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Homonyms, antonyms, and synonyms

Yury Abdukarimov
homonyms - words that sound alike but have different meanings -- bear and bare (homophones are homonyms - same spelling and sound, different meaning)
antonyms - words with opposite meaning -- fast and slow
synonyms -- words that have the same meaning -- naked and bare

One person post a word and see if the next person can find a homonym, antononym and/or synonym for it.

First word: CHASE
Dmitry Bogorodsky
antonym - escape (убегать, побег) , synonym - haunt (преследовать, гнаться) , homonym - chase (оправа)
Dmitry Bogorodsky
Second word: WEAK
Roman Sergeev
antonym - strong, synonym - faint, homonym - week
third one: heal
Evgeny Vasilyev
antonym - Harm, synonym - Cure , homonym - Hill

The next one: Lie
Dmitry Bogorodsky
antonym - truth, synonym - bluff, homonym - lie (лежать)

next one: HIGH
Roman Sergeev
antonym - low, synonym - tall, homonym - hi
one more: hear
Yury Abdukarimov
homonym-here, antonym-deaf (not really an antonym, but kind of close - I do not believe there is an antonym for hear), synonym-listen

next one: flower
Yury Abdukarimov
Yevgeny, homonym for heal is heel. Hill is pronounced a bit different - but it is close
Yury Abdukarimov
I think runaway is sort of an antonym, but I don't really think there is an antonym for chase.
haunt is not a synonym (I suppose if you chase someone who does not want you to chase after them then you could haunt them... it is a stretch) - how about follow
Yury Abdukarimov
To repeat - next word -- FLOWER

Not everything has an antonym, homonym and/or synonym.
Yulia Salnikova
homonym is "flour", synonym is "blossom" but I don't think there is an anthonym.

next one: BUY
Roman Sergeev
antonym - sell; synonym - purchase; homonym - bye
next one: be )
Yury Abdukarimov
homonym - bee, synonym - exist, antonym - don't think there is one

next word: plane
Yulia Salnikova
homonym is "plain", synonym is "aircraft" but there is no anthonym, I think.

next word: ONE
Yury Abdukarimov
homonym-Won, synonym - single, antonym- this is a stretch but mathematically I can argue that -1 is the opposite of 1. There really doesn't seem to be an antonym.

next word: Plum

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