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Do u believe in ETs and UFOs?

Fatih Hersek
Yes,of course. They are already living among us: Lady Gaga, Messi, Barack Obama...
Artur Chernenko
Messi, anyway.
Elena Bokova
And what about Zemfira? :)
Danila Osipov
If you consider Theory of Probability and take known amount of universes and take one our and universe you will see that chances that in unknown regions of space there will be life ..
Some scientist has already made a equation ... so yea .. there is life.

The question is who discovers who first ? ... the other question is .. when will we be discovered and will our civilization survives to that moment.

Could i ask additional question? - What would you do if you see Alien ?
Fatih Hersek
I would say 'Hello':)And u?
Danila Osipov
I would say Peace :)
I dunno .. lots of things i guess .. at first i would try to contact them .. then i would try get in to their ship and fly the fuck away form earth .. yeah :)
Nadya Voloschuk
No, but I believe in TOEFL and IELTS.
Polina Buyanova
Of course,I believe in UFOs!!
Larisa Leonova
There is something and someone up in the galaxy... We will never know...))
Nikolay Gribov
i believe too)) there are a lot of unknown things...and this things amoung us....humans are not so ideal as majority want to think.....also, i think those "ALIENS" not so far from our homes.......... maybe they are behind you)
Sasha Nikolaev
Sure, we're all here.
Yaroslav Tarnopolsky
i think it's real, we're not alone in the space!
it's a bit stupid think that we're alone, only humans are clever!
Elena Svinina
I wanna meet UFO. But it scares me
Pen Penovich
is something scary in them? You might be as scary for them as they are for you
Anastasia Kireeva
At the beginning some laughed what about UFOs!!!
But, for all that, certainly, such phenomenon exists!!!
I even saw that.. But I don`t boast of it...
Elena Svinina
can you tell us about it?
Anastasia Kireeva
But, if someone wants to know smth. about it, write down me a personal message!
Aygul Galieva
Unfortunately i don`t saw it))) but I hope we are not alone))
Olya Korotkova
I won't believe till I see them.
Ahmet Harputlugil
i already sow
Vladimir Belikov
Once I saw Mickey Mouse flying quickly up in the sky.

Technically it was not a UFO, since I could identify this flying object. It was a helium balloon in the shape of Mickey Mouse, which escaped from a child.

I see something strange in the sky rather often. In most cases I can immediately or after some consideration to identify the natural origin of the object or phenomenon (terrestrial extraterrestrial, but known).

However, on several occasions I saw flying objects whose origin I could not identify with any degree of certainty. I could only hypothesize about their origin, but had no chances to verify my hypotheses. Though, never had I assumed that those were flying vehicles of aliens.

I do not need to believe in UFOs. I've seen a few, that is, a few flying objects, which I could not identify. As for ET intelligence, I've seen none and have never seen any scientifically feasible reports of contacts with them.
Simon Mackey
My wife is always seeing UFO's. Her last one was New Years Eve. I even saw it too, but then pointed out it was a Chinese lantern.

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