of music you like?
Marina Skarlygina
'Настюша!! What kind of music DO you like?
I prefer rock music.
Did you use to listen @@@Руки вверх@@@@ in your childhood??
Alya Ischuk
I listened.... I feel ashamed.....*)))))
---"Who climbs to the cops on a car?ююю"?*))))
Darya Ponomarenko
not I
who was in Britain
Diana Diana
my friend was last year

do you like fish?
Sergey Astafyev
Yes? I like it. Is here anybody? who know something about waterfall Anhel in Norway&
Vlad Makarov
I don't know :S
How are you? :\
Alina Fazlutdinova
I'm fine. What's your favourite movie?
Roman Strukov
SAW, all parts)) what about you???
Асель Жабагина
Titanic))) What's your job?
Evgeny Lipkin
i'm proogrammist.
do u see "big bang theory"? do u like?
Sergey Astafyev
I seen it long time ago. Are U ever tasted Tom Yum Kung?
Marina Skarlygina
I've never heard of it.
Do you like to cook???
Yulya Sorokolit
Yes I like it)))
Do you like amerikan actress Yulia Roberts?
Svetlana Komarova
#103 No, I don't. I like Ludmila Gurchenko more.
Who is your favorite writer?
Anna Tsvetkova
Jack London. Especially his novells.
What you think about the end of times in 2012?))
Olya Karpova
I dont beilive in it)
Who is your favorite singer?
Anya Dolgova
Hizumi from D'EspairsRay. His voice is something awesome.
What is your favorite movie?
Nelya Bagira
On the one hand, it is awfull. Because I very young people.On the other hand, I believing in GOD. Only GOD decide when will be THE END.

Are YOU listening ROCK?))
Galina Litvinova
No,I'm not. But sometimes it happens))

What secret are you hiding?
Anna Tsvetkova
I can fly ))

What were you doing 10 minutes ago?
Danila Osipov
i was watching X-files - Season# 3 episode #5

What is your last dream you had?
Anna Tsvetkova
It's great))))

I want to have a trip on Cuba...

Have you a boyfriend?
Danila Osipov
Thank you god that im not GAY ... no , no boyfriend for me :)

What is you first thing that you made with your own hands ?
Anna Tsvetkova
I don't remember. May be it was a kind of drawing...

At what time do you usually go to bed?
Danila Osipov
When i feel like it ...
Daniel Dostanov
what music do you like? say me.....
Anna Tsvetkova
I like different music. It depends on my mood.

Are you happy?
Daniel Dostanov
of course! what do you usually do at the weekend?
Galina Litvinova
I'm watch TV and go for a walk in my neighborhood!
Who are you thinking about?
Anna Tsvetkova
I usually think about my children.

What can make you crying?
Ksenia Novikova
Great feelings can make me cry.

What country do you want to visit?
Galina Litvinova

what can make you lol?
Marina Skarlygina
i don't know.
what does lol mean??
Maria Matveeva
I'm dying of laughter
What's your favorite sport?
Erdnya Mankirov

What are you doing now?
Elizaveta Tikhonova
I don't like sport.
How many children do you want? (sorry if it was...)
Elizaveta Tikhonova
I serf the net)
Mariya Panchishak
I live in Lviv.What's your opinion of life?
Alyonka Shulchik
Life is a very difficult thing but at the same time it`s the best what God could invent!!! Where do you like to travel?
Olga Kalinnikova
I like to travel abroad!;))) I've been to America & France=)))
What are your life goals?
Olga Chibisova
My life goal is to be happy:)
What's your favorite movie?
Anna Pivovarova
It's "The green mile". Where are you?
Marina Skarlygina
i'm at home. Where and how do you learn English???
Galina Alexeevna
I teach English at home alone

with whom you communicate in English?
Marina Skarlygina
I communicate in English with my teachers and groupsmates. They are from UK and USA
Why do you learn English????
Galina Alexeevna
I love British rock music, culture, I love this country

I teach English to understand English songs and movies
Guzel Shikarnova
because i live in 21 century,and i think it is terribly when you dont know this language! But now my english is very bad, but i plan go on engleash lessons since end of april. I hope my english will be good))))

How many time need to learn this language? (3 month, 1 year e.t.c.)
Galina Alexeevna
I completely agree with you!

Have you been to England?
Guzel Shikarnova
No, I was in Europe: Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Austria e. t.c. And you?
Galina Alexeevna
wow! and I have nowhere abroad was not

where have you enjoyed most?
Guzel Shikarnova
in France, Cannes
Olga Chibisova
I think it takes at least a year to have a grasp of basic knowledge. But overall, the more you comnunicate with native speakers the better you become
Darya Kondratyeva
Where can we chat up with native speakers in Russia? In St.Petersburg?
Маша Рослякова
You can find special courses with native speakers as teachers - good practise*)

what song is the most played in youur music library?
Olga Chibisova
Adele - lovesong))

I don't live in Russia now, but I think there must be courses with native speakers. For sure.
Marina Skarlygina
joe cocker -- my father's son
have you got any fobias???
Pavel Dolgy
I have a fobie of the end of the Earth)))

Do you play table tennis?
Marina Skarlygina
I used to play a bit but now I don't play
What kind of sport activity do you enjoy the most? Why?
Stanislav Stanislavsky
I like volleyball. My height is 190 cm.

What time did you have a breakfast yesterday?
Pavel Dolgy
Seven o'clock.

And you?
Ruslana Semchenko
I had my breakfast at 9a.m =)
What are you doing on this weekend?
Kristina Kozhemyakina
I'm gonna spend these wonderful days with my music-band (though as usually;)))))
who d'u trust?)
Дмитрий Богданов
I only trust me and my cat=)))

Do you want to know how to create interesting board games or play one of them?
Олеся Гладкова
Do you want to go to the USA? Why?
Andrey Dmitriev
Yeah, i covet it!

Because it is very beatiful country, with smoth ways, warm, pure streets, polite people, expansive cars and placts, green trees and palms, and even prospectives!
Andrey Dmitriev
Do u have a lot of problems recently?
Roman Platonov
It depens on that u mean about problems.
some difficulties with education, and, of course, lack of free time for doing something =)

What about things wich makes u happy?)
Anna Yavlinskaya
Galina Alexeevna
I love muzyku.sport.kino

you listen to the Beatles?
Anna Tsvetkova
I like the Beatles. They are very expressive!

Do you like to drink tea or coffee in Sunday morning?
Larisa Meleschenko
I like to drink coffee.
Do you like traveling?
Darya Belka
yes of course!i like travelling,because its important for me,so i travel every year!

my qustion is about you favorite kind of music and why?
Anna Tsvetkova
I listen to different kins of music. It depends of my mood & condition. When I feel good and wanna have fun - I listen to pop-music. When I just want to sit, think, be serious - my choise is rock, for example.

Do you like zombie-movies and why?
Marina Polikovskaya
"Zombie movies"- sounds interesting and exciting. The only problem is the computer effects. In my opinion, there is a tendency to use too much technology instead of traditional acting. This fact makes me angry. However, sometimes it can be really relaxing to cuddle in front of TV with a blanket and a cup of tea:)

What's your favorite book character and why?
Anna Tsvetkova
There aren't too much computer effects in zombie-movies. Zombies are made by make-up)))

My favorite book character is Alexy Meresjev from Boris Polevoy's "Story about Real Man" (?).
This character was taken from real man - the pilot, who could get with broken lags from the middle of the forest to people and overcame himself and system. He could fly and shooted down airplanes without lags which were amputated. This is an example of the really strong human nature.

What is your favourite colour?
Marina Polikovskaya
I have two favorite colors:
1. white - it symbolizes both purity and threat. White clothes emphasize human's personal features. On the one hand they underscore the beauty and on the other they make you stunning.
2. purple - nice and energetic color; suits well in the winter and in the summer as well.

Do you think computers are educational?
Polina Kulish
I think that computers are useful!
Have u ever been in England?
Igor Grot
no. unfortunately

Have you ever eaten frogs?

p.s. Полина Кулиш, it should be written as "to England" instead of "in England"
Anya Gnatyuk
Yes, lost year I went to London with my brother) i have fun!

What music and films you like?
Sundaranathan Sampath
I like Rock, retro, rock n roll, blues as far as music goes.

I like action and sci-fi films
Nastya Perkhun
I like little kats
Marina Skarlygina
Where are your questions???
Vera Raspetyuk
what are you doing tonight?
Sundaranathan Sampath
I probably will be watching a film or resting or eyes.

What is the meaning of life?
Kristina Kozhemyakina
life means life...))
and what's death?
Sundaranathan Sampath
Death is when there is no heart beat :p
Akmal Narziev
Dear Sunny u forgot ur question)

death means when ur heart stops and ur soul pass to the other dimension... i guess...

i like watching movies and listening to rock!

how do u think, do i have to try everything in my life, literally everything?
Anna Zhuravleva
I think that in life you should try to only what is pleasant or helpful

Would you like to do some scientific discovery?
Sundaranathan Sampath
I'll of course very much like that.

Are you single?
Akmal Narziev
yes i'm single(i guess the question wasn't for me)

Анна but doing only pleasant and helpful is sometimes boring?
Anastasia Gorelova
may be!to change life in a good way!

What are you doing to rise up your mood?
Akmal Narziev
i listen to rock music, watch some comedy movie or a tv program like "Большая Разница" or smth like that)) oorr go for a walk with my friends...

what's ur favourite horror movie?
Sundaranathan Sampath
The Ring

What will you do when the "time" comes?
Akmal Narziev
time? u mean death? i'm not afraid of death.

do you think i am lying?
Svetlana Komarova
I think everybody is a few lies.

Do you afraid spaiders?
Sundaranathan Sampath
Not particularly

Will you enter politics if you had the chance?
Akmal Narziev
yes i would.

do u like traveling?
Anastasia Gorelova
yes))very much!!If I have a opportunity I will travel all over the world!!

What do you like the most - banana and orange?
Sundaranathan Sampath

Have you ever been curious about Africa?
Anastasia Gorelova
never)but mat be i want to know something about that)

what is your favourite time of a day?
Sundaranathan Sampath
Night. It's usually very quiet :)

Do you like dancing?
Anastasia Gorelova
yes! very much!i like sometimes dance at home with myself and to turn music very load!))

Do you want to fly on the Mars?
Sundaranathan Sampath
Who doesn't? I definitely do, even if it means I can never come back and will have a horrible death on the red planet.

How many kids would you like to have?
Anastasia Gorelova
two)boy and girl!)

Do you want to me a vampire?
Anastasia Gorelova
Do you want to meet a vampire?
Sundaranathan Sampath
I do not believe in them, but if there are vampires, I'd sure love to meet them. Who knows may be a sexy vampire girl will fall in love with me. LOL

Are you capable of killing a puppy?
Anastasia Gorelova
o,no. I cant do that!

Can you draw?
Sundaranathan Sampath
I can. It just won't make any sense. :p

Can you kiss a girl?
Vahe Tonakanyan
ahaha yeah l guess i can.
Do u give a damn what people think about u?)
Sundaranathan Sampath
Not really, unless they mean some thing to me.

Do expect to get laid on your first date?
Akmal Narziev

do u like to drink?
Sundaranathan Sampath
If I had the right company.

Have you ever been to Siberia?
Akmal Narziev
i live there)) in Surgut. it's really cold here))

where r u from?
Stepan Alexashin
I'm from Sankt-Petersburg.
How old are you?
Yulia Polyakova
I am 27 years old.
What is the meaning of life?
Anastasia Gorelova
the meaning of life is LIFE))

what do you prefer - staying at home or go to the nightclub?
Sundaranathan Sampath
Staying at home.

What is your grandest fantasy?
Veronika yurshina\shurakova
A week in Paris
would you join me?)))
Galina Alexeevna
Unfortunately I can not

and who do you go?
Ekaterina Myslivtseva
Sometimes I think that I can live like that!)))) But, in fact, no! No! no!)))))) I like talk with people! I like fun! )))
My question is:
- What do U prefer life in a big city or village?
Akmal Narziev
definitely in a big city, village is maybe more useful,because there is calm and fresh air and e.t.c.

do u believe in the presense of aliens?
Anna Tsvetkova
u mean representatves of civilizations from other planets among us? may be. I prefer not to judge strictly about things that I can't know for sure.

Do u want to be a president? Why?
Emilia Bikmetova
No, I do not. Coz I think it is difficult.
How do you teach English?
Olga Alexeeva
i listen audio-books and i talk with my boss (he is from Korea, and don`t speak russian).
How are you?
Anna Tsvetkova
I'm fine. Thank u!)))

Do u want to have an eternal life?
Diana Vorobyeva
Well, that's a really difficult queistion... I think, it could be boring. On the other hand - you can learn lots of interesting things and become incredibly wise and experienced in all areas.

What's the most effective way of learning foreign language?
Anna Tsvetkova
I think that the most effective way is communication with citizens of country for whom this language is native.

What is the most beautiful place for u?
Kenzo Smith
It is credible place where by sight any man feels satisfied.
Did you love?
Anna Tsvetkova

Is beauty able to save the world?)
Kenzo Smith
of course..
you want will to be my friend???))))
Anton Korabel
I'm from Rherson. Do you bielieve in God&
Zoryana Kitun
I don't know what to say - may be "yes".What's your favourite animal? And why?
Alexandra Peshkova
My favourite animal is bold cat!!! They are funny!!!
Do you like it? Would you like to have it?
Olga Alexeeva
maybe you mean "bald cat"?I don`t like bald cat`s. I have Britain cat!!!She is so beautiful!!!
You trust in horoscopes?
Anna Lymarenko
Sometimes, when the forecast contains a positive spirit!!!
Do you like sports??? What kind???
Olga Alexeeva
i like sport very much!!!my favorite is volleyball!
you smoke?
Fara Duman
no, i don't smoke. you watch "Vampire Diaries"
Olga Alexeeva
no, i don`t!
where are you going this summer?
Anastasia Gorelova
I dont know yet)

what do you think - will the end of the world happen?
Akmal Narziev
ofcourse will...when the time will come..it will...

do u believe in fate??
Anastasia Gorelova
i believe im myself))

what is the last film which you've seen and do you like it?
Akmal Narziev
it was "Water for elephants" , the movie was very good, i really like it))

did watch "Water for elephants" ??
Svetlana Komarova
No, I didn't.

Do you like poems and stories by Pushkin?
Асель Жабагина
Yes I do! They are very wonderful.

What makes you fell good?
Ramad Mikitov
I not that, I who!
Who will win the league a champion?
Ramad Mikitov
Ramad Mikitov
mistaken little
Ramad Mikitov
Who will win the league a champion?
Ekaterina Sokolenko
Honestly, I don't interested in it...
What are you going to do in this summer?
Elizaveta Zolotaryova
I'm going to Italy.
How are you?
Sofya Revutskaya
I'm fine, I aеt!
What food you like?
Tymofii Lekh
What clothes you liked?
Anastasia Gorelova
I like casuel style!

what juice do you prefer?
Nady Kiwi
I prefer apple juice.
Are you pupil or student?
Асель Жабагина
I"m a pupil

What languages do you know?
Maxim Alexeev
English and Russian.
What are doing now?
Anya Volodkina
I listen to music)
What kind of music you enjoy listening to?
Akmal Narziev
i like rock!

what will u do on summer holidays??
Ekaterina Kholodtsova
I like rock.
Do you love to travel?
Akmal Narziev

do you fear darkness?
Ekaterina Kholodtsova
What country do you prefer?
Akmal Narziev
err..somewhere warm maybe islands...bagahamas maybe)

what's ur favourite rock band?
Anastasia Gorelova
30 seconds to Mars!

have you travel a lot?
Valentina Serbava
unfortunately I havent't by this moment but I hope this summer I will!!!!I strongly wish to visit Turkey!!!!!!

and what about your national holidays of your country...just in brief
Tatyana Gorbachyova
in my country many different holidays)for example,it new year or holidays which will coming it 1st May and 9may)Many people of my country have a rest with their family and friends)
my question:what attractions in your city?
Darya Shebunyaeva
айм фром тобольск. хау ар ю?
Tatyana Gorbachyova
what attractions?
Tatyana Gorbachyova
to Daria
Асель Жабагина
if you were an animal what wold you like to be?
Sveta Kukushkina
if i were an animal i would like to be a deer))

what would you choose to love or to be loved?
Roxana Makarova
to love...what do you like more animals or bugs?
Sveta Kukushkina

it it easy for you to say "No"?
Olga Alexeeva
it`s not easy for me to say "no"!but i think that the silence - is good alternative for "no":)))so, when i need to say "no" - I am silent!!!
Your favorite female name?
Ksenia Malygina
Elizaveta (Elizabeth)
The happiest moment of your life?
Anastasia Gutoreva
my 20th birthday!!!
Are you having a baby?
Svetlana Komarova
No, I haven't

Would you read strahge minds?
Nadezhda Lukyanenko
No....may be some times....

the worst day in your life??
Svetlana Komarova
I can't remember!

What is your favorite book?
Nadezhda Lukyanenko
"To Kill a Mockingbird" Harper Lee

When and How did you have your first kiss ???
Helen Selezneva
i've forgotten-it was a long time ago/
what do you think about zoos
Nikita Melikhov
Nothing. Just I do it.
Elena Bozhuk-Mayskiy-Zhuk
What you learn languages other than English?
Darya Polyakova
Nothing.What is you favorit sport?
Marina Gerieva
It's figure-skating. whate are you doing now?
Ri Mma
Uploading more photos onto my page - do have a look!

What's the best thing that ever happened to you?
Fatih Hersek
Coming to Ukraine:)
Who is your favourite singer?
Marina Gerieva
Helen Vaenga.Her song " Wish You" .And what about you?
Vadim Klimko
The Weakness In Me by Joan Armatrading)
what's ur favorite pick up line?
Anton Erlbaum
Пройдите пожалуйста опрос у меня на странице, если не трудно! Мнение каждого важно! Заранее СпасиБо!
Eduard Kozyr
I not understand your question.

What's your favorite hobby?
Асель Жабагина
watch a football and reading))

What's your favourite citation?
Mar'yana Zelenko
Life is not like a bed of roses
Mar'yana Zelenko
Which music do you prefer?
Elena Ayrapetyan
i prefer music by ramin djawadi

how do you spend your weekends?
Vladislava Isaeva
I sleep all day, then walk ... you have a boyfriend?
Darya Kompaniets
yes, i have
what is your favourite book?
Alexandra Mityushova
I have favourite cycle of books by Olga Gromyko. It is called "Witch"/

Have you ever thought, that some situation in your life is hopeless?
Anna Tsvetkova
Alexandra, oy I like Gromyko too. Her books are full of romantic and cool humour!!

Sometimes I think that all my life is hopeless. But then I look around and see my parents,children, my husband - I understand that all troubles are temporary.

What do you think about "child-free" people? People that don't want to have children in principle?
Yulia Shumkov
Man, that's too easy and boring! Let s be more inventive! I m from Philly. How would you describe your city with just one word? For example, New York- ambition. Philly- history.
Lidok Kavun
1. Скопируй это сообщение и разошли в 7 групп.
2. Зайди на свою страницу.
3. Нажми F5.
Проверено!!! Голоса можно прибавить только один раз в сутки!
Roman Shakirov
what the fuck is going on?
San Sanych
shall we? <=== как это переводится?
Evgenia Stroeva
нам следует "что то сделать"? ( так вопрос задается когда нам нужну одобрения к действиям)
Evgenia Stroeva
which part of America would you like to live in?
Artur Venidiktov
The northern one...
What does it mean to be happy?
Alexander Sitnikov
for me to be happy is to do parkour
You played the game SWKotor ?
Margarita Kazakevich
No. I never did it.
How do you refer to teachers?
Katerina Mankovich
They can be annoying but mostly they wish you goodness.
What is your hobby?
Pavel Tulup
My hobby is collecting motherboards.
When did you finish secondary school&
Irina Petrova
I left school two years ago.Do you have pets ?
Evgenia Stroeva
yes, I have 2 cats. what do you like to cook most of all?
Anna Petrova
i prefer to cook soup and salads most of all.you have nise glasses.how much does it cost?
Evgenia Stroeva
Thanks))).they cost about $ 20!!!))
Evgenia Stroeva
what kind of music do you like?
Margarita Kazakevich
I'm fond of rock-music.
Can you play musical instruments?
Andrey Kozlov
No I can not , but I'm fond of Parkour
Do you like Parkour ?
Ilya Agachkin
no i'm don't like parkour.
do you like people?
Evgenia Stroeva
I like good people! have you ever been in America or Great Britain?
Ilya Agachkin
no, but would really like.
how you treat other ideologies?
Linochka Shipelova
I respect everything ideologies
Do you want a cap of hot coffee?
Katerina Mankovich
Yes, you can make me a cup :)
What was the craziest thing you ever did?
Pen Penovich
my craziest thing was to write an answer on this question because I really have no idea what it will lead to. Does anyone have an ice cream? I can stand this heat anymore
Eduard Kozyr
Oh, yes! I like ice cream!
What is your hobbie?
Styopa Vasilyev
my hobbie is sport . have u been to britain?
Anzhelika Prichepy
No I haven't. What is your favourite drink?
Alexander Sladkov
My favorite drink Pepsi. You are the love?
Ilya Agachkin
Despite what you mean by the word Love.
Of course I love my family.

how you spend your free time?
Anzhelika Prichepy
I watch anime. Do you go in for sport?
Evgenia Dzytsyuk
if dancing is a sport, I do)
How long have you been studying English?
Evgeny Lipkin
near 10 years =)
do you like "tween wave" music? listen it))
Anzhelika Prichepy
It's a pity but i don't know what is this
What is your dream?
Evgenia Stroeva
I'd like to visit the USA! What is your favorite TV program?
Viktoria Voloshina
Frankly speaking I haven't my favorite TV program)
What do you appreciate in people?
Leysan Ixanova
My favorite TV program is "О самом главном". Have you ever been to Paris?
Tatyana Reshetnikova
No,I haven't. Do you like London?
Viktoria Voloshina
Oh, of course! I love it from the bottom of my heart, though I have never been there.
What do you appreciate in people?
Veronika Eliseeva
I really appreciate in people sincerity.i think this is one of the most important human qualities
where do you prefer to live in a city or countryside?
Tatyana Kobtseva (Litvin)
If I were young I would choose living in a cottage in a town.Belly-dance is very beautiful, isn't it?
Viktoria Voloshina
Belly-dance it is really beautiful, especially if it is danced by professional dancers.
what are think about learning a lot of languages?
Rustam Garipov
I think it is great to know a lot of languages - everything will be open for you! I know english, now i am gonna learn Spanish, because being there two years ago i was charmed by this wonderful country! I wanna live there, and you?
Margarita Kazakevich
Perhaps I'm very old-fashioned person because I want to live only in Russia.But I want to know so much European languages as possible to have a great opportunity to learn the European countries by travelling, communicating with native speakers aso.
How many foreign languages do you know?
Pen Penovich
this is not old-fashion style. People moved alot at former time.
Lesya Rodionova
three!!!....do you like rain?*
Dmitry Uuuuu
Rain is my favorite type of weather.

How often do you stroll?
Alexander Chupin
I often walk, especially like to walk in the park.
What book are reading now?
Evgenia Dzytsyuk
Virginia Andrews - Petals on the wind
and you?
Rustam Garipov
I am reading ESPANOL PHRASE-BOOK, before i read DALE KARNEGI - HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND BEGIN TO LIVE. Do you think it is the right way of life in which you gonna spend it on work till you get very old and are run out of interest of enything?
Irina Barkova
I don't read this book. I don't know. What do you think about Russian president?
Alyaxandr Stasevich
He is young vigorous politician. That's all I know. =)
What you know about Belarus?
Misha Demidov
I'm not ordinary=)
what is your favourite feeling?)
Margarita Kazakevich
Happiness is my most favourite feeling!!!I'm really happy
and you?are you happy?
Anastasia Valeeva
Yes, I am)
how's things?
Ekaterina Chaschina
Thanks, I'm fine!
What you want now?
Sofya Kirpichenkova
I want to sleep!
How long do you study english?
Darya Kondratyeva
I've been studing english for ages)
What're ur plans for the summer?
Evgenia Stroeva
I'm going to walk with my friends :P
Do you know who is Charlie McDonnell? =)
Kristina Zabora
Unfortunatelly, I don't know who is he. And my question is who is he or may be she
Evgenia Stroeva
He makes funny video. look ---> http://vkontakte.ru/id60537430?z=video60537430_1507%2Fstatus
( my American accent )
which accent do you prefer: American or British?
Anastasia Vaschilina
I'm indifferent and use one which is more convenient in this situation))) Have you ever been in the UK?
Misha Demidov
I'm from UK=)
Have you ever dreamt about A. Jolie?)
Ekaterina Chaschina
Ha...while no, but i think that she splendid actress!
What is your lovely country and why?
Evgenia Stroeva
UK. Because I love London. it's my dream to go to London.
. can you tell this fast? ---->"How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
Misha Demidov
No i can't my tongue isn't so powerfull)
what is your favourite song,and why?
Evgenia Stroeva
I like the song by Selena Gomez "who says" ! I don't know why ! it's just a good song! when you was a child who did you use to want to be ?
Misha Demidov
I used to be a football player...and now I want it too)
when you was child who was your idol?)
Ekaterina Chaschina
My idol was - Natalia Oreiro! She wonderful! I was like saw films with her)
Can you live without the internet?;)
Evgenia Stroeva
No I cannot! what is your favourite movie?
Ekaterina Chaschina
oooh their so many! For example: Pride and Prejudice(with Kira Naitly) or La Vie en Rose (about Edit Piaf)..
How you spend free time?
Anastasia Valeeva
I always work) But if I have a free minute, I enjoy reading books aboot Great Britain))
What is your favourite holiday and why?
Ekaterina Chaschina
I want to go in Euvrope with my friends on holiday! But it's only dream... but I hope!
How long and where you study English?
Sofya Kirpichenkova
I study english for 7 years in school!
Sofya Kirpichenkova
What english-speaking countres would you like to visit?
Ekaterina Chaschina
I would like to visit British, UK, some cities of USA also another.
What about you?
Marina Zubova
Maybe I want to visit the UK, Norway, Sweden and Bulgaria again))
Which is your English mark?
Katya Razumova
At school and on 1st year of university I had "10", and "A" (It's pretty good)))) But now I haven't English at university... so I'm here in order to improve my English)

Have you ever been abroad? Where exactly?
Misha Demidov
Yes I have,in Kazahstan...but I was there when I was young,so I did't remember anything there....)
which country you don't like?explain why!)
Ekaterina Chaschina
I don't like Egept, cos' I think there are sand and pyramids don't fascinating and there very hot!
Do yоu believe in eternal love?
Наталия Абашова
yes, i believe. but it's not smth ordinar which may happen with everybody and every day. it's smth higher)
What was the latest (i believe it's not the last))))) book you read????
Misha Yakovenko
The latest book was 'Tanotonavtu' (sorry for this) by Verber. If you want to understand everything about life after death, about different religions you are to read the book!

What can you say about Greece and its economical colups? Do you think that in a few years there will be no Greece at all?
Dimka Nikolaev
Сrisis in the Greece is threat by economic Europ. Do you think that in a few years there Greece will be.

I am read Tanotonavtu now)))) you sign with creativity Verber? As it has turned out that you began to read his books
Alexander Denisov
I don't read Tanotonavtu and Verber at all. I read Stanislaw Lem now.

What you read now?
Ksenia Sidorovich
W. Somerset Maugham

Of human bondage

Do you believe in miracle?
Alexander Denisov
It's hard question for me. :) I can't give simple answer. I think, if you think about something like a miracle, you just don't know enough about it.
What is miracle? About what you think as a miracle?
Anna Frolova
Miracle, as I see it,is smth unusual,special,splendid.Kindness is the greatest miracle.Sometimes I'm not sure that all people around me are able to make it.
What does it mean to be a good friend?
Sasha Machtakov
Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty. I mean if you, say, drink or smoke too much, or you are doing some bad stuff, your true friend will let you know that you are a moron. It's someone who cares.

How to fall out of love?
Lekha Deshevtsov
u should find something, what u always wanted to do and dive in this business, fortunately world isnt restricted by love.

so what rules the world?
Ingrit Ivanova
i think that rule the world sex and money.I want to proceed theme "money" and ask. as you think that important health or money
Anna Dozorova
Of course important thing is health)
What's your favourite language and why?)
Ekaterina Luschaeva
My favourite language is russian, because it's my native language.
How old are you?
Elena Gerasimova
I'm 20 years old.
Why are you reading this question and thinking about answering it?
Ekaterina Luschaeva
because mission of this game is so)))

What time do you have?
Anastasia Kascheeva
at 21:45 o'clock
What's your favourite time of day?
Margarita Kazakevich
the night
what is your dream?
Lesha Tsypkin
My dream is to make a world travel
What's your favorite Anerican series?
Anastasia Kascheeva
I not see american series, I see Russian series.
What will you do in everning?)))
Lyubashka Noskova
I will spend this evening with my husband and baby))

what is the brightest impression of your childhood?
Elias Eisenkrämer
i remember when i broken a beautifull flower bowl at my grandmother's flat))

what your favourite film?))
Olga Khmelinskaya
The city of sins
Olga Khmelinskaya
What do wanna reach in your life?
Alinka Shvets
I want to reach my object.
For what are you living?
Lyubashka Noskova
I live to get pleasure of things and people I like. I live to learn interesting things and things that teach us))
how to help my friend not to be down in the mouth (to be very sad for a long time)?
Alinka Shvets
Its will be better if he meets new friends.

Have you ever thought that you can died?
Lyubashka Noskova
why? Am i a bad friend to your mind?
Alinka Shvets
I don't know who you are.

What is your favourite frase?
Alena Panferova
Never underestimate yourself!

Do you have any phobias?
Alinka Shvets
Yes, I have.
Do you want to kill anybody?
Alena Panferova
May be hit, not kill=) But I don`t do this=)

So what phobia do you have?
Natalia Tikhonovich
I have a little fears maebe, but not a phobias...

what is your goal of life?
Alinka Shvets
I want to prove that my life can be better.

Why has the grass green colour?
Alena Panferova
Thanks to the chlorophyll. A Chlorophyll absorbs all colors of the solar spectrum, except for the green, green light it reflects, and we see a green leaf..

What is your favorite smell?

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